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alicia386 posted on Jun 09, 2012 at 06:33AM
Chapter 1: Secrets Should be Kept Safe from Prying Eyes Like Mine

Lauren Knight, Sidney Stone, Faye Martinez, and Simone Rivers crept quietly up the stairs towards the attic of Simone'e home. Mr and Mrs. Rivers were sound asleep in their king sized bed. Brooke Rivers was still out partying with her friends so that had nothing to worry about. It was around midnight so all of the girls wore there pajamas and bunny slippers. There were more quiet in their pajama then they would have been in their regular clothes. They had to be quiet. They weren't suppose to be going in the attic.

Simone 's blonde hair was tied in a tight ponytail. She usually wears it like that when she was nervous. She had a good reason to be nervous. She and her friends were not allowed to be up here. The last time Simone went in the attic, her father yelled at her for the first time ever. Her mother had tears in her eyes and she would not look anywhere near Simone.
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