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greenstergirl posted on Feb 28, 2011 at 03:07PM
Okay guys. This is my forum on my new story, Protector of the light. I didn't want to do it on article because it is so hard to find. If you like it comment here. And also I will be posting the chapters here. To make it easier if you like it a lot I can tell you on your profile when I have a new chapter down.

Okay here is the main idea of the story.

People dream of seeing the future. Or reading one's mind. Or even being able to make yourself invisible. Eos is a girl of 17 and like most 17-year-old girls in the great city of Alenfall, she would have been married at the age of 14. But Eos isn't. She has dedicated her life to live in the castle of Alenfall to learn the secrets of light. But when her father, a professor at this castle goes missing she runs away from the castle thinking the world outside is just as perfect. Eos has never left her castle in her entire life. So why is it when she enters outside the castle, there is a 200-year-old war going on and she never knew?

Okay I will post first chapter.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Emily_is_COOl said…
That was SOO good. Just one or two things:
1) In "'know sara. But I do understand. I understand that you don't want to leave. I wouldn't either but-'" you forgot to capitalize Sara (but that's minor)
2) You used "'Lauging,'" twice, which is fine, but I have a pet peeve so I noticed, but it didn't bug me at all, so you can leave it.

ALL in ALL "Greeaat!" job. :)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu greenstergirl said…
oh sry i was on my way to school so i had to do it fast
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Emily_is_COOl said…
It's fine! I still love it!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu greenstergirl said…
really? cool
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Emily_is_COOl said…
Yay! So when do you post?

lebih dari setahun yang lalu greenstergirl said…
um idk
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Emily_is_COOl said…
K! If you need help with any writers block problems I am here, I strongly suggest the cookie method!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu greenstergirl said…
wats da cookie method?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Emily_is_COOl said…
Where, everytime you post a chapter or come up with a idea and use it--you get a cookie!
PJhero02 devised to Slow-Placed Cookie Method for me!

But DON'T eat this cookie!!!!
 Where, everytime anda post a chapter atau come up with a idea and use it--you get a cookie! PJhero02 dev
lebih dari setahun yang lalu greenstergirl said…
hahaha lol that just made my day!!!!!!!!!!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu greenstergirl said…
I'm changing the first chapter mainly because I am having problems on the first

Chapter one
It was my birthday. The day they realized who we really were. No one expected them to be little 13-year-olds. And when the man did something to me, something I knew was unreal; I knew that I was more than little Eos Pederson, daughter of the Headmaster of Alenfall academy.
I live in the academy of Alenfall. Alenfall is a giant crystal castle that was built on the inside of a powerful force field to block out the real world and evil. It was a small utopia, except everyone was different. 100 different wizards born in the third century built the castle and the force field. It has never broken. And it never will. This important fact is mainly why everyone hates my 13th birthday.
I was sitting on my bed in the upper hall. It was red, my favorite color. Sara and Thunder, my two best friends since birth were playing tug-a-war with a rope, which of course I didn’t care for. I was sitting on my bed, wishing I could go read. The funny thing was, as we sat there playing, none of us really were paying attention to each other. It was my birthday. And I was sent to my room with them so they could set up the party. And they were fighting like always.
At my school people who have odd and different powers go there. That was what we were. Odd and different. My father a truth seeker was the head master there and he enrolled me the minute I conjured my own fire. I have been at Alenfall my entire life. Sara, and yes she’s a girl, was found worthy to be the third ever air speaker in the past 400 million years. At 3-years-old too. And Thunder, if you must know, is part of the energy clan. That’s why he’s so lively. And annoying. His name is really Martin. Thats why we call him thunder.
I didn’t like them fighting. I always seemed to be the peace maker. The girl who wanted quiet. That’s why everyone expects me to be a water speaker, or a plant seer. But instead I’m a fire speaker, I seem to feel fire. And create it, and hear its whispering pleas. But this is not important, or the point of my tale. What’s important is how it all happened.
A loud knock at my door signaled us to leave my room. Or to barge out really. Sara jumped up and the door swung open with a gushing wind. Then she ran out and shut it in Thunder’s face.
“MEANER!!” He screamed as he pushed the door open again and chased after them. I laughed and ran down the hallway following them. My father was waiting for me where he wrapped me in a hug.
“Happy birthday Eos.” He said while tapping my nose. I giggled and squirmed out of his arms where I pushed through the doors to my party room.
I stared in awe. The room was covered in red decorations. Everywhere there were the fire speaker symbol and fire lily’s placed in vases. The entire room was filled with people from the school. My fire teacher sat in the front where she lit fireworks with her finger. They sang happy birthday to me and I lit the 13 candles on my cake. Here, if you’re a fire speaker you light the candles instead of blowing them out. You leave that to Hayden.
I was having fun. And realizing how lucky I was. I opened presents and played some games. My teacher did a show where she was eaten by a dragon made of flames. But when the loud horn in the front blew, all was quiet. The lights all went out. It became cold, and I tried to warm myself with my extra fire heat.
“Dad, what’s happen-“But my father put his finger to my shivering lips. He stared at me with fearful eyes. I shook, not use to ever being cold. And that’s when they attacked.

“I’m scared!” Sara whimpered to me as she cried on my shoulder. We were shoved inside a broom closet with Zachariah, last of the wizards that created the force field. He always had wrinkly skin and long grey hair. He wore a long brown robe and always held a long ugly staff that reminded me of a tree branch.
Thunder stood tall trying to be brave. But even then the boy shook. Zachariah, Zach for short, stood guarding the door.
I was annoyed. “Zach!! What are we doing in here!! This is rubbish!!” I screamed at him. He looked at me with his dark eyes.
“The castle is being attacked now do just shut up!!” He said while stomping his staff to the ground.
Offended I answered, “It’s loud out there. What is happening!!??!!”
He looked impatient. Yet he always was with little children. No one liked him anyway. “I told you the castle is being ATTACKED!!!” He yelled at me.
“By whom!!??” I said even more frustrated than before. Thunder giggled and I gave him a cold stare.
“Lemuel’s followers, Sons and daughters of the evil shadow. That’s why you’re going to shut up ninny!!”
“You shut up funky head!!” I slapped his face. And he looked mad. “Haha sucker!!” I laughed at him. His eyes seemed to turn red with anger.
“If any of the wizlum find you could be sent to @#!*% !!”
“What’s a wizlum?” Sara asked suddenly out of the blue.
“It’s the name of the followers of Lemuel. They are born every time he kills someone from the blood of his enemy he killed. They are created of pure evil and @#!*% shadow.”
Not a nice thing to know in a dark closet. With a freaky million year old creep.
Suddenly, a loud bang hit the door. Zachariah was pushed on top of me. But the diamond pendent that was on his neck seemed to stop him from landing on me. Suddenly, the clear diamond turned a deep shade of red. He looked at me. Then back to the diamond. Then stared at Thunder. Then Sara. And his diamond began changing colors. Orange to purple to red. Orange to purple to red. Until his dark eyes rolled to the back of his head and he slipped down and fell.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu greenstergirl said…
if its confusing I understand because some of the names were originally Hayden(sara) Catherine(Eos) and Charlie(Thunder) but i tried to change them if I missed any....oops
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Emily_is_COOl said…
It's really good! And you wrote Hayden in "You leave that to Hayden."
Just to say! I am starting a club called Make Someone's Day...

Link: link

I have an forum where everyday I post a funny picture or video to make people smile or be happy!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu greenstergirl said…
i joined it AHHHH it was such a good idea
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Emily_is_COOl said…
Thanks@ Can't wait until you post more!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu greenstergirl said…
okokookoko i got to figure out the time i can write it first ahhhhhhhhh school ruins everything
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Emily_is_COOl said…
I know right! Same with me and TTG, including SoN... Ahh! I haven't post in 8 days because of vacation!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu greenstergirl said…
I know me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Emily_is_COOl said…
big smile
So yeah! I'll try to get people to read this! Its really good!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Emily_is_COOl said…
Maybe you should delete ex-chapter 1 so no oje gets c0nfused?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu greenstergirl said…
yea.....maybe good idea i will do dat now
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Emily_is_COOl said…
big smile
lebih dari setahun yang lalu 1999jacko said…
please post soon I loved it