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axemnas posted on Jan 20, 2012 at 03:08AM
First of all, make a list of characters numbered 1-10. Which characters doesn't matter as long as they're mostly yours (you can throw in Harry Potter or Edward Cullen, etc. if you'd like). Afterwards (don't cheat!), look at the situations and answer the questions. Your characters might surprise you!



-1, 8, and 10 go to a bar. What happens next?
-Who would be more likely to play with My Little Ponies, 3 or 5?
-7 is mortally wounded by a mugger on the street, and 2 and 9 are standing nearby. What do they do?
-4 and 6 discover they were betrothed to eachother when they were babies. What are their reactions? Would they go through with it?
-3 opens up a small business. What kind of business would it be? BP: What would they name it? DBP If the name is clever
-If 8 was a magical creature, what kind of creature would they want to be? If they're already a magical creature, would they change if they could and to what?
-1 and 5 go to see a movie. What kind of movie would they see? BP if you know the name of the movie
-7 goes mentally insane. What does 10 do about it?
-4 is thrown in jail for a crime they didn't commit. Who would break them out of jail? Who would be their lawyer?
-6 wins three tickets to a [insert desireable event here], but 1, 2, and 10 all want to go. Which two does 6 take, or do they give up the highly-desireable, once-in-a-lifetime, front-row backstage-pass tickets so all three of their friends can go?
-You get mugged by 5. Who helps you, 3 or 9?
-1-9 attack 10. Does 10 even have a chance?
-It's 3,8 and 5's first day of school. Who'd be more likely to bully 4,10 or 2?

Have fun! :) feel free to check back to see if some one posts more situations and questions. feel free to add some if you like
 First of all, make a daftar of characters numbered 1-10. Which characters doesn't matter as long as the

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu ivoryphills said…
1. Amelia Zacharias
2. Manis
3. Intra Sule
4. Karim Gunthras
5. Talisman "Tazz" Naples
6. Josiah Harris
7. Nina Oberon (courtesy of Julia Karr)
8. Ginnie Oberon
9. Ichigo Kurosaki (courtesy of Tite Kubo)
10. Elliot Tessa

-Amelia and Ginnie go to a bar, and they occupy the smallest, furthest booth from the entire bar to strategize over how to save the world over tequilas (even if Amelia is only a teen!)
-I think that Intra is more likely to play with MLP, considering the fact that Intra's a girl and Tazz is a guy.
-A mugger injures Nina, and Ichigo goes off to find the mugger to kill him while Manis nurses Nina's wounds.
- Karim and Josiah find out that they are engaged, and they are absoltely floored. They are both Rishid Ishtar's lovers, and therefore are bitter rivals. But instead of calling it off, they decide to have a little fun with their situation: force Rishid into the marriage so it'll be a three-way polygamy. (They are my OCs for poor, lonely Rishid, by the by).
- Intra opens up a sleep deprivation clinic to help people with sleep issues like insomnia or CPAP. She calls it: The Counting Sheep Clinic.
-I think Ginnie might be best as a WonderWoman-esque heroine, IDK.
-Amelia and Tazz go to see "I Am Legend".
-Nina goes insane while Elliot eats popcorn and watches some porno. (ohonhonhon!)
-Karim is thrown in prison for a false allegation. Rishid becomes his lawyer and does everything he can to bail him out, even if he doesn't have a degree or Karim annoys the heck out of him.
-Josiah wins tickets to see the newest P!nk concert, but Amelia, Manis, and Elliot want to go. But since there's only three tickets, and he's more of a Jazz kind of person than rock, Manis gives up his chance of seeing P!nk for the others.
-I get mugged by Tazz, and Ichigo comes to my aid while Intra tries not to fall asleep standing up.
- All the characters gang up against Elliot and he has a chance? Pfft, hell no! Ichigo is a sword-wielding shinigami, Amelia has hunting and animalistic killing skills, both Karim and Tazz had fought in wars in their teen years, Intra has the ability to cast the burning sunlight onto whomever and whatever she pleases, and Manis is a demon straight out of hell! I don't know about the other seeing as how they have no real special combat skills, but I'm pretty sure their numbers and riled anger will do some damage. And Elliot, the popcorn-eating porno lover can fight? Pfft, no!
-It's Intra, Tazz, and Ginne's first day of school, and it's Karim that bullies them, well, Tazz, considering the fact that Tazz is my OC for Rishid as well, and the bitterness between them is not lost.
LOL, that was fun!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu iluvPrinceMJ213 said…
1. Keaira Caswell
2. Prince Jaster
3. Connor Walsh
4. Kaden Caswell
5. Christian Cool
6.Phoenix Jaster
7. Elliot Bode
8. Damon Cornwick
9. Bertie Melroy
10. Ashla Smith

1,8,10: Damon gets drunk and Keaira and Ashla have to carry him home as he fights to keep them from taking his hard liqour away
7,2,9: Elliot is hurt badly and Prince is probably the one who's done it so he's running off but Bertie stays back to help
4,6: Happy because they already do love eachother
3: Walsh Away
8: A griffin
1,5: They'd see the Vow because Keaira wanted to see it
7,10: Ashla tells Keaira and Bertie
4: Keaira would bail Kaden out and hire the best lawyer
6,1,2,10: Gives them to Keaira and Prince because their her best friend and brother
5,3,9: Christian isn't the type to mug people and both would be likely to help me but Connor is more likely to help me than Bertie
1,9,10: Yes because Ashla's a giant and Bertie is scrawny and Keaira is too though she'd put up a good fight
4,10,2,8,5,3: 3 would bully 8 and so would 5

lebih dari setahun yang lalu lollipopszx3 said…
[same letter=same story]
-Brendan would be like "PARTY PARTY, let me call the gang," and Kyle'll do the same. Then of course, freaking Derek's only ten. Poor kid.
-I'm going to go with Christopher because Del's all BA and all.
-Xavier'll try to help but Charles will fade off into the background, as usual.
-I'm sorry, my characters like boys. Like... All of them like boys :S But if that were ever the case, damn Micah is going to get some Stella rage.
-Probably something soccer related. Like... a soccer field store thing where you pay and use the field during the winter or something. IDK, he's stupid. And I have no name for that):
-Some... well... Something that helps people I guess. He likes helping people.
-LOOL Probably some slasher flick or something. Action/Adventure or possibly comedy. IDK, just about anything.
-Well he'll probably send him to an institute or something. What is he supposed to do about it?
-Kyle and Xavier'll break her out and Christopher will offer to be the lawyer, even though he doesn't really like her.
-I think Stella'll leave Xavier out. Sorry boy, you're just not up to their speed. You can't be playing it legal like that.
-First of all, what a dick move Christopher. You have always been my favourite ): Del because Charles is so absentminded, after I'm all safe and we get away from Christopher, he'd be like "what's wrong? What's happening?"
-Obviously not. Like some of those guys are strong :/
-Brendan... sadly. The characters you picked as bullies are the ones I see the less of being bullies. I just think Brendan would be more than the others...
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Phangirl7 said…
1. Rafe
2. Ally
3. Annie
4. Chad
5 Alex
6. Brianna
7. Alan
8. Chase
9. Larry
10. Gwen

-Rafe, his dad, and his best friend's mom.They're probably there to pick up someone else.
- Annie, 'cause she's a girl.
-Alan is mortally wounded. Larry would probably help him and Ally would change into her wolf form and go scare the crap out of the guy for mugging her dad.
-Brianna and Chad. They probably wouldn't since Chad's a werewolf and Brianna's a werewolf-hunter-in-training.
-Annie might, maybe like a hair salon and name it Annie's or something like that.
-Chase already is. He's a wolf shapeshifter.
-Rafe and Alex? Mortal enemies! They wouldn't!
-Alan goes mentally insane. Gwen would probably let his wife and daughters know so they could get him help.
-Poor Chad. He'd find a safe, legal way out, though.
-Brianna got free tickets and Rafe, Ally, and Gwen (Chad's mom) all want to go. Bri and Ally go w/ Chad's mom as chapereone.
-I got mugged by Alex. Annie helps me.
-Poor Gwen. Probably not.
-Annie's the only one still young enough to be in school. Neither of them.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu CallaLily11 said…
2 2D
3 Aiden
4 Akitla
5 Russel
6 Murdoc
7 Noodle
8 Michael Myers
9 Sarid
10 Freddy

-Raine, a water warrior gets asked to go to the bar by Michael and Jason, who then find themselves fighting off. Jason throws his knife at Freddy, who dodges, and Raine is killed.
-Noodle, a guitarist in an epic band called Gorillaz is brutally mugged and 2D, the singer, and Sarid a warrior see this. 2D calms her down while Sarid is healing her wound.
-Akitla is shy about it while Murdoc is swearing away, just like he would normally.
-Aiden, who is a fire warrior opens up a business in which he burns building down, that need to be burned to make new buildings.
-Michael Myers would turn into a half shark half human, eating people up as they carelessly swim in the ocean, not even knowing that Michael is right underneath them.
-Murdoc and Raine go to see a movie. Murdoc suggests a sexy movie, but Raine is saying that they should see Free Willy in 3D. The argue, Murdoc saying it's for babies and that the whale is going to be alive, while Raine is yelling that a sexy movie would be completely stupid, while Free Willy is a child movie, suggesting happiness.
-Noodle goes insane and Freddy is telling her to join him, luring children into dreams and killing them. Noodle is smiling agreeing, until she remembers her band and is torn between the two. Soon the insanity takes over and she kills her band members, leaving the blood.
- Akitla, the little sweet shy girl, is thrown in jail, and Aiden is fighting the jury, trying to convince thm that she didn't do it, until he says that he did it and set her up, even though that is a lie as well.
-Murdoc wins tickets for a special carnival. He knows he does not want not want ot invite Freddy because he had killed another friend of his, so he picks Raine and 2D, who smiles and agrees until Raine says that she can't go, that she has to defeat a kingdom with her other two warriors, forcing Murdoc to invite Freddy, who agrees and pays for all the drinks and food, finding out that Murdoc had been judgemental and Freddy and Murdoc become best friends, completly mocking 2D. Making cruel jokes about him, making him so mad he decided to leave, hanging out his the rest of the band.
-Murdoc has mugged me, and I call for Aiden, who is a fire warrior, Sarid wouldn't do a thing, most likely because he is talking to Nina, of course, and Aiden could burn Murdoc.
-The three warriors, Aiden, Akitla, and Raine get the band of Gorillaz, Michael Myers, and Sarid and Nina to attack Freddy. Freddy takes down everyone, besides Noodle and Michael Myers. Noodle kicks Freddy, making him scratch her, only lightly. Michael, when this is happening, slits Freddy's throat, and they start to attack, Noodle running towards Kong Studio crying over her dead band mates.
- Michael Myers skips school, to go on a killing spree. Murdoc is too old to go, but decides to drive Aiden, making the car nearly hit everything, because Murdoc is drunk. After getting dropped off, 2D decides to make fun of him, for he is Warrior of fire, making no money at all, while 2D is a singer of an amazing band.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu CallaLily11 said…
big smile
I love this, please do another one of these but with different things to do! :D
lebih dari setahun yang lalu kaylap1410 said…
2. John
3. Aleck
4. Parker
5. Rika
6. Arianna
7. Joyce
8. Lila
9. Tyler
10. Mason

-Brooklyn, Lila, and Mason go to a bar and get super SUPER drunk (which is illegal because they are under 18) and Lila starts speaking only in sign (because she's death) and no one can understand that she's saying that John's coming. And let's just say, he's SUPER pissed off (mainly at Brooklyn). And Mason ends up with a bullet in his head, dead.
-Rika (although in the setting of mine, there is no my litte ponnies) just because she's have fun blowing them up and setting them on fire.
-John would probably start laughing his ass off that Joyce got mugged and then Tyler would go mug the mugger :)
-the funny part of this situation is that it's true in the story. They would have done it if they hadn't fell in love with different people and learn to know better
-Aleck would probably open up a school for all of the regions. From Ones to Sixes. He'd probably name it HCSUC (higher class school for unique children).
-Lila would probably like to be a necromancer just because seeing the dead is something she would "die" for. She is REALLY suicidal. And kind of obsessed with dying and death.
-Brooklyn and Rika would probably go see the Hunger Games movie and analyize the entire movie about what could really happen and what is total BS (also, they secretly would have loved the Hunger Games if they had a bool like that when they grew up. But no. They got crappy boring books)
-Mason would probably take her pain meds and get high. Then he'd laugh at her and go tell her wannabe boyfriend
-John would definitely break Parker out of jail and Rika (his girlfriend) would probably defend him.
-Arianna would probably take Mason out to a Rolling Stones concert and rip up the third ticket so she could make out with her boyfriend
-Aleck would probably be the one who would want to help but Tyler would be the one kicking Rika off of me.
-Mason is not that good. Maybe if it was Brooklyn or John. Hey at least it wasn't Aleck. He would have got his ass kick. But I honestly don't think Mason could take on either John or Brooklyn. I don't think he could beat even Tyler or Parker.
-John would definitely kick Aleck's ass just because he's kissed Brooklyn. But she would be super pissed off at John. But John would be the bully.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu XxLostAngelxX said…
1.Katherine Barras
2. Morgan Faust
3. Cadence Porter
4. Sarah Colt
5. Adrian Jensen
6. Gabriel Hayes
7. Riza Hawkeye (FMA)
8. Momo Hinamori (Bleach)
9. Maes Hughes (FMA)
10. Touta Matsuda (Death Note)

--Maes would tell Momo that she is far too young to be drinking. She would try to explain to him that she's a lot older than she looks but she's not much of a drinker so she would be fine with sitting out. Maes would then show off his pictures of Elicia to Momo and Kathrine, who would be feeling jealous by these images of a happy home. Maes might sense this and try to make her feel better with his fatherly words of wisdom.

---Maes and Morgan would work quickly together to help their fallen comrade (Riza).

---They would probably be very confused as to how that happened given that Sarah is 21 and Gabriel is 12. That and Sarah is a lesbian. No they would not wed.

---hmmm......I'm not sure about that one........let me think.

---She isn't magical but she isn't human, she's a god. No I don't think she would change.

---Kathrine and Adrian? As horrible as I am to say this, I have to go with either the 1997 version of Lolita or Misery.

---Matusda would freak out for sure. When Riza goes crazy she becomes suicidal and if Matsuda was the only one around to stop her, she'd deffinatly pull the trigger.

---Sarah DIDN'T commit a crime? Even I don't buy that one. Matsuda and Momo would believe her. Kathrine would be her lawyer for sure.

---Gabriel wouldn't care about any of them. He'd ditch them and ask his dad to take him in the hopes of some bonding time.

---I think that they would both help me. They are very nice people. Trouble is Adrian wouldn't steal from anybody.

---Nope. Matsuda is screwed lol

---I don't think anyone in that situation would bully or be bullied. My list is full of scardy cats who turn psycho