menulis Human Rights Poems (Please rate both)

Rockster posted on May 23, 2010 at 10:09PM
Hey, just saw a pick about the human rights poetry and thought I'd write a few poems to show these. As above in the title, please rate them, i'm not looking for a long, winded speech, just a small comment is just as powerful.

Twind Souls

They held hands with no fear,
no sudders,
no shivers,
for they were twind,
twind in the wind.

No person dared stare,
no whispers,
no fighters,
for they were twind,
twind in the light.

No law looked down,
no action,
no reaction,
for they were twind,
twind in the grass.

And as they march down,
walking with their pride,
with confidence in their stride,
they knew they were twind,
twind in the souls.

Throwing a look

She sat in the cold,
looking blankly into space,
feeling alone and scared,
with no thrill in her pace.

She searched for the one,
with a shiver in her shoulder,
she wanted to find someone,
just to let them hold her.

She gazed upon a woman,
her eyes light up with delight,
she knew that this was the one,
was she her holy light.

As they got closer,
she knew there was no flaw,
just before they kissed,
they remembered the law.

The law that frowned up same sex,
and people within countries,
not caring about mankind,
defending this with countless tries.

But today is our day,
for the past in now gone,
and as we hold hands,
we will all become one.

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