menulis Gravity12's Character Interview *best if anda read keterangan cause it's hard to explain in the title*

gravity12 posted on Feb 06, 2011 at 05:30PM
Well basically I'm doing a character interview, but before you post read this WHOLE thing, so you know what to do, and what it's about.

I've heared that character interviews can help with character development. If you don't know what it is I'll tell you that a character interview is that you ask questions and then answer them in the perspective of one of your characters. Simplez!

However I (and everyone I know for some reason) FAILS EPICALLY, at creating and asking good questions. I don't know why exactly but I do. So being the lazy oaf that I am, I'm gonna have YOU ask the questions!

When entering a post enter it like this:

@character you want to answer question(s)
Question(s) you want answered by above character.

Here's the name of the character's from any book that I've got definite characters for so far. I'll add more stories and characters sometimes so keep checking back on this list! Also the characters gender will be in brackets after their name!

Conlan (M)
Deborah (F)
Angus (M)
Jason (M)
Monica (F)
Jirair (M)
Zaria (F)
Andrew (M)
Alexei (M)
Jazz (F)
Fumiko (F)
Kaida (F)
Clerina (F)
Aaron (M)
Roderick (M)
Valiant (M)
Hartmann (M) *better known as Hart*
Valentina (F)

Ebony (F)
Mordred (M)
Batu (M)
Isa (F)
Arachnia (F)
Candid (M)
Philyra (F)
Alana (F)
Shila (F)
Morgan (F)
Minoru (M)
Leonard (M)
Albin (M)
Judas (M)
Arnia (F)
Ember (F)
Raith (M)
Blake (M)

Of unknown Alliance:
Jay the Mechanic (Unknown Gender)
Coney (F)
Winfred (M)
Nancy (F)
Vespa (F)

Aly Tainbrit (F)
Coco Brown (F)
Jaycee Flaminco (F)
Odette Bleu (F)
Emera Rota (F)
Anya (F)

I'll try to answer questions as soon as possible! But no hating or flaming on me if I take too long! Especially during the week because I've got school!
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