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twilight_1_1 posted on Dec 26, 2009 at 05:12PM
This is an idea for a story that i might do if it gets good enough. Please please tell me if its something you'd read.

The main character is a teenage girl who lives life pretty normal. Her heart is set on one day finding omeone to love her. Not the ponies and prince charming but the real deal. Then when she least ecxpects it her little kid life dream is right there. (yes i know like other storiezs) Right when she learns its happening she wakes up in a bed. Surprise! it was all a dream! She gets sad and seems to feel lonely. but jus then the unecxpected stricts again.

PLEASE PLEASSE !! tell me and commet what you think THABNKKSS

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu woofbark said…
Maybe, the story starts with the reenage girl falling in love with some guy (let's call him Tom)Somehow, Tom gets in mortal danger in the real world. She's scared to go and help him, and then a prince who looks somewhat like Tom appears. The girl (Let's call her Jen) has actually fainted and is dreaming. After a long adventure with the prince, she wakes up, and only seconds have passed. Now, she is brave enought to rescue Tom, and they live happily ever after!(sort of)

You see, in a story, it has to change the protagonist's life in some way. If Bob protagonist learns nothing and accomplishes nothing (and neither does anyone else) then it wouldn't be a worthwhile story.
You don't have to follow my ideas, but the dream should inspire the girl to be less shy, ask Bob out, etc. or something like that, perhaps even make her start looking for an actual prince-leading to a sequel. Or that might be a prequel.