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lapushgirl101 posted on Nov 19, 2009 at 12:50AM
"And... the way your skin seems to glow is so ... enchanting," I offered as I stared into the deep black eyes of the stranger in my face.
"Yes, very good you beautiful girl," he crooned.
I was pressed against a brick wall in an alley, the stranger had one hand on my left cheek, only this fingers on my right and a thumb stroking the side of my neck.
The stranger was handsome, no doubt about it. How his hair was swept up in that messy fashion, his straight jaw defined and his face symetrical. He cocked his head to one side.
"Continue," he hissed.
The man turned.
"My dear Alyssa," he whispered warmly and dropped his hands from my face to walk over to her.
"Praying on innocent women, again? Must you be SO obvious?"
"She won't remember anything, sis."
"You will turn her," Alyssa seemed to discipline, and she stepped into a sliver of light from the street. This Alyssa girl was shockinly and startlingly beautiful. She had long, blonde and straight hair and a porcelin doll face. Skinny and white like Marcus, she had a perfect figure wrapped in a tight bright red dress with a low sweetheart neckline and a short hem.
"You're one to talk. Miss 'I turn everybody I love since the day before into bloodsuckers, so we can spend our WHOLE life together!' Your life lasts forever, remember Alyssa."
I felt paralyzed by their words, unable to move where I cemented myself to the wall.
Marcus flicked his eyes toward me.
"Oh, no, Marcus."
"It doesn't matter what you think. Go find your dinner."
Alyssa's face got cold and stiff.
"Have fun, dear, she whispered, and turned on her tall black heel into the darkness. Marcus turned to face me.
"You... you're not human."
Marcus sighed and rolled his eyes.
"The good thing is that you won't remember this afterward," he said lazily. Grabbing my chin, he crooked my head sideways and flipping my hair off my shoulder, my neck was completely exposed. His canine teeth extended and bared them.
"No," I said harshly.
Marcus paused.
"No, dear girl?"
"No, because you have no idea who you are talking to."
Marcus hiked up an eyebrow, let go of my chin, and propped himself up with his hand a little over my shoulder, leaning close to my face alomst making our noses touch.
"Whoever is that?"
"Mmmm... you'll never know if you kill me."
"Erase memory."
"If you erase my memory." I lay a hand on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. "It was nice doing buisness with you." And ducking under his arm, I walked toward the populated sidewalk.
"Not quite," I heard a whisper in my ear and the next thing I knew I was in his arms and he was kissing me.

Then he leaned down and bit my neck.
 "And... the way your skin seems to glow is so ... enchanting," I offered as I stared into the deep
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu ashesandwine said…
Cool:) Did you wrote it? Or is it from a book?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu lapushgirl101 said…
big smile
I wrote it, actually. I'm glad u liked it! =]
lebih dari setahun yang lalu 18wanda said…
Sounds twilighty.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ashesandwine said…
I really liked it! It's really cool!
Congrats...I hope you write more:)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu lapushgirl101 said…
haha, thank you! i believe i will....
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