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tiny_princess posted on Jan 22, 2011 at 07:50AM
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I`m in love with writing poems . In fact , i believe that words can do more . > that`s why my poems are my life !!!
I need your honest opinion about this poem so that i can improve my writing skill

~~ a letter to my dear prince ~~

Dear prince,
I`m tired of living in this unusual life
My diary
Took me to an old distain memory
when I become your wife
I don`t know why ?!!
Every good memory has became whiter then white
Except the day I saw you
You`re right
Special memories always colored with special liquids
But which kind of inks should I use to erase my past
I tried everything
Even pain!
But this distain memory seems to be
My number one aim
I decided to listen to my wais heart
But suddenly
I was falling apart
It gave me a magical ink
All I have to do is only to spring
one , two , three drops or four
and everything started to be like old time before


i`m waiting on burning fire to hear ur opinion about it =)

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