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pink-bookworm posted on Nov 10, 2013 at 12:56AM
Everyone judges people by their first glance and don't even try to say you don't. We put people into categories or stereotypes from what we see but sometimes that's bit really how it is.

Bad Boy: A boy who is misunderstood and often rides a motorbike, gets into fights, does drugs, breaks the hearts of innocent girl. This is Trey Denver. Maybe there's more than meets the eye.

Nerd: A person often described with lots of pimples and big glasses and wearing clothes for comfort. Not only that but is really smart and doesn't have much of a social life. This is Ellie Roger. People aren't always the image they are seen as.

Popular people: People who are outgoing and nice. Sometimes up themselves and can be mean too. Something everyone seems to want to be. This is Max and Maxine Hendersen. Maybe they want to be something more than just the popular.

S**ts: Girls who pile makeup on themselves to make them look like Barbie dolls and often act rude and talk about people behind one another. Show a lot of skin and go from guy to guy. This is Sawyer Sadie. Maybe underneath she's just a Brokenhearted girl.

Player: nearly the same thing as a s**t and are usually attractive males that seduce the ladies and then throw them away like trash. This is Lincoln Xavier. Maybe he's just scared of falling.

Oh how wrong you get these people's images. There's always something beneath the person they betray themselves as.

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The Way We Judge (NanoWrimo2013)


Trey Denver:

"Get out of the house, Trey! You're not welcome here. Didn't we tell you last week?" My so called 'mother' shouted at me with her pale face going bright red and her nose scrunching up.

My eyes bored Into the white tiles and I sucked in a raspy breath, scared to look back up towards my mother.

Her hand reached towards me, latching around my neck making me choke as I tried to breath through my nose.

"You coward! Look me in the eyes." My mother cried out shaking my trembling body.

I icily glared at my mother as I moved my head upwards slightly so that my bright green eyes met her blue ones.

Ellie Roger:

"Have you done your homework sweetie?" My dad smiled sweetly at me.

I fiddled with the rim of my glasses and smiled back at him.

"Yes, Daddy."

"Good Girl. Your mother is cooking dinner. Do be ready." My dad turned around on the tips of his toes and walked quickly out of the room.

I closed my eyes and lent my forehead onto the cool surface of my messy desk.

Max Henderson:

"Max! Maxine!" My Mum called out to my twin sister and I.

Before I exited my bedroom I checked my iPhone 5s greedily but instantaneously felt guilty.

I had to remember that not all people were as fortunate and rich as I was.

My lock screen was lit up brightly and the picture of my best friend and I showed up on the lock screen.

I hastily answered the vibrating black phone and answered with, "hello."

Maxine Henderson:

"Max! Maxine!" I heard my mum shout out calmly despite the fact this was the third time she had called us.

I sighed and pressed the X button on my Apple Mac computer.

My petition page disappeared and I reluctantly stood up flattening my floral skirt.

I looked myself over in the mirror in order to make sure I looked alright.

My makeup remained in tack as well as my clothes so I turned and walked out the door with a fake smile plastid onto my face.

Sawyer Sadie:

"I hate you!" My father growled at my mother causing me to flinch.

My pen made a small circle on the piece of white paper and I shoved my black headphones in my ears to block out the noise.

An assurance that I wouldn't end up crying again and wake up with puffy, red eyes.

Looking upwards I met my mirror and groaned in annoyance.


Lincoln Xavier:

"We have to break up Lincoln, I'm sorry." Lydia, my ex girlfriend said glumly.

The next day I had gone to her house with a stone cold expression.

Opening the wooden door I entered her small, empty house and made my way over towards her bedroom.

Knocking on the door I didn't hear a word so I took it upon myself to open the door and the image that came with it I could never forget.

I bolted in an upright position sweat pouring from my face and my lip quivered at the sight of that memory.


The core of the problems are all evident but hidden when not in the environment. So do you really now absolutely everything about your friends? Your fellow students?
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The Way We Judge (NanoWrimo2013)

Chapter 1:

Trey Denver:

I sat on my motorbike and studied the beautiful looks of the bike and smirked proudly.

It was pitch black with Harley Davidson written on it in bold, cursive flicks.

I slammed my foot against the pedal and my motorbike, Hades raced away from my concrete pathway of my unwelcoming house.

The wind rushed through my body and made my messy, black hair fall into my green eyes from underneath my black bike helmet.

Through the eye slits in the helmet I quickly turned my stiff neck towards the blurring trees and then focused them back onto the road ahead.

I could see the upcoming black gates of my school and slowed down the acceleration slightly.

I passed a Nissan Suzuki car that was plain white before meeting the front gates where I could ride in to park my bike.

The car park was rather large and filled with all sorts of cars.

From old to new.

Expensive to cheap.

I trained my eyes towards my left side and noticed the lack of larking spaces and groaned in great annoyance.

I then proceeded to check my right side in which too, didn't have any parking space.

Feeling tempted to hit my head I lent my hand softly against my forehead which made me look like I was face-palming myself.

In reality I was just resisting the urge to hit my head multiple times.

I lifted my head up slightly and further down the aisle I saw an open spot.

Mentally cheering for myself I slowly rode over towards the empty spot, carefully parking so that my motorbike was see able.

My foot released the access tie completely and using my foot I pushed the silver pole down to stop it from falling over.

Lifting my right leg off the bike first the moving onto my left leg I locked my eyes with my two friends.

Fox and Harvey.

Fox had side swept red hair and his mouth was firmed in a smile at the sight of my pacing figure.

Harvey was smirking towards me with his brown hair falling over his right eye.

"Hey dudes!" I slapped them on the shoulder roughly and they laughed with a groan.

"Hey buddy. Cutting first period with us and coming to the party this afternoon?" Harvey said flipping his handout of his brown eyes.

"Sure. Sounds like some fun. Let's hang out in the bushes underneath that bridge. Nobody will see us there." I grinned.

"Sounds like a plan bro!"

I shook my head at Fox and then grimaced, remembering my bruised neck from the previous night.

Ignoring the jolt of pain I held my head high and strutted through the school with my bros beside me.

Smirking at the hot chicks that walked past.

Once we were out of sight my face fell in slight sadness.

I plopped myself onto the grassy floor and stared up at the timber bridge above me and wondered secretly if the bridge would fall on top of me.

Fox handed me a can of VB and pulled the can lid up, hearing the popping noise go off as if to say, "I am now possible to be drunk."

I took a big sip of the alcohol and coughed slightly at the burning sensation in my throat.

No matter how many drinks I drunk over the years I still couldn't get rid of the gross taste and burning sensation.

I wondered if it disappeared for others.

Okay... so, I'll admit I'm a bit of a light weight but that was one of my secrets I wasn't willing to share to just anybody.

I set the can onto the grass, removing sticks from around the area and looked at towards my mates.

Fox was skulking the drink with some of the liquid dripping from the corner of his mouth and onto his small chin.

I laughed dryly with a half smirk.

"Mate, you got a little something on your chin."

Foxes brown eyes widened and he dropped his now empty can onto the ground and rubbed his scratched up hand against his chin, making it red in the process.

Harvey and I both laughed at him but immediately stopped when he glared at us with deep seriousness.

"Shut up!" He grumbled with displeasure and frowned slightly.

I rolled my eyes at him.

So typical of Fox.

Harvey and I teased him a bit for things he did that we wouldn't even say a word about to each other If it was us in the position, but Fox was a funny one to tease.

I turned back to my own can and took another large sip of it while trying my best to keep it down but after years of practice I managed to keep it down and saving the embarrassment of spewing in front of my mates after only two sips.

Harvey fiddled with the rim of his can, then wrapped his skinny fingers around it and brought it up to his thin lips.

I swear this guy could pass as a stick with ease.

I stopped watching my friends drink and concentrated on the soothing noises around me.

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I tried forgetting the events of the night that had just happened.

My mum and dad told me, "get out of my house again, other wise I'll tell the police you f****n killed the next door neighbor!"

We don't even have a next door neighbor, so that alibi would be false.

The fake alibi made me feel slightly better and I raised the tip of my mouth into a quick corner smile to keep it away from my mates.

"What chicks you hooking up with tonight my peeps?" Fox said his tongue poking out subconsciously.

I coughed faintly to cover up my laugh.

There was no way I was planning on telling Fox he had a really bad habit of poking his tongue out every time he talked and often drooled in his sleep, nor was I going to mention the fact that Harvey snored extremely loudly when he slept.

Bit to mention Harvey's sex moans when he was having a hot chick dream.

I almost burst out with laughter at the mere thought.

I wrapped my fingers around a little stick and turned it around so that the pointy end was facing the ground.

I stabbed the ground violently and grunted, my nose scrunching up like my mothers and I immediately softened my hardened face.

"I'll probably hook up with all the hot chicks existing at the party." Harvey smirked, showing his small dimples.

I scoffed and rubbed my lips together out of habit and pushed my only curl existing in my hair from my forehead with my rather large hand.

I stared at the perfect blue sky, studying the flying shadows of the birds.

Sometimes I wished I was a bird.

I could fly away from this thing called life and soar through the sky.

Latching my hands around my can I took another sip, sitting it back down onto the grass.

I wasn't all that fussed.

I heard bell ring indicating the end of period one and stood up, emptying the rest of the alcohol in a quick swig, careful not to spit it all straight out.

I dumped the empty can into the water to my right, hoping that nobody would spot it and picked up my blue Billabong bag.

That bag so depleted my bad boy look by a little bit.

Why couldn't we just get lockers?

So much simpler.

I vent over in an arch from underneath the bridge.

Fox and Harvey followed suit.

Once we were out from the bushes Fox, Harvey and I grabbed a packet of eclipse mints out of our bags and popped one in our mouths.

There was no way we could go into second period with the stench if alcohol filling our breaths.

"What do you have now, Harvey, Fox?" I said, looking each in the eye.

"I've got Maths." Fox groaned.

"Might skip again. Maths sucks like shit."

I laughed slightly at Fox and flicked my hair to the left slightly.

My hair had begun to fall into my eyes once again.

"I've got... Wait, shit! Dude we've got pedophile Mrs Taylor for science." Harvey said poking his tongue out, disturbed.

"Ugh." I groaned.

"I guess we better go though. She'll figure out we're not there as soon as she does the role. She's like highly obsessed with us despite her married status."

My face contorted, disgusted at what the population of people were capable of.

I knew all too well that anybody was capable of anything despite their outside appearance.

My old Nokia phone vibrated onto my chest from the pocket of my leather, black jacket that was hiding the white polo shirt underneath.

Grabbing it out swiftly I answered the phone without checking the caller ID.

"Hello?" I answered in a rush.

"Hello Honey. I hear you've been trueting first period." My mother answered way too sweetly than possible.