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Chapter 1, Discovery

Miku looked again at the mound of rubbish. There was something else there, something that glinted among the piles of old newspapers and discarded boxes.
She cautiously reached for the object; it was hard and felt somewhat comforting. She took it out the pile and smiled at her new found prized possession.
It was a gun. An old one by the looks of it, about 21st century she thought. What a find! First a ww2 flying fortress now this? Must be my lucky day. “There you are!” cried a voice behind her. After slipping the gun in her scavenger bag she turned around to find Yugi and Jaden, her best friends, standing among the rejected rubble of old stone ruins.
Yugi was a short, blonde boy with huge blue innocent eyes, while Jaden was a tall, light brunet with cheeky hazel eyes. “Yusei was getting worried” said Jaden with a grin which showed his happy-go-lucky persona.
Miku nodded in agreement, as she followed them to their hidden home.

Well truth be told, it wasn’t a home by our standards. The front of the “house” was an anti-air raid shelter from ww4; inside was made of 3 parts, one from a ww3 fighter craft (Split in two for Miku and Yugi’s Rooms), some stone walls (Jaden) and pieces of corrugated metal (Yusei). In the centre was what they considered the living and dining room. In fact it was the biggest “room”. With a fire pit in the middle. I said hidden because the place was covered in junk so they wouldn’t be discovered. More about that later.
The four teenagers (12, 14, 14 and 15) of New Domino City Dump loved their secret home; they built it on the day they met. They named it the compound. Miku wrote on the door “Compound 714” (the 714 was after flight 714, the title of Yugi’s faveorite Tintin book).

When they arrived back they found Yusei waiting for them, And Miku knew she was in hot water. He hadn’t muttered a word, But Yusei’s eyes spoke for him.
“What?” she asked, tucking her dark black hair behind her ear and placing her hands on her hips. “What have I done?”
“It a matter of what you haven’t done…” Began Yusei’s lecture on how she left before telling the others where she was going and the fact she skipped her lesson with Yugi to improve his reading (Yugi was like a little Brother to her) but something made him stop. Miku followed his glace and found that the gun was sticking out of its hiding place. There was an awkward silence.
Miku closed her eyes and braced herself for the blast, yet nothing happed. Yusei was impressed, not angry. “Where did you find that?” he asked in awe. “By the flying Fortress…” she hastily replied, she felt her checks burning and decided to study the cracks in the floor. “A flying fortress!” Now Jaden was impressed “Those are so cool!” “What’s a flying fortress?” Inquired a puzzled Yugi. “It was a fighter craft in ww2,” explained Yusei “It was huge. But what I’m interested about is where it is,” “Well let’s go!” yelled Jaden “lead the way Miku!” “No” interrupted Yusei “it’s going to get dark soon. We’ll head out in the morning” Reluctantly Jaden joined the others by the newly lit fire. The boys listened intently to Miku’s fantastic discovery.
As she climbed into her bed that night she thought how much her life had changed since she left that accursed house and fled with the boys. She lived in a scrap yard with fellow orphans; her room was half of a ww3 fighter craft called a stelthana (a fair bit smaller than a flying fortress), her clothes were ripped, her only thing she had of her old life was a old pair of sweatbands which belonged to her father, she had to search in heaps of junk every day in case she finds anything useful, the island she lived on was a huge pile of discarded rubbish which no one knew existed any more and she wouldn’t change one little thing. She loved her life. She loved the stelthana which was so big there was plenty of room for her vintage books she finds. She loved her ripped clothes. She adored her father’s cap. She loved searching around the island because there was amazing things to be found like the gun and the flying fortress, last week she found the side of a spitfire which now hangs on her wall like a poster. She loved that no one knew that the island was real because they would never be found. Most of all, she loved the boys, they where her family.
Yugi was a shy, intimidated boy. Who always loved it when Miku read to him. Especially books like “the chronicles of Narnia” (she found a box set of classic 20th century stories. Narnia was just one of them). Jaden was a laid back sort of guy, always “glass half full”. He was hilarious. Miku and Jaden got on like a house on fire. He was always there for you. You had to be careful though, he loved a good prank. He was the master of practical jokes, fart machine to something gross in your bed. He’d done it all. Yusei, the leader, was harsh but fair. He had every ones best interests at heart and never took unnecessary risks. He was quite stern at times but he loved a good laugh, he was like a father to them. Particularly to Yugi as he never knew his father. Lastly Miku. A Tomboy who loved reading and writing books. She spent her time making gadgets to help them out, like a device to show where something was, all you had to do was mark the site on the device so you could find it again no problem (she marked the flying fortress on it as soon as she found it) as well as small explosive bombs plus a machine to take photos.
She loved her life. She would not change it one bit

Chapter 2, the flying fortress.
When Miku woke up to a banging on the metal door of her room. Rubbing her eyes she crossed the room only to be greeted with an over enthusiastic teenage boy yanking on her arm. “Come on! Daylights a wasting! The flying fortress awaits!” cried Jaden almost dislocating her right arm. Coming to her senses a wide grin grew on her now fully awake face. “One sec, Jay, I need to get dressed after all.” It was then Jaden realised that his pal was in a white top that was 3 sizes too big for her and a pair of old gym shorts which looked a tad on the tight side. “Oh.” Said Jaden, feeling a bit embarrassed. He apologised and left her to get changed.
She quickly grabbed one of her signature baggy white T-Shirts, purple combat trousers acomanided by matching vest with her old army boots. After putting them on she placed her father’s sweatbands loveinly on her wrists and made her way out her room. Yugi was waiting for her, which was odd as he rarely left the Compound. “Are you coming with us?” she asked him. He nodded with a shy smile. “If its okay with you that is” he said “I want to see what it looks like…” Miku smiled at him, he wasn’t confident or sure of his own ability. That wasn’t a surprise, he was in an orphanage since he was born. He never knew his parents. In that orphanage he was badly beaten up by the other boys his age so he learnt to suffer in silence. Three years after fleeing with Yusei to the island he still was quite a shy boy, understandable though. Jaden came up the stairs to the stelthana and called them to get some grub before they left for the day.
After that they picked up their scavenger bags they made their way to the flying fortress. On the way Yusei found some fire wood, Jaden picked up some old newspapers to decorate his bedroom wall, Yugi discovered some ancient Beano annuals dated 2012 to 2016 and Miku uncovered some Tintin comics which she was over the moon about. She thought books and comics like those where true relics indeed. Every one put their loot in their bags and continued their trek. Across what would be considered piles of discarded rubbish to others, to them it was a treasure trove of hidden goods.
After what felt like hours, they arrived at the flying fortress. Yugi’s face lit up like a Christmas tree, Jaden climbed inside and all that could be herd from him was shrieks of sheer joy and excitement and Yusei circled the Strategic bomber in delight stating facts about the craft like “did you know it had four engines?” to “did you know from its introduction in 1938, the B-17 Flying Fortress evolved through numerous design advances?” he looked like a kid in a candy store. While all this was going on, Miku laughed. She laughed at Jaden running around inside yelling “look at this”. She laughed at Yusei shouting out rather useless facts. Most of all, she laughed and Yugi. Inside the 1930s aircraft with Jaden, sitting in the control seat. Jumping up and down. That was the first time she had ever seen Yugi behaving like a teenager at long last. Before she knew it, she was inside messing about with the control pad. Acting like a big kid.
The following weeks where endless back and forth between the Componud to the flying fortress. Bringing things home like the engines for Yusei to study to the control pannal for Jaden’s room.
Miku spotted a huge change in Yugi. He used to spend the whole day in the Compound, never dareing to go outside. Now was exploring outside when ever he could. As a result his pale skin was almost imedelantly replaced with a lightly tanned skin and a face covered in freckles. Not only was his fear of the wide world concered, he was now confident and outgoing. His shy intimidated smile was now a huge grin. Miku pinched herself. This was amazing.
After the exsitement of the flying fortress died down at long last Miku and Jaden went out to see if there was anything else like the fortress waiting for them. Well, there was something. Something of great inportance to Miku. Her father’s journal.

Chapter 3,
It had a brown leather cover with the words “Andrew K Huges” printed on the frount in black.
Miku’s heart stopped beating. She stared at the book, finding it hard to breathe. Could it really be? After all these years? She felt tired, as if she was just about to faint. “Jaden, Look at this.” Was all she could manage to say. Her voice was weak. The spit second Jaden turned to see what the problem was, she passed out.

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 Chapter 1, Discovery Miku looked again at the mound of rubbish. There was something else there, so

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