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Okuni posted on Dec 29, 2012 at 03:44PM
Okay I am an overly-imaginative person, so I always have plenty of extra story ideas over a wide variety of genres, and I know I will never finish them all, and some of them...well, I can't write those genres/subjects very well. Also, I was wondering if anyone else out there is like myself. So I propose this;

In this forum, you can choose to give up one of your own story ideas, or you can take up a story someone else wants to finish, but can't, or that person thinks they can't write such a subject effectively. If you like the idea, post something. Personally, I think this is useful for people who get writer's block often. Anyway, on to the rules;

-You can chat between posts, of course, but try not to insult others, start fights or stuff like that.

-Each person can offer up to three stories in one post. To offer more, create another post.

-Takers should make sure the offering writer(?) knows about the story adoption(as I call it) and the offering writer has to confirm it either here or by personal message.

-You can allow more than one person to adopt the same story, but once you think that story has been taken enough, please post and cancel further offering of that story.

-Please note that once a story is taken and written, the copyright of the story belongs to the taker, but idea credit should be given to the offering writer at least.

Now, lastly, formats. (sorry if I'm acting too official I just went for a job interview...)

Offers:[ (*) means it's optional]

(Name/Title of story)
(Main character gender)
(*Main character traits, personality, features, species, etc.)
(Genre/Subject of story)
(*Fanfiction or Original)
(One-shot, Multi-chaptered single, or series)
(Summary of story)


Please write something like: "Taking (Name/Title of story) by (Username of offering writer)."

Thanks and I hope this helps a lot. I will post some of mine sometimes too. :)
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Okuni said…
I'm posting an offer.

Title: True RPG(name subject to change)
Main character: Male, gamer, generally anti-social but a quite nice person. Acts slightly cowardly, but really quite brave.
Genre: Fantasy, Teen-Fiction
(Multi-chapter single.)
Summary: (Name of character) is a teenager who never had any luck making friends in real life since he moves around a lot, due to his parents' unstable jobs. He had only ever found any enjoyment in playing online games, especially RPGs, but one day, he somehow found himself inside a game, one that was only just released two days before he bought it. Trapped in the game unless he can somehow win, he would have to team up with the in-game characters, and win, or be forever eliminated by the final boss.

Offering because, although I like RPGs, I know I will never be able to write a good story as I generally suck at video-game-based story. Hope someone else can help me out. Peace!^^
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Okuni said…
Title: Book of Fate
Main character: Female and Male
Genre: School life romance(possible tragedy)
(Multi-chaptered single)
Summary: The female main character is a veteran student at a certain high school and is deemed "Miss Popular" due to her smarts, athletic abilities and beauty. However, she is really the type to dislike attention and doesn't have any real friends. So when the male main character transfers to the school, she is determined to stay away from him, especially since he seems to be a delinquent. However, one day, they meet up in a local library, both reaching for the same book, and before long, get to know each other a little more. A few months later they start dating, and both buy the same book they reached for when they first met, which they call their special book. Then, one of them lost their book, which somehow leads to revelations and trials, and the question of whether they were really meant to be together.

I suck at romance so when I tried writing this, I epically failed several times. But I love the story, so I hope someone will one day write it and make it awesome.
Okuni commented…
This is taken. Offer Closed. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu oracleofdelphi said…
Tiile: (I have no Idea)
Main Cahracter: Male and Female
Genre: Romance
multi chaptered single
Summarry: 3 years before the story takes placfe a girl and a boy were best friends. then the girl moved away because of her fathers job. the guys father is dead and his mom gets married again. then his mom dies and his stepdad( who is very nice)gets married to an evil selfish woman.hwen the story statrs the boy is moving to the same town that the girl lives in .she works in a cafe and the boy has already graduated college even though he is only 16. they meet but the guys step mother is detirmind to keep them apart.

You can do what you want from there. Tell me how it turns out.
Okuni commented…
Help me get lebih people here if anda can! >_o lebih dari setahun yang lalu
oracleofdelphi commented…
kk lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Okuni said…
Title: The Masked Lady
Main Character: Male, about 19+
Genre: Mystery-Horror-Supernatural...maybe some Family...
(Multi-chaptered single)
Summary: A report of several gruesome murders at an old town attracts the attention of a divorced detective who drags his son to the town to investigate, only to be repeatedly told to leave. Then the son(main character) notices a strange masked woman appearing and disappearing within the town and he could not help but try and find out more. Is she the murderer? But why does she remind him so much of the mother who left him when he was only six?

I like this one, but I have a lot of others to work on so I'll try and let it find a new home. :)