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aywahometree posted on Feb 11, 2011 at 11:18PM
Jakov'i continued up the tree she was climbing and wondered who her mentor whould be. "I can't wait for my Ikran," she thought as she swung her body up the next branch. She grabed on to a vine and began monoovering her legs up puzzuldly thinking of that monstrous thing she saw diging the earth up. She hissed at the thought of it,reaching the top of the vine. She new that was what her mother would not tell her about."If I was a warrior I would break into there tree type thing,pull them out alive and feed them to the ikrans!" She muttered to herself as she reached the very last branch. "But what about that pewny jarhead,glancing at the plants I was hidden in, she cuoriosly thought as she sat down. "He looked smaller then the normal sized jarheads." She gazed at the sun setting. "Did he know I was there?" She at first softly whispered but then her voice broke into a viosous hiss, "Mother would throw me off hometree if she knew I had been there!!"

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