menulis New Poem

eriemorgan posted on Jul 29, 2012 at 08:16PM
Violet Symphony
Echoes from the outside
The shades of evening soul
Step by step dance toward the open windows
Bring out the sounds when the wind blows
Upon my face and around my skin
A melody touches to any hearts,
Hush, again and again till it echoes inside
Erase the elegy of pain and sorrow
Bring the wings to follow the flying sparrow

Come inside and spread the feels
Flaunt me to the air in vibrating melody
Me, diving in tunes of melancholy
Voicing a happy song internally
Stay in spirit for life, love lively

And come an estranged voice
Jump over the notes chasing after me
Fluently you flute the words, pour a new melody
Speaking of music lyrically, blend naturally
Our thoughts write the notes of harmony melody
As thou, a violinist playing my heartstrings
Me, conduct the movement of the story
Dimension of a newly born composition
Deliver a piece, a magical beautiful symphony

We watched the sky painted blue
Cover all the spaces, the air amused
Released by the flying musical notes
Of the freed feeling from my heartstrings,
As we played, and to keep on play over again
Until the sky saturate with intense blue

Halfway of a happy song
Semi before us to complete
Different melody could change the song destiny
As when the tunes can't walk along the symphony
Not anymore to vibrate a way for euphony journey
The united voices crushing against the written lines
Inverse sound, reverse feel, at the end scoring noisy
How can we finish this for another half sheet
Like we end the blissful musical meet
Another half of broken song? for heart bleed?

Your hand still on my heartstrings to play
But when we losing tones, our mind not parallel
For us to retry the song we used to play together
Strong picking chords on me wont be better
Because you pitch high, pick my string loud
Ignore the lyric, don't care the right melody,
As we just want to win but cost the heart lose few strings

Replacing blue, we watched the crimson flow out
From this broken string we may see they fly high,
Shadow the bottom clouds, under the sky it stayed below
To be our violet symphony, shades the sunset backyard
The fusion of our blue and crimson melody

Silence with no more any symphony
Without the string how can a song we could play
Will the broken get fixed when we abandon the pain
And abandoning the lost melody will be a miss to ears
While, forgetting the sweet moments, big lost to hearts
Heart will stir the thought to heal lost without a miss
No solution without calm, always calm peace the mind
And only peaceful mind will understand the sign
We need a sign, may it will lead us a way
To meet and sing together after thousands days

Because days and time keep going, so life is moving on
Someday, we will meet a moment for us to learn deeply
Same to the hearts when we finally fix the strings
And the same melody shall be played again
This innocent song must be returned
Through the same opened window
Rejoining with other flying sparrow
To shade this late evening soul
Echoes from this inside
together we loose the past hurt
Heal the broken heart
To ride in the wind blow
Echoes outside

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