menulis the serigala Man / transformation 2

axemnas posted on Nov 11, 2010 at 03:32AM
Traveling for quite a few additional days and nights; finally the time came the time of the full moon arrived our anticipation arise to hit its peak at this point. The crimson late afternoon sky began to convert to dusk. As we were traveling down along the dirt road. The pale moon was bit by bit rising in to position. Béla nervously kept an angled glance on the sky watching for the moon and the path. The horses began to get anxious as they trotted onward down the trail. A constant intense burning sensation suddenly shot across his skull; he brought one hand up placing it to the point of origin the route where it was at most intensity, and kept the other holding tightly to the reins. What emerged from underneath behind his black, raven, ebony bangs as he shifted them back was a five pointed star. A flash of some thing befell across his line of vision. A vision of a snarling black wolf with white chest was there and in a blink of an eye it was gone, it had disappeared out of no where.
Béla opened his eyes wide in frightened surprise. An stood up to look for it what ever it was he just saw…. When the horse jerked. He was flipped off to the hard unforgiving dirt ground on to his back. He clinched in pain on impact the horse bucked at him for what ever the reason he tried to calm it down, but too late in the cross fire it bucked him.
(Fade to black)
The moon is a bright pale glowing orb in the misty black starry sky. A shallow sheet of fog and mist fill the air covering the scenery. It is like a dream it hardly seems real.
Looking down you see two legitimately large course shaggy black, Grey and white paws. Walking slowly gradually gaining speed approaching something an unknown target or is it.
A devilish howl submerges the night air someone or something is on the hunt.
Jarred awake on a nearby ranch a farmer that was sleeping on the deck in his rocking chair of his farm house jumps to his feet from his chair the howl echoing in the distance he pulls out his buckshot. The howl sounds again this time closer much closer; by the sound it appears as if it is out in the field in which his livestock are in. He sprints out in to the field.
Thinking he caught a glance of it out next to his cattle barely able to see threw the thick darkness he places his back to a tree that ordinarily during the day he would be leaning back against with his aussie; his rifle in a variation of parade rest. He perceived it snarling a menacing growl. It was a fearsome Stifling grumble and it sounded as if it was directly in front of him. He turned and fired not waiting to ponder its exact location he didn’t even wait to find out where he was shooting. As the gunpowder ignited he discovered in the flash of light. The beast was directly next to his rifle bud adjacent to him. It looked like a two legged wolf it stood at least three heads higher than him. Its eyes were frightening, blood shot, a gleam of bloodlust, the whites of its eyes were extremely dominate. His eyes filled with fear, he screamed as the beast took him by his shoulders in its claws as the flash faded in to the night. His scream rang out through the forest and country side in to the dark moonlit air; mixing with the howl that sends a dirge of death to all whom hear it.

 Traveling for quite a few additional days and nights; finally the time came the time of the full moon

menulis No balasa