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posted by Cutebutcrazy--
Ummmm. Sorry it's another vampire/ vampire hunter story. But its something ive been working on for like 3 years and i want to see what people think before sending it off to get published. So once again sorry and bare with me.

Dear Whoever.
1864. That’s when all of the problems started but of course I wasn’t born yet. So I can’t tell anda what happened then. I can tell anda that it still affects me today. That’s why I’m here. So I can tell anda my part in this.
    I was born into a rich, and royal family daddy’s daddy hit it big in the oil field. At least that’s...
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    Chapter 2
I sat where Jill was sitting. The same people from before. The blonde
Kid, the reporter with a few other people. They introduced themselves.
And I giggled when they all were done. I berkata "I laugh a lot...sorry"
Ken rolled his eyes. I cracked up. Mart the one who bumped into me asked me "so Estella--" "call me Stella" I interrupted. "So Stella would anda
Like to grab kantin, diner sometime?" I laughed "sure!" ken just rolled his
Eyes, it made me...
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posted by Percysclique
Chapter 3 – A jantung Beats Faster
    Kaolin ran up the stairs of the dungeon. The guard had been asleep, but he could awake any time. His boots pounded on the stone floor. He prayed for them to be light and soundless.
    Kaolin torn down the corridor, his was jantung beating faster with every step. He knew his way around the castle. He had been here a few times before when he had visited Amorite.
    Kaolin had no idea what he was going to do. If he went halaman awal with the jewels, the King would charge him of thievery. If he didn’t pay...
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posted by hikaru13
    Her chestnut-brown hair flowed down her back, reaching down to her elbows. When the sun shone its bright light rays on it, her hair shimmered like the way water does when light hits the surface. Her eyes were a pair of brilliant emerald-green orbs that held innocence and kindness. Her smile...Her smile told anda that see was an absolute malaikat that was sent from the heavens above.

For allI cared, she was our new next-door neighbor.


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posted by mitchie19
2. B I G D A Y

One, two, three, go! I breathed. My right leg went first up the stairs and then my left leg.
This is it, this is really it. I squealed nervously. “Marhion Angeles Pearson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pearson” the school directress announced. I went up the stage. The audience clapped.
I felt like a bintang on a rise.
I saw Riley on the crowd, my eyes glued to him. Ah! I tripped. The audience gasp some stood up to see if I’m okay some of them laughed and snickered. itik jantan, drake Cell, the school news anchor video taped my clumsiness, he smiled. I quickly stood up. My cheeks were red, I...
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just chapter 2 and beginning of Chapter 3...please coment on how anda like it. thank you

Chapter 2

The guard shoved the key into the lock and opened the door. The room was dimly lit and my eyes had a hard time adjusting. Once they pushed me in, the door behind me slammed. Great alone with a bad light candle. But that's when I heard the whimper. I whirled, expecting to find a dog atau something like that, but instead a boy with shaggy black hair sat in the corner. I stared at him until he glanced up. His eyes were a gentle brown; his features were soft unlike Griffins. The boy smiled. He still had...
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posted by EmoKidSteven
she's that dangerous kind
she only wears black with her long dark hair and her light brown eyes
she loves the sight of blood
her ultimate pleasure is seeing people suffer from pain
hearing them scream and beg makes her moan
she killes with one look of her eye
she makes men drop at her feet
she's a demon witch
she looks like a human,but she's nothing like a human
you can tell she's different
you can tell that she's got something special about her
the way she plays with her tongue,touch her skin
the way she chooses one,there's must be something about him she can't figure out
and she has...
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posted by 1-2vampire
As everything that has ever happened to anda flashes before your eyes, anda see what life is like, when your vision is rimmed with darkness, anda see that this is the end. When your last sight is sorrowful, painful, then anda see what life is like. When your last sight is one of a fantasi world, maybe in a meadow, (i don't know, it can happen), then anda haven't seen anything yet. As everything goes foggy, then anda suddenly want to see more. A passionate longing for lebih life. But anda do not know what is to come. Life may seem sweet, atau it may seem sour, but when anda live, anda do not know what it...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
ok, im sorry, but this isnt what i normally write, i wanted to try something different... im sorry if its lame..

I woke to same sound, as every morning. The cries, of a exhusted child always did. I had thought for a moment we had a routine going on but anda know children, but its jsut doesnt happen. It's if as though they are engineered to keep anda up late, have a colourful shoulders and bags under your eyes, Well my baby did.
I was young, and so was she. We had that in common. Thats all we had, She was the spitting image of him. He makes it hard to cinta her sometimes.Which makes me hate him more,...
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posted by HarryPLover
lebih beautiful in the light,
He gives me sight,
Saves me from evil's bite,
Holds me when I cry,
Always oleh my side.

My last breath is taken and diberikan to him,
He saves me from the storm I'm in,
He saves me and calls me his,
Have him when I'm in a crisis.
Yesus is everything.

Everything to me,
Helping me see,
Stealing my heart,
Oh how I hate being apart.

Stand here and be moved oleh him,
To feel him in my veins,
To feel him inside of me.

My friend,
My helper,
The great shrink,
I am proud to be part of his link.

Blown away oleh his grace,
Blessed oleh his mercy,
Oh how he carries.

Holds every tear in his hand,
Wipes away our sorrows,
For a better tomorrow.
posted by Sweet_Pants
It’s a silent staring match between anda and her

The quiet air above anda is whispering anda words

Words anda choose to ignore, words glaring at you,

Gnawing at anda from the very tip of her eyes

But anda won’t let down, no matter how much

She isn’t saying, no matter how much she can’t say

Because you’re in power, anda brought her here

anda yell, and she shrinks back, but in fear?

No, she’s waiting for her chips to add up

As life’s a poker game, the highs are all that won

She knows this; you’re the one who taught her

‘Lay low until anda gain the takhta

To strike back at those who thought

The same as Arrogance himself;

That you, gullible and pathetic, were theirs alone’

Please tell me what anda think, criticizm is welcome.
posted by ihavOTD
I breathed in and out slowly. This was horrid. Running. I spat at the word. I despised running.

Joseph jogged up to me. "You okay Kristen?"
"Yeah, just give me a minute."
"Hah! anda always end up like this. Maybe anda should quit track?"
"You know I can't! If I do, then I have to do Trigonometry. Ugh. That's worse."
I stood up and we walked in silence. His lithe step did not match mine. I had a clumsy, trip over step. I needed somebody to teach me how to walk right.
"Oof." I had tripped, and landed on my side. How? I have no idea. Normal people land on their face atau back. Not me!

Please e-mail me atau comment. Tell me if anda like this segment atau not, if I get enought votes, I will continue my writing.
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Bane’s POV

I laid in the grass, watching the clouds. I was beginning to dose off, right before sleep took me, a body pounced on me. I groaned, and looked up. A shaggy haired boy was sitting on my chest, giggling. My best friend, Christian.
    “Get off!” I yelled rolling over. He slid off me.
    “Party pooper,” Christian stuck his tongue out at me. He was so childlike, but that was something I had always loved about him. That’s also why we got along so well. He was hyperactive and loud, while I was cynical and quite.
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