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posted by Twilightluv3r
Chapter 1 (Janae's POV)
How do anda tell your bestfriend that anda cinta them?Boy, don't I have a story for anda and you'll never believe. My name is Janae Carter, I have an older brother name James and no parent. They were killed in a car crash oleh a drunk driver, but I don't want to get into that now.
When I met him I was seven years old, he was eight. At the time my brother was 18.
I was in the backyard playing in the tampil in, Grand Rapids, Michigan just to let anda know.While I was playing, building a snow castle, I notice a boy kicking a ball against the pohon that splits between mine and his yard,...
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posted by Cutebutcrazy--
I.    Book Title.
A.    Alice unknown
II.    Do anda plan on menulis lebih books?
A.    Yes. I would like to write a sequel to Alice Unknown.
B.    I wanted Alice Unknown to be longer too.
C.    Also I would like my selanjutnya to be lebih dramatic.
D.    I have a 35 chapter book online too.
E.    And some anime.
III.    Any saran to anyone who wants to do something like this?
A.    Follow your dreams.
B.    Don’t...
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posted by cullens-rule
the crystal night
Chapter 3 the meeting

I woke the selanjutnya morning feeling dreadful I had a headache and I was still exhausted even though I had slept in.
I got up and headed for the bathroom to find it locked so went back to my room and changed into my light blue fleas and jeans, I opened the curtains and the window, I gazed out to the forest feeling empty hoping he would be their and as I thought he was nowhere is sight, I herd the lock relies on the bathroom and grabbed a towel.
Once I had finished drying and brushing my heir I took the towel downstairs and put it in the wash pile mum came into...
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posted by cullens-rule
the crystal night
Chapter 2 the sightings

I woke early the selanjutnya morning feeling surprisingly refreshed, I had slept like a rock, every thing was fine, I got up and went to the bathroom I brushed my teeth and washed my face, I got back to my room and glared at the window, the sun was glowing through the curtains, I sighed frustrated, we have had a long sunny summer this tahun which is bad news for me I burn very easily so I have to be extra careful to stay out of the sun when possible.
I got dressed, brushed my heir and sat and scowled at the sun shining through the window, at half past eight I...
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I woke up to the door being shut. I sat up quickly and stared at the girls. “Oh hi,” I said. “Thought anda were someone else for a detik there,” I berkata with a slight laugh.
“Sorry,” Hailie berkata as she came and sat oleh me.
“Don’t worry about that,” I berkata patting her on the head, she looked at me funny but I don’t think she mined my pattingness. “Anybody have homework?” I asked looking at both of the girls. Laney just nodded and walked towards the dapur without saying a word, I thought that was a bit strange but I guess that’s just the way she is. I sat there for a...
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posted by twilight-rocks9
One hari in my sixth grade tahun I met a guy because of my friend Brianna Garcia well two guys really. The names were Jessie and Joe. Jessie was Brianna’s cousin I had to deal with him. Joe he was Brianna’s crush. I don’t know why but I hated Joe when I met him but I faked a smile because Brianna liked him maybe I hated him both because she latterly dragged me there and that didn’t put me in the best mood. But soon after Brianna had to leave. So I just stayed with the other group of people I hung out with and sometimes we literally hung out well up side down anyway. My seventh grade year...
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Chapter One-

    I screamed as loud as I possibly could (well, screaming to the lyrics.). I was screaming to Paramore. They were my favorit band of all time. I and my best friend Alexia won tickets to see them and a bunch of other bands on the Vans Warped Tour. After the show, I could go and meet everyone who played there. I was so excited, also because I could meet my other favorit band, All Time Low. So, yeah. I was pretty excited about that. Right now, my favorit song: Where the Lines Overlap was playing. Alexia was using the bathroom, she doesn’t really like Paramore....
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posted by malmcd
Millions of Miles Apart

    From the moment your born somewhere out there anda have a true love. At less that’s what they say? They say there’s one person who has the same jantung strings as anda and they complete you. And there’s nothing that can keep anda apart from one another...But what if my one true cinta isn’t here? I mean what if I never find him atau her if that’s the case which I hope it’s not. I don’t know what to say but I’m different from the rest...What if there’s no one out there for me?
    My name is Sunflower I was born on the...
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posted by problematic124
***Please don't copy***
Chapter 5
Faliski's note
Aurora decided to shed the goth for good and came to school looking normal and beautiful. oleh lunch time everybody was talking about her 'new look'. People treated her lebih nicely and many people asked her to sit at their meja but she told them she was going to sit with us.
Result:A lot of people are sitting at our meja trying to win Aurora's attention.Plus with the result of them we can't talk about Friday night. The cool crew sat at our table, there mostly jerks because they think there better than all of us because there either rich, hot, or...
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posted by MickCayla133
Logan was walking through palmwoods looking for Carlos, he saw him oleh the pool with Jennifer's so he walked towards them, he berkata Hi". The Jennifer's berkata hey Logan. Carlos had berkata hey logan, what are anda doing. Logan says I am good, I am trying to get away from Camille she gets on my last nerves. Camille says hey logie want to go out with me saturday night for ciuman and tell. Logan says no i can't maybe i will ask someone else okay. *camille had left*. Carlos says i better find a girl to go with me at ciuman and Tell. Jennifer 2 says i wanna go with anda *She had smiled*. Jennifer 1 says No,...
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posted by problematic124
****Thanks for the comments. I own all rights to this story****
Chapter 2
Friends and school
I woke up real early selanjutnya morning. Dreading the hari ahead of me. Noel drove us to school on the way to work. We memorized our classes the hari before. Just wanted to keep anda awake.But the school was pretty nice. It occupied a long acre of rumput and trees. So on a hot hari the trees will shade us from the heat.
The office was the main building a bit larger than the cafeteria and the first first building you'll see.
You'd keep walking straight to glass double doors that lead outside to lush green rumput and...
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posted by DxCFan123
I walked into class and sat in a kursi selanjutnya to Skye.
"Hello, class. I am Mrs. Marrow. I will be your English teacher for this semester. Without further to do, let's introduce our 2 new students. Skye Rope, come on up!"
Skye jumped out of her kursi and ran to the front of the classroom.
"Umm, hi! My name is Skye... Oh, oleh the way, it's spelled with an 'e' at the end. Not 'sky' like, as in, like, 'The sky is blue.' Umm.. I like turtles, pandas, cartoons, anda know which kartun I like? I like Almost Naked Animals, Cyber Space, Fetch with Ru-"
"That is all, Skye. Now, Sam Fitzpatrick."
I blushed, as...
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posted by Kachetes
“why does she live in this side of town when anda have a hous- joshua was asking but my glare clearly got to him
“look its not like we dont want her in our house ... She IS married and she didnt want financial help from any one.Lupita is a girl thats loud and proud in a way but Marc is a good guy they're happy I just wish they would...”
I stop we stood in front of a small house and it looked like we missed a good party bir cans and bottles al over the front yard,a few dosen pizza boxes,three anjing eating the leftovers,and one pretty lady passout on the grass;my aunt Lupita
“do I realy need...
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posted by Kachetes
Holy crap ..... How? How did he get to school so fast lebih important Why is he at my school?
“wait”i noticed a poster behind joshua“ didnt the principal say that we had to wear our uniform tomorow because james got a metal?” I as birana
“we do anda sure?”she look horrified
“unless that poster is wrong”i piont out
“hmmm well james did do a good job in that incident”
“bri he saved a suicidal kid...twice the same hari but I guess the principal killed the glory oleh making us waer that monkey suit dress”yuck I may not know much about fashion but tje dress was just so plain it had...
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posted by para-scence
"I knew it," I said, tears filling my eyes. I ran away from them, even though Mother begged me to come back. I ran upstairs, slamming my door behind me. The house seemed to rattle, but my anger was still there. I wanted to meninju, pukulan something; to just get it all out.

I collapsed onto my bed, and stuffed a bantal into my face. I screamed, with everything I had. I screamed because I was scared... unwanted... guilty... a mess... I screamed until my throat was sore, and I could feel my diaphragm trembling.

Then there was a soft knock at the door. I clutched the tear-soaked bantal to my chest, afraid...
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posted by para-scence
just FYI, I noticed there's another story on fanpop called "Speechless." I just wanted readers to know that this is all my ideas, and the other one is completely its author's ideas. :)

Seven kids were killed that day.

I didn't know any of them, but that made no difference. I'd seen two of them shot. I couldn't bring myself to go back to school the selanjutnya day. Apparently Mrs. Stueck had heard my breakdown yesterday, because she didn't wake me up for school. I stayed in tempat tidur for the rest of the day, despite my stomach growling menacingly at me.

Later that day, there was a small knock at the door....
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posted by MerlinLemon
~ Beginning ~

Me and my best friend, Leo, both work at the same dumb pizza toko mostly every night of the week, we both get paid the same amount and work the same number of hours. The only difference – I do the deliveries.
I ride this crappy little flat-tyred around the neighbourhood – which, oleh the way, is so small I memorised it oleh the age of seven – delivering pizza after pizza. Sometimes I wonder how such a small town can order so many pizzas. I deliver about twenty each Thursday night… to the same houses. Still, they know me so well the tips are considerably higher.
But moving...
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posted by para-scence
I was even lebih of a mess after that. I thought it was bad before. This was just incomparable. Before, I still had hope, even if it was only a tiny splinter. Now, I had no hope, with confirmation from Blake himself. I spent many nights venting to Kara, who listened intently, and offered saran when necessary.

"Honey, I promised it'll all get better soon," she berkata quietly. I prayed that she was right.

Then spring break came. When I wasn't working, I was at home. When I wasn't at home, I was working. Not the best spring break I've ever had. Then Gwen's party came around. I was about to call...
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