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warcraftjunkie1 posted on Nov 30, 2010 at 05:39AM
Write a description of your main character. Must include:
Power(if superhero):
Favorite Weapon:

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu axemnas said…
Okay heres one from my current Novel

Name:Lawrence Stewart Talbot(Larry)
Power(if superhero):He goes through an unwanted transformation on a full moon
Appearence: A typical 1940s looking gentle man brown fedora with black trim,grey suit,polished black wingtip shoes.Soul full emotional gentle eyes,black hair greased back, hes clean cut. About 6'2" in height,fairly muscular build (Actor Lon Chaney Jr. would be a good accurate representation of what he looks like)
Favorite Weapon:He used a silver tipped Wolf cane to kill a wolf earlier in the story and he is a fairly skilled marksman, but he doesn't really favor weapons.
Backstory: Born in Wales, United Kingdom Larry Talbot was a fairly happy child along with his elder brother John Talbot. Life was pleasant their father Sir John Talbot had high expectations for his boys he wanted them to achieve the greatness he had and higher. Sir John was an over achiever in his younger years which made things a bit difficult on the boys, he had a tendency to be a bit critical or 'monsterous' as he put it on occasion. Larry and John tried their best to please their father. Larry was a bit more defiant of the boys and had tension in his relationship with his father, it got worse after the death of his mother when he was 8. When Larry got old enough he talked Sir John in to sending him to America for schooling and the experience. He learned different trades in America and was fond of working with tools. He didn't return home for 18 years after the death of his dear brother he had no choice but to go back home.
(Which brings us to the story)
Heres another one for that same Novel

Name: Béla
Age:29-32 (He starts out at 29 and his age goes to around 32 later on in the book though it does touch base on years earlier one flash back delt with him being 12)
Power(if superhero):Goes through an unwanted transformation on the full moon
Appearence: Black Raven hair and European mustache,soul full eyes,baggie clothing,like a gypsy,pale white skin, strong skinny muscular build(actor Béla Lugosi would be a good accurate representation for the character, i used him as a model for the character)
Favorite Weapon: buck shot, bayonet,silver knife,hand to hand combat
Backstory: Russian/Hungarian gypsy born boy, Béla had a great eventful life in the caravans. His father had left him and his mother before he was born and as a result some of the caravan men looked after them and tried to be a father to Béla. Two of them's names were Sebastian and Clopin. Clopin was the head of the caravan as a whole. When Béla was 12 he was tough a valuable lesson and how to fight back if needed too. When he was 14 he picked out his loyal companion Lux a feral black and white buck; stallion that is not tame even in old age. His life was tough as a whole but he was content with it.

this one is from one of my past novels

Name: Fang Jacob Gideon Pressul,Fang/Wingman(multiple aliases
Age:???older than he looks
Power(if superhero):Wings,healing factor,five retractable claws in each hand, anti-aging factor
Appearence: About 14 years, dirty blond cruecut,light skin,muscular athletic build,Aviator hat and jacket, khaki cargo shorts,black sneakers,wings are white in the spring and a dark blackish blue in the winter,
Favorite Weapon:his claws
Backstory: Born In the early 30's Fang was born in to a top secret government facility called Weapon X set in place to contain mutants and to protect america from the Germans.Experiments were done on him in early years and they triggered his mutant X gene which triggered his mutant abilities early in his life.Which started with the murder of his mother. He was a weapon through out his life, till he escaped the facility and opened his eyes for the first time. He became more defiant after that experience.
Closer to the present he joins the X-men and...

What do you think i'd like to see yours
 Okay heres one from my current Novel Name:Lawrence Stewart Talbot(Larry) Age:31 Power(if superhero):
lebih dari setahun yang lalu woofbark said…
name:Renee Dives
Appearance:Female, long black hair that's usually untidy, pale skin, dark clothes, green eyes
Weapon of choice:Avoids killing, usually uses fists, has a small knife in pocket for emergencies

Backstory:Lived in the future, where parts of government were really corrupt. A penal colony (that is, a gigantic jail system large enough to be called a colony, where some prisoners are jailed despite innocence and little evidence) was built, and her family (which consists of her, her mom, and her baby sister Charlotte) were forced there for no reason. During the six days, Charlotte dies and Renee's mother is executed. Renee does not discover what happens to her best friend (who is often mistaken for her twin) until much later.
Renee escapes and the police charge her with being a felon, but her name was never recorded. She joined and led the rebel alliance, and also became a thief, stealing important files and objects of monetary value from the opposing force. She wears a black felt mask made with a slight bit of fabric from Charlotte's blanket.
Her favorite escape methood is across rooftops, where she is eventually "cornered" by an amateur cop, Stan Lazzar.

Name:Stan Lazzar
Appearance:Pale, little muscle, tousled brown hair and brown eyes
Favorite Weapon:Fists, normally. Only uses guns as a bluff
Backstory:Trampled on his whole life. Joins the police force early (as is allowed in that time) and thinks he is in love with gorgeous Neveah, a policewoman.
He believes catching Renee will give him respect, pride, and the confidence to win over Neveah. Renee becomes his rival, and actually saves his life a few times in the process.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Taismo4ever97 said…
Okay my first one is from the story I'm writing on one of the forums here.
Name: Komoriuta Takahashi
Age: appears 16 (she doesn't age)
Power(if superhero): none
Appearence: A young preety girl with black hair that has red highlights in it, golden brown eyes, dainty light pink lips.
Favorite Weapon: has none, she doesn't fight (actully might think about this)
Backstory: She is Japan's newest pop start, but she is not what she seems. She's a computer generated girl who wants to be human, but her boss won't let her goo out of his sight, so one day after her concert she doesn't wait for her boss to tell her how great a job she did, she runs off. There she meets this boy named Akio, who is a video games nerd. And I shall tell you the rest with my story :)
 Okay my first one is from the story I'm menulis on one of the forum here. Name: Komoriuta Takahashi
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Taismo4ever97 said…
this one is also from the same story and Komoriuta :)

Name: Akio
Age: 16
Power(if superhero):none
Appearence:male, brown hair, brown eyes,
Favorite Weapon: his wii remote XD
Backstory: he's nothing special just the ordianary boy next door with a mom, a dad, and an older sister who likes this really, really, annoying pop star. He likes to play video games and read mangas. But one day he meets this girl he has never seen or heard of. And her wish takes them on a wierd adventure.
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 this one is also from the same story and Komoriuta :) Name: Akio Age: 16 Power(if superhero):no
lebih dari setahun yang lalu adamk said…
My current character:
Name:Mark Kirby
Appearance:Dirty blond hair, gray eyes, 6ft 3in.
Favorite Weapon:Prefers not to use any, but is trained with firearms, mainly pistols.
Backstory:A Criminal Profiler for the FBI, called into the town of Crystal Cove to investigate a murder. For the rest read my story. ;)
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Belatrix said…
Name: Elisabeth Sophie Holmes
Age: 14
Pover: None
Appereance: Average, long brown hair, big brown eyes, angry or dreamy face, depends on situation....
Favorite Weapon: Well, she tries to avoid that, but its comonly bow and arrow.
Backstory: she goes to a school for some kind of determination, but for fantasy creatures, shes forced to go there, but doesnt get along with it. So, she and a group of some other students who seem to have the same stuff on theyre minds... and there goes a war, and such... I'm really not good with this backstories...
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 Name: Elisabeth Sophie Holmes Age: 14 Pover: None Appereance: Average, long brown hair, big brown eye
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ivoryphills said…
Amelia Zacharias
Survivalistic fighter (like "kill before being killed")
Tall, with dark brown hair, matching eyes, and many scars on her body and in mind.
She was the remaining human being on earth after a devastating take over by demons, in which she loses her BFF, Alyssa, and her beloved mother and father.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu RiverIce said…
ok my main character for one I'm writing now called Just the Four of Them

Name: Isabelle
Powers: Sand/Earth
Appearence: she has shoulder-length hair. black hair.
Favorite Weapon: well... she's in softball... so a bat... lol
Backstory: Her mom, one of the best softabll player in the whole Chicago, but her mom died in a mysterious accident involving her in a car, which she is a really, really good driver, sooo... yeah...
and so Isabelle is taking on her mom's dream by becoming a softball player, which she is an awesome catcher. which so was her mom. so her dad takes care of her and her sister.
looks: has shaggy brown hair, green eyes, and loves the water
He is an average kid... nothign really to say....

Looks: has red hair, freckles, (Evvveerrryyy boy likes her!!)won't ever give up without a fight
her dad died, her mom is evil... lol
12 (going on thirteen in a few weeks)
Looks: strong, shaggy dirty blonde hair (every girl likes him)
He lives in an orphanage, until he is adopted by two over protected parents, that move to a hotel.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu RiverIce said…
this is what Isabelle looks like:
 this is what Isabelle looks like:
lebih dari setahun yang lalu axemnas said…
This one is from a Harry Potter fan fic that i finally decided to write 4 movies and all 7 books later.

Name:Jason Murdock
Age:11-16(he is the same age as the twins and it covers his first couple of years at Hogwarts to his and his father's death, which it also covers a bit of the time when he was 3
Power(if superhero):unless you count the regular wizardry powers none
Appearance: average height, dark auburnish hair, hazel/grey got a green tent when he was 3
Favorite Weapon:wand:ebony with Phoenix feather core 15in.
Backstory: Born in Godricks Hollow Jason and his parent's lived a very happy first two years of his life. His parent's being Auros had many enemies and as members of the order they gained even more. So his parents thinking Jason's safety in mind reluctantly moved out towards Wales till things calmed down, between the dark lord's fury and their place on his 'list'.When Jason was 3 some deatheaters attacked Jason's home and killed his muggle born mother in that same hour when he walked in the middle of a duel between his father and the deatheater one of the deatheaters cast a silent incantation and took Jason's sight from him forever.Not much is known what would of happened if McGonagall hadn't shown up. Jason's biggest memory of that night was seeing a green light and hearing spine-tingling unforgettable laughter.

from one of my comics

Name:Dolly Adams
Power(if superhero):ability to control electricity
Appearance: auburn,redish brown hair, usually dresses comfortable with cargo pants and a t-shirt,very reserved and hesitant,blue eyes
Favorite Weapon:morning star
Backstory: Dolly grew up in Greenville, NC as your average teenager with her mother.When she turned 14 that was when weird things started happening. One night when she had a nightmare she woke up to find it was a reality.

a character i created in creative writing class
Name:Jack Karloff
Power(if superhero):
Appearance: L.A.Noire type of look. He appears very stern at times always wearing his black and white fedora and pinstriped suite and red tie. black hair green eyes. On his waits is his TLC(time line converter)that allows him to move through time
Favorite Weapon:either a tommy-gun, winchester, or a magnum
Backstory: Growing up in 1930's LA California Jac learned a lot very quick about the world of crime lords. He had plans to go to the police academy. When he took a step into the twilight zone.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu AbbieCoast said…
Name: James
Age: 16
Power(if superhero): Not a superhero.
Appearence: Skinny, white, and nerdy.
Favorite Weapon: Knowledge!
Backstory: His parents are hardly ever home, but when they are, they beat him really bad.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu iluvPrinceMJ213 said…
Name: Keaira Denver Hayden Caswell
Age: 10 - 14
Appearence: Ash Blonde hair, Light Green eyes, Sandy skin tone, pretty, somewhat short, average size
Favorite Weapon: Fists
Backstory: She was born in Oak Creek, Colorado and her dad switched her which we don't find out till the prequel ;). Her dad and her have a close realationship which her mom, (not her real mom, and a close realationship with her brothers but not with her sister. She is forced to move with her family to California and leave her friends.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu GodIsGood said…
Name: Cambelle Blake (pronounced Cambell, I just added the 'e' to make it sound more feminine
Power(if superhero): She absorbs other people's powers (like Peter Petrelli)
Appearence: Bronze hair, hard brown eyes. She short and furious, a streetfigher. She always wears loose clothes because her saying is, "If your clothes are too tight to do the splits in, they're too tight to fight in."
Favorite Weapon: She uses a wooden staff that splits into two pieces, but joins back together when she needs them to.
Backstory: She grew up with a prostitute mother and ran away when she was seven, being adopted by Paige Blake. She grew up fighting, and can't stand injustice, which gets her into huge trouble in school. She doesn't get along with her biological mom (who was abusive. Can you blame her?) but when she met her biological dad she loved him. She lives with her biological uncle for a while.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu wolfclan121 said…
My new story im writing, The Legend Of Seth, Alessia And The One

Name: Alessia
Age: 2056 yrs old
Powers: Creates Souls for the kingdom
Apperence: Snow white, thick fur, (she's a wolf) crystal blue eyes
Favirote Weapen: None (can't fight because she is a goddess)
Backstory: Alessia has forever lived in her large, crystal caveran, Life, she supplies the world with souls and commands when the souls leave a body (die basicly) she keeps one soul away, the soul of the One in case evil comes and it is needed.

lebih dari setahun yang lalu adamk said…
Name:Ashley Garland
Age:Appears 17, can change appearance to different ages.
Powers:(Is a vampire)
Appearance:Varies (Can change it)
Favorite Weapon:Knife, Fangs
Backstory:Was changed into a vampire in 1845, more is revealed as the series progresses.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu adamk said…
The other:
Name:Harold Sunderland
Powers:Psychic (Telepatic, Can see future, etc)
Appearance:Brown hair, glasses, about six feet.
Favorite Weapon:Improvises
Backstory:Born in 1979, in 1995, became the deuteragonist for the series.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu bri-marie said…
*Character from a Fanfiction I'm writing.

Name: Mikayl.
Age: 27
Power(if superhero): The same as all the other falcons (story reference)
Appearence: Tall; long, blonde hair with deep blue streaks; violet eyes; lithe build. Occasionally wears Peregrine falcon wings.
Favorite Weapon: Throwing knives.
Backstory: Mikayl was born on the island to two parents who served the Empress. Mikayl didn't want to fight, and went to study under Servos instead. When Nicias came to the island, Mikayl saw there was another way: a life where he could be truly happy and not be on a leash. He rebelled, and came to live in Wyvern's Court.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu terra_rocker said…
from my current unnamed novel

blake female 13 dark hair a tomboy strong angry loving
dark brown hair tan skin medium height not skinny normal size
weapon of daggers bow sword and hand to hand
shes skilled
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Nric said…
Name: Erich
Age: 15
Power(if superhero): telepathy, empathy, dream hacks, fighting skills
Appearence: thin, grey hair, alien eyes
Favorite Weapon: brain
Backstory: soldier which should to stop the alien war, was grown on terraform planet. he's a hibrid but he doesn't know about it. I haven't a picture with him but he's slightly looks like:
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 Name: Erich Age: 15 Power(if superhero): telepathy, empathy, dream hacks, fighting skills Appearen
lebih dari setahun yang lalu kpaw05 said…
power: water
weapon: Whitestaff (Spear on one side, powers on the other)
backstory: Grew up in a town seperated by which power you had. Always outshined by her older brother. She is shy, and works at the Woodmill. Everyone in Tvalai thinks that she will never be anything else. So she takes classes at the Reddome. Warrior classes. Soon, she is picked as the top girl in her class, and gets a chance to compete in the Whitestaff Trials.

Not a sad backstory, really, but still
lebih dari setahun yang lalu kpaw05 said…
appearance: long brown hair, eyes like the ocean, tan, with sand in her hair. always wears flipflops, shorts, and loosely fitting t-shirts and floppy sunhats or sunglasses.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu kpaw05 said…
Name: Sage
power: earth
appearance: light tan, average size, blonde hair, usually in a bun, usually with a flower crown. Bright hazel eyes, part brown part green. usually wears shorts and a tee, peasant blouses, flowy skirts, and the like
weapon: is nonviolent mostly and uses survival skills, skills, and intellect, but also a Whitestaff.
backstory: Fiercely loyal, Sage always wanted to protect all of her homeland. She also wanted to protect the environment. So she takes classes at the Reddome. Warrior classes. Soon, she is picked as the top girl in her class, and gets a chance to compete in the Whitestaff Trials.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu kpaw05 said…
Name: Adara
appearance: Black, wind-blown hair, green eyes, average size, no tan (always clouds where she lives), Hair is tied back in a quick and simple ponytail. Likes to dress like a warrior, which, for women where she lives, means loose, long dresses, in a certain color for your Sector. (purple for her)
weapon: uses whitestaff mainly, but highly skilled in most weapons and hand to hand combat
backstory: Adara always wanted to be a warrior. To feel that adrenaline coursing through her veins each day. The rush. The excitement. See, she had anger issues. So, her training started as a way to get them out. Then it became so much more. About the thrill of battle. About protecting your family instead of having to trust someone else to do it right. Soon, she is picked as the top girl in her class, and gets a chance to compete in the Whitestaff Trials. (Classes are the powers, and a boy is picked too)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BennieBear27 said…
Name: Jared Waithe

Age: 25

Powers: Unless clinical depression and alcoholism are powers, than no.

Appearance: Just imagine Gerard Way in the music video for The Ghost Of You. That's...that's basically Jared. If you couldn't tell, my story if based off Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. But if you don't know what Gerard Way looks like then here!
- Black, clean cut hair that gets tangled easily, until after his wife died and he become an alcoholic and his hair grew out a bit.
- Grey eyes
- Pale skin that gets sunburned easily
- Soft yet cheerful smile

Personality: Somewhat quite and introverted, generally doesn't like going out to social events. But if you're friends with him, he's known to be very theatrical and funny.

Backstory: Okay, so Jared had a pretty average childhood. He met his future wife, Helena, when he was 20. His parents died a year later and he inherited their small mansion at the end of the road. Helena was actually the one to ask him out, and Jared, being the love struck 21 year old he was, accepted. They went to a local restaurant. Fast forward 3 years later and they get married in their garden. They moved into Jareds parents home and loved together happily. Sure, they got into fights sometimes because of their somewhat different natures, but Jared and Helena were happy together.

On their one year anniversary, Jared took Helena to the restaurant that they went to on their first day. Helena was about to tell Jared something, but right that second, a gun fight between a few drug dealers working in the restaurant and the police started. Helena got grabbed by one of the dealers and was used as a hostage. The police tried to help get her, but she ended up getting shot and killed. After that, Jared find some of her journal entries and finds out she was going to tell him she was pregnant. He breaks down and becomes an alcoholic. Jared almost kills himself but his brother managed to stop him. They both join the military and fought in the war.

That last paragraph actually happens in the story but whatever.