menulis the serigala Man / transformation 1

axemnas posted on Nov 11, 2010 at 03:30AM
The sky had begun to turn to dusk and the moon was getting ready to rise.
Béla and Maleva were still heading down the old wagon road heading to their site
Béla is starting to get nervous as the mounting suspense of what will happen on the full moon started to build.
He watched the sky while keeping an eye on the sky his head began to give him a burning sensation a sensation he had never felt before his heart started to thump and thud bobop bobop bobop bobop he was feeling tension of his muscles tightening and contracting he was scared stiff.
He raised his right hand up to his forehead and rubbed it he was feeling the pain of a migraine in the vicinity of his temple close near where he was bitten. He saw in the reflection of a pool of water their was a pentagram shaped scar that had emerged on his forehead. The moon had gotten into plain sight. Their horses began to get spooked they could sense it something was going on and they were considering it horribly wrong they started to stumble their pace to a stop Béla tried to force the horse forward but it would not budge a inch he stood up to see if their was something in their path. nothing not a single thing was in its path he was about to sit back down when he was hit with an excruciating pain starting in his abdomen and radiating out it was a pain like no other he moved his feet inches each half a step felt like needles being driven individually each more painful than the last he tried to sit down it wouldn't let him when he reached the side of the cart he was hit with another excruciating stab worse than a knife or teeth of any animal. with that stab he flipped out of the bugie and landed on his side. In a ball he clutched his body his breathing speeding his heart rate raised.
"Béla!!!" Maleva asked questioning in worry
"Keep away" he bellowed with one had gestured as a stop sign at her. She watched as in those seconds beastly claws grew from that hand they were black as a wolfs. She started backing up in a combination of fear and worry for her son.
Béla brought his hands to his face he his face started to metamorphosis. his nose morphed to a shape that suggested it to be a snout his eyes yellowed hair began to sprout on his face and hands it was dark it was coarse. His spine twisted and bent curving it into a slump paws formed as his bones and muscles rearranged in his feet and cafs they formed into beast like legs soon he was covered completely with the course dark black and brown fur. His Cloths ripped wholes all over his cloths you could hardly tell that he was the one that was wearing them.
The creature howled it was on the hunt. His eyes suggested that he is out for one thing and that would be bloodlust.
AAWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!! it howled again. A farmer sitting on his porch rocking heard it and stood to his feet in startlement.
He picked up his gun and ran out towards the cattle patch close to wear the howl was heard. He looked around nothing was their it was blacker than fear its self even in the moonlight. He got a flash of the beast a beast a pack of beasts he couldn't tell all he knew was he was being circled he put his back to a tree he heard a growl he fired his buckshot. The lighting of gunpowder lit up the surrounding area the beast was right next to his rifle. As the light faded the beast took him in its claws and chomped down with his large pointed fangs.
 The sky had begun to turn to dusk and the moon was getting ready to rise. Béla and Maleva were still

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