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dragonsmemory posted on Jun 23, 2012 at 02:56AM
2012 hhas, for years, been touted as the year to end all years. The Mayan Long Count calendar starts a new cycle. The Sun hits its solar maximum, spitting out massive, grid-popping storms. The Yellowstone supervolcano becomes more and more "ripe." An asteroid or similat projectile could be aimed right at us. Not to mention the horrors humankind has come up with in the past century. So, what would the "worst-case scenario" look like? Like humankind is goingg to hell and back.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu dragonsmemory said…

Dear reader,
What you hold in your hand is an apocalyptic novel unlike, yet like, any other. To Hell and Back is based primarily on my own research. At the end of the book you'll find a few works I usd in my research.
Unlike most other apocalyptic novels, this one does not focius on any certain person or group as they struggle to survive. This tale focuses on humanity as a whole, and its struggle to simply survive the living hell Earth has become. Unfortunately, there are very few ways to escape this hell once it arrives, and fewer still to prevent it.
If the events described in this novel indeed come to pass, whether it be now or thousands of years later, humanity can only hope that the disaster causes the rise of a new humanity, one that has learned from our mistakes.
Johanna Glass
June 2012