menulis The horror at Crawbury Lake: Part 1

Problematic129 posted on May 19, 2012 at 11:55AM
"Don' inch..."
"I don't think that's a problem!" The girl yelped, staring into the black gaping hole for eyes of the beast that was about to kill her.
~Earlier that day~
A group of eight friends packed their things in the car and soon enough entered it, getting ready for their camping trip for the week at the woods. It's basically this tradition that happens every year where the parents can get rid of their kids for awhile and they won't have to feel guilty about it.
"Okay so here I have a list of the activities we'll be doing," a girl with pitch black hair said as they started driving. "And our schedule of electronic usage, which is three hours for the whole day."
"Whatever Charcoal," Cassandra replied, rolling her her eyes.
The other girl glared at her as she folded the paper, "Penelope, my name's Penelope, not Charcoal."
"But your hair is."
"Guys!" Lynn scolded. "We haven't even got there and your fighting."
"Cassie started it." Penelope mumbled sourly, seeking into her seat and ignoring Cassandra's glare.
Silence ensured the rest of the drive to the woods, since they were camping at Crawbury Lake it would take them a little while longer to get there than it normally would if they camped in the forest.
But Alex had insisted upon camping at the lake, he said it would do them some good, being next to the calm and soothing waters, relaxing them for their stay. They finally arrived to their destination and their excitement started to spread like a disease, after parking they practically ran to the lake.
"Do you have our groups for the tent?" Irene asked Penelope, who shrugged.
"Two or four to each tent, pick your partner." She replied breezily.
"Well my folks said no co-eds, two to each tent sounds reasonable." Lynn said kicking a rock.
"Co-ed?" Alex asked, looking perplexed.
“Boys and girls." Sebastian answered.
"Well then..." Alex paused, rubbing sweat off his brow. "Let's get settled."
So in the end, two in each tent, no mix of boys and girls, after they got settled they started to relax and hang out.
It was probably around midnight when it happened, everything was silent, calm. The scream pierced through the night, interrupting the quiet calm, sending all the animals into a frenzy.
The scream terrified the friends, because it was a scream of agony, pain as if someone was being ripped to shreds. That scream meant nothing good for those who hear it.
A few minutes later the scream ended and silence resumed.
The friends stood still looking at each other, until at once they jumped into action and followed the direction the scream came from.
Now usually, you'd be running away from the noise, but someone was hurt and they weren't going to leave the injured. So they decided on this, they split up into groups.
Two groups of three would wonder the forest locating the owner of the scream, and the last two people still at the tents would call the police and keep a lookout.
One important thing to remember: Do NOT split up.
But of course, rules aren't that easy to follow.
"Okay so the scream came from that way." Irene pointed North.
Cassandra and Lynn listened to her quietly, hoping that Penelope and Sebastian had already called the police, and Alex, Mikey, and Owen were safe.
"So were going that way?" Cassandra asked, her voice trembling a bit.
Irene nodded, grinning. "Come on guys! It's probably a wild animal, nothing we can't handle!"
Cassandra mimicked Irene's grin. "Then you can be the bait to lure it!"
Lynn rolled her eyes at the behavior, but was grateful. Even though they were highly annoying they managed to calm her nerves down.
They walked and walked and by the time Cassandra fell to the grown breathing heavily, it was when they noticed something.
"Hey, where are the police?"
"Yeah, aren't they supposed to be here?"
Cassandra nodded at both of their questions, looking perplexed, she opened her mouth to say something until something wet landed on her skin like bird poop would. Annoyed Cassandra was about to let her frustration out on the poor fellah, she stood up to look at the tree but froze up in horror as another dark wet liquid landed on her.
The girls noticed something was wrong as Cassandra started to hyperventilate . They all looked up.
"BODY!" Cassandra yelled, before they all let out high pitched screams and ran in different directions. They didn't look back, they just ran, fueled by terror and the growing need to get out of the woods, but as the adrenaline faded they realized just how stupid they were.
Taking a deep trembling breath, Irene took out her phone as the other girls on opposite sides of the forest did, and dialed them both, talking three way.
Irene sighed. "I can't believe we just split up! Where are you?"
"In the forest."
"That's all I know!"
"Sorry, I'm just scared."
"Were all scared." Lynn replied. "But as long as we keep talking we'll know were alive."
"Oh, please! Were gonners! Dead dead dead! We split up and the beast is going to eat us one by one!" Cassandra yelled miserably.
"Wait Cass." Irene intervened. "The beast is only near one of us, so one us is going to die."
"Your right." Cassandra murmured.
Lynn got worried at the few seconds of silence until both Irene and Cassandra blurted out, "well it was nice knowing ya Lynn!"
"Me! Why do you assume the thing will kill me!"
"Because the most or least important always dies, duh!"
"And how do you know it's not a wild animal?" Lynn countered.
"Honey, if a wild animal can do what it did to the dead body it found, then the world as we know it, is gone." Irene said.
"Guys stop, your scaring me..." Lynn's voice trembled, an indication she was about to cry.
"Were sorry, were just trying to lighten the mood." Cassandra said.
"By making me feel like a goner?"
"Well when you put it that way..."
"Guys, we have more things to worry about, like getting out of this Hellhole..."
"How? We split up!"
"We'll find a way.”
"We will?"
"Don't worry we will."
The other girls nodded, as they heard a non-human- animal noise. Being a warning to the girls that if they didn't get out of there soon, they'd up just like the dead body, ripped to shreds, on the tree.

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