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Opinion by Aph-Finland posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
fan of it?
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me: hello, i'm here to talk to some yo kai and characters. today we will talk to Nate and Eddie, u can tell i do 2 characters every number so lets do it. COME OVER HERE GUYS!!!

Nate: *walks down stairs to me* what?

me: hi Nate, where is Eddie?

Nate: ummmmm........

me: *looks up and i see Eddie slipping down the stairs* OMG ITS SO NICE TO SEE U!!!~

Eddie: its glad to see u to

Nate: but why is it not nice to see me?

me: well, u to but i like Eddie more...

Nate: i, uh, well, ok than.....

me: oh i need to do something.

Nate: jerami, hay Eddie, i know we were friends forever, do u wanna play hide N seek?

Eddie: SURE!

Nate: ok, anda count away from the door where she comes in.

Eddie: why?

Nate: because......... anda might get hit oleh the door.

Eddie: but i won't...

Nate: yes u will just count ok?