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madforstuff posted on Jul 30, 2009 at 11:11AM
I'm writing a new book so can you tell me what you think,

its about a girl Gwen and she finds a book called all about hell, now this book contains every thing about every one (and every thing) in hell, and when and how they die ect.

know Gwen has to protect the book from the evil monstrosotys who live in hell.

please write what you think.

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·3 bulan yang lalu cloudcastle said…

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Hello madforstuff . . .

Perhaps this could help . . .

1 could = The kingdom of the children.

2 could = Heaven.

3 could = Upper limbo.

4 could = The earth.

5 could = Lower limbo.

6 could = Hell.

Don't want to fall ( should you have any sense ).

Perhaps the story could be about praying to God.

Q. Could God help the ones at number 6 ( Hell ) to get to number 1 ( The kingdom of the children ) ?

A. To pray could be the start of something that could help those that suffer, to not suffer.

Hope you have a happy Saturday.

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