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BlueAngel5 posted on Oct 28, 2012 at 11:44PM
I am currently writing this story on the computer, but I have already written some of it on my Ereader. My friends told me that they liked it. One friend in particular said I better finish it. The comment made me smile, and I don't mind spam. I hope you enjoy it, and I am happy to share this with you.

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The Supernaturals:

Chapter One:

I know I'm a girl of many talents. Just what those talents are is a mystery to me. I know I'm a good author, or bullies wouldn't tell me that. I know I suck at art, math, and history; but I never got lower than a "C". From that, I can conclude that I am decent in school. There are multiple things I can tell you now. Some of them are things you don't want to know. Among those things lies my deepest, darkest secret. Sadly, I have to tell you in order for this story to make sense.
It all started when I was in third grade. That was about five years ago. People started to invent new ways to cure cancer, and one person actually succeeded. It could cure you, but it turned you into a supernatural. Many people feared them.
Now, that woman has gone into hiding since she created the vaccine. Her name was Rosa-Ann Coragan, and I'm her daughter, Rosa-Ann Coragan II. Well, sorta, My dad's last name is Kane, and that is the name i go by as well. I'm Avery Kane.
I'm not popular or a downright loser. I have two friends that are closest to me than can be, and even they don't know that one secret. You see, my life is in jeopardy if any one finds out. Even if Christa and/ or Christopher, my two friends(they're twins), find out, I could be six feet under in a snap. As you can see, if one messes up and causes fear, the whole family is to blame.
The reason Dad doesn't count is because he left me with Mom when I was in Kindergaten and hadn't interfered. besides, I had to tell him stories of my childhood from when he was with us. I WAS DRIPPING WET AND FILTHY!! I couldn't even get out of the rain for crying out loud! Out of that, my whole life hasn't really changed.
I am and probably always will be a loner for the most part. Anyways; Christa, Christopher, and I walk to school and we talk about the supernaturals. "They're just so creepy." Christa said as her annoying blonde curls bounces up and down. Her piercong blue eyes stares ahead of her as Christopher rolled his pair. His blonde hair was styled in a buzz cut.
I am the one who sticks out. I have straight brown hair and a light tan. I am extremely skinny with a very high matabolism. Not to mention, my long lashes thickly line my chestnut brown eyes as my thin eyelashes frame my bug eyes.
"What do you think, Avery?" Christa asks. it pains me to say it, but I'm not allowed to give any indictation on who my mom is. "I don't know. I guess that they scare me a little bit." It was my standard response to the question. We arrive at school, we learn, the day ends.
At the end of the school day, we left school. I know a supernatural when I see one, and the guy who met me on the outside of the door was azactly that. Christa and Christopher are beside me. "I'll walk alone tonight, guys. See you tomorrow."
They shout there goood-byes and leave. When they ran out of earshot, I leave the room. This supernatural walks right up to me. "Where is Rosa-Ann Coragan?" he asks me. Oh frick. "She doesn't go to school here. She would be dead if she did."
"Where is Avery Kane?" I freeze in shock. This one has done his homework, and he has done it well. "Why do you ask? Is there a relaltion between the two?" Christa is heading toward me. She shouts, "Avery, your dad told you to hurry your little butt home." I'm busted. 'Way to go Christa!' she thought sarcastically. The supernatural looks at me wierdly.
"Ahh, you're the lying prodigy, yes?" he asks. Christa defaends me by saying, "Excuse me, but she can't lie worth crap. You should've seen her when she tried to hide the fact she had done her homework from the class."
"Yes, I'm that lying prodigy you are speaking about. Why?" Christa looks at me like I'm crazy. I probably just bit ooff more than I can chew. "She doesn't know, does she, Rosa-Ann Coragan?"
"Well, she didn't before you said my biological name. Besides, didn't I run into you on my run to Dad? Don't answer that, Johnathon Edward Smith." Christa and Johnathon gawked at me, and I just had to bolt. So, I do.