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Sk8terGirl-Xx posted on Apr 12, 2011 at 03:55PM
So I have a couple of stories I'm working on. Any idea's for what celebrity could play the parts? Here's some brief descriptions of the charactors and their names:

Cody- Blond hair, brown eyes and semi-pale skin(male)
kelsy- brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin(female)
erik- black hair, blue eyes and pale skin(male)
krissy- blond hair,grey eyes and tanned skin(female)
mia- red hair, blue eyes, pale skin (female)
Lakem- blond hair, blue eyes, tanned skin (female)

Just type the name of the charactor above^^^^ then the celebrities name. Thanks :)

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu woofbark said…
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


Hold your horses, and forgive me for answering your question, with a question:
Did you make this forum to

A) Get a real good, concrete idea of what the characters look like


B) plan the movie that will happen when your novel gets published

If you answered "A"-

Good idea, but remember, looks aren't everything, and redheads, blondes, and brunettes are not personality types. :) LOL

If you answered B:
Let me quote Howard Mittlemark and Sandra Newman:

"There's nothing wrong with getting your hopes up while writing a novel, and planning how your movie will work and what the video game will be like...........but remember, carts and horses work best when placed in traditional order."

As for the characters..........

Kelsy-Sandra Bullock, maybe? Don't know how old Kelsy is.

Krissy:Abigale Breslin (again, don't know age)
Erik: Taylor Lautner, with contacts (His acting was good in Sharkboy and Lava Girl XD)