I ran at Blob and launched myself off his neck fat, right at Quicksilver.
“Dodge this” I snarled, kicking him in the face. I launched off his shoulders and took Toad out with an expert kick to the stomach. Domino started shooting at me, but I managed to dodge them all. Except one. It hit my hair. I screamed loudly, considering the roots of my hair were connected directly to my spine. I threw four playing cards at her. They landed around her, then exploded, knocking her out. I looked at the two people left; Blob and Gambit. I flipped over to Blob.
“Blob, are anda really taking orders from this clown? I heard he thinks you’re a stupid piece of fat that’s only purpose is to serve him” I whispered in Blob’s ear. He shouted angrily, and then charged my father. I smirked. I was walking away when a flaming playing card was dropped in my path.
“Oh crap” I muttered, jumping back. I spun around to see Blob on the ground, Gambit sitting on him.
“It’s just me and you, daughter” he said
“No Gambit. I was never your daughter. I may have been bred from your flesh and blood, but when my mother died, I was on my own. With no help from you, my supposed father” I snarled, tears on the edges of my eyes.
“I am your father, Ryella. anda have to accept that” he said
“I don’t have to do anything” I shouted “Mom berkata so!” He came over to me.
“You miss her a lot, don’t you?” he berkata gently. Tears were falling off my face. I wrapped my arms around Remy’s waist and cried into his chest. He rubbed my back.
“Shhhh. Daddy’s here” he murmured. After about five minutes, I regained my composure.
“Why do anda do it, Dad?” I asked
“Do what?” he said, tilting his head.
“Be the bad guy” I said. Before he could answer, the X-men, Laurna, Scarlet Witch, X-23 and Young Justice burst into the area. X-23 tackled Gambit, while the rest secured the Brother Hood.
“No! Don’t hurt him!” I cried. Everyone stared at me.
“Please, don’t hurt him” I repeated. Laura reluctantly got off of him, coming to stand oleh my side.
“Why should anda care if he’s hurt? He’s the reason anda have your powers and are a mutant. anda were cloned from him, remember?” Wally said. I sighed.
“When I berkata I was bred from him, being a clone wasn’t exactly what I meant. Gambit is my…father” I berkata hesitantly. Everyone except for Laura, Kurt, Wanda and Laurna were wide eyed. Those four stood oleh me, ready to hurt whoever verbally attacked me.
I was walking away when a flaming playing card was dropped in my path.