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posted by halunik
I was just 5 menit on foot to my dancing class. When I left halaman awal 20 menit ago, I didn’t expect, I would be raining. But it wasn’t just raining – it was going to be a real storm. It was the middle of July and I was wearing a dress with the short sleeves. The rain was becoming heavier with each menit while I was walking down the street. Unfortunately there was no toko atau bus station close for me to hide from the storm, so when I felt my dress all wet and drops in my hair, I couldn’t do anything but stopping under the tree. The jalan, street was desert – apart from one car standing in...
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posted by DxCFan123
I felt sick and went to the bathroom. I felt sick, but nothing was happening. Then, class ended. The api alarm started to ring through the hall ways. Everyone was screaming. I realized the api was right in the hallway of the bathrooms. I barely opened the door to find red monsters in the middle of the fire. I tripped and fell out of the doorway. They saw me and before I knew it, I was tied up and being gagged with a cloth. They left me oleh the fire. Everyone was trying to find the fire. Bruno appeared in the hallway. Bruno ran to me, going through the flames without a scratch, burn, atau injury.....
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posted by DxCFan123
Since I will usually end up leaving fanpop for a bulan atau two then come back with a new story, each chapter is going to represent a month. So, let's say, oleh now, Kat and Sadao are really close friends, they do everything together, AND FRICKITY FRACKITY FROOK

Kat's POV

"No, anda idiot, your doing the bow-hand all wrong!" I yelled at Sadao, and fixed the positioning of his fingers on the violin bow. "Even I know how to do it correctly, and I just started a bulan ago!" I got out my violin and did all the positions, then counted down. On 2, he asked me, "Can anda sing it to keep...
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posted by Lore_Master
Our story start's out the Ilse of Siege a tranquil world with eastern sea's inhabited oleh small village's filled with tiny rabbit like creature's with the sea being so calm and so clear anda could see straight to the bottom of it's depth's and skies being so blue, so bright that it would bring tear's to you're eye's, to the western desert's so dry it would shrivel anything that would dare enter it's trecherous sand's leaveing only one race that could inhabit it's deadly region being as slinder as a snake they tend to make their house's under large rock's some time's so many gather together they...
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posted by Skitty_Love
Celeste's POV:

Since a long time ago, 30 years to be exact, wizards and witches have been mortal enemies. The wars. The discrimination. It would not stop. Thankfully now, it has settled down. That doesn't mean the hatred has stopped, it just means we witches make sure we don't go anywhere near wizards.

"Wha-BAM!" I sent a powerful charge into my hand. A neon jeruk, orange light fired at the object I held in my right hand. "Hahahaha! Perfect!" I cried. The sweet teh I had was now turned into a one of many healing potions. I sighed enlightened. "Another job well done, Celeste." I had to admit, I was a...
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posted by para-scence
I stayed in my room all hari on Sunday, coming out once atau twice to use the restroom down the hall. I didn't see Dad at all that day, which was a plus. Not enough to ease my remorse, though. I wanted so much to run to Micah and get the hell away from here. He, after all, was the only thing keeping me from killing myself right at this moment.

On Monday though, Dad knocked on my door, not so violently this time.

"Alessa! Get up now before you're late!" I dragged my limp body over to my closet and got dressed. I finished getting ready, and then was out the door. I missed Micah; I was late. I probably...
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When they got there, the house still looked old, but not a Fall of the House of usher Gothic, Amytiville Horror old. It looked like it was from the 20's but it looked restored. Lilian looked at Mimi and said,"Yeah, I paid some people last bulan if they could restore the house. I showed them a picture of what the house looked like in color and they fixed it up good as new." Mimi looked at in amazement and said,"It looks untouched and new, yet it still has that old timey atmosphere to it." Lilian smiled and said,"Yeah. Very pretty. But it does however have cable and electricity. I thought since...
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posted by para-scence
Lucy soon became like a mom to me. She watched after me, and made sure I got enough to eat (even if it was from a dumpster). I grew lebih anxious as the nine bulan mark came near. Only then did I think about actually delivering the baby. Lucy promised she'd help me, and that she'd try to remember how it was handled when she had her sons and daughters. The baby began kicking and shifting around a lot, and it doubled me over in pain. It happened quite frequently, and I became tempat tidur ridden. Lucy didn't want me walking the streets like this, and she insisted that I stayed in the car. She brought me...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Three hours after Darla left and everything's fine at the shop. A teen with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes enters the store. He looks like... "Steven?" Steven stops in his steps. "Bree?" "Yeah. What are anda doing here?" I ask. "To buy something? Do anda know where the permen is?" "Yeah it's in section two." I point towards the detik section in the store. The toko smells like vanilla and chocolate. Probably because of the ice cream that have been melting in the corner of the store. Which reminds me... "Steven, would anda like to work here?" I ask to break the silence. "Sure. I need a job." Steven...
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posted by hannah_vampire
A poem danced in my head “Something maybe Taken but its not Lost” Dylan had attacked and miles stood watching speaking “Loka please you’re as much As synotta, you’re evil and full of darkness”. I was pushed and bite and stabbed until they backed up and I saw what they were seeing wolves! “ aw are the Ishavaka scared of the big bad wolves”.

Tilly chased after them with hunter and josh, Wounded I was and this was about to get
A whole lot worse “ WHAT THE HECK WERE anda THINGKING” Oni made me smile and I had to stop myself from bursting out into laughter but then sefo walked...
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posted by grissomsgirl
This isn't a timeline story Gilbert is three and this is my first try at fanfiction, so please be gentle!

All csi characters owned oleh CBS except for Grissom Junior, he's mine, I hope!

Hello my name is Gilbert Arthur Grissom Junior and this is my story, I was born three years yang lalu in San Francisco to my mother Sara who was all alone at the time of my arrival, as I grew up Mommy kept making references to my father whom she wanted to either strangle for the lack of help atau ciuman him senseless, neither of which I understand about as I'm only three. Anyway after turning three that August I started...
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posted by hannah_vampire
I woke up and felt the cold hit me, it was a weird sensation and I felt light headed something was happening but I couldn’t work out what. It was around midday when I had decided to go and visit Blair, When I got out of my car I felt weird once again, there was a darkness around me atau at least some where around here. When I got near the door, I had seen that someone had forced it
Open. I pushed the door open and run inside, ‘No no Blair’ I thought as I saw him on the ground not breathing.

I got to the halaman awal phone but it was hard to dial the number in, I was shaking violently. Oni answered...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 12
6 bulan later
School was boring as always everyone in the school looked at us like they did with the Cullen's and as for me and matt we got closer! I really liked him ,almost loved him but not the kind of cinta my jantung held for edward it was different like he can complete me we went to are medow every hari after school and talked and other stuff as anda know but I never slept with him not know I wasn’t ready I just have this stupid stupid idea like I'm cheating on him but that isnt true he leaft me and got over me and started dating another vamp that I'm sure was Tanya.i hate him I...
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posted by axlluver43
A place I once trusted
A place I once believed in
A place I once loved
A place I once missed
Is coved under a masquerade
Of misery and pain
The blue in the sky is now a shade
I feel like all this time was a game
A game of sham
A game of backstabbing
A game of war
A game of fate
I feel trapped in a box
Crammed in and lonely
With nothing but locks
With no key so that it can hold me
A box of lies
A box of fear
A box of loneliness
A box of weakness
I always have a word on mind
Just a few words long
To me it seems so thoughtful and kind
To me free it isn't a dance atau song
Free as the wind
Free as a bird
Free as an malaikat
Free as a shooting bintang
The feeling will come to me
But not right now
I hope my soul can soon be free
So then I can take my final bow
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** Little Red Riding kap, hood is always told the same way time after time. It's time to hear this story from another characters point of view. The story of fairy tales may be completely different than what anda are told. Try thinking of everything from someone else's perspective for once, and see how much that story will change.**

"Here I am again, all alone in these stupid woods," I thought this to myself the whole walk down to the forest. Besides the serigala and birds, these woods were scarcely populated, so it was quite boring here all alone. It was always the same old thing, hari after hari of...
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(Together in one animation,I made this artikel to wonder how I find together.It starts at their high school)

Brittany:Who is that?

Jeanette:Oh,those are the Powerpuff Girls.


Jeanette:The Powerpuff Girls.Superhero celebrities.



(The Powerpuff Girls walked in front of them and greet them)

Blossom:Hi!We're the Powerpuff Girls.

Jeanette:Hi!My name is.......
(Brittany closed her mouth and said)

Brittany;Oh,sorry!We have to go.To uhhh....

Eleanor:To Drama club.


(The Chipettes hid behind the door of the stage)

Jeanette:What are anda doing?

Brittany:You know,J!We...
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