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Foreward: This is the second part to my "Nightfall" series. I thought that since I was writing a vampire series, I should refrence "Twilight" in some way, but since the "Nightfall" series takes place in the 1990's, I didn't see how. Then I read the "Buffy Season 8 Comics", and I thought of a way to do so. I knew I wanted to pay homage to both "Twilight", and "Buffy", which was my inspiration for this story. I hope you like it. New chapters will be posted as I rewrite them. (This is the third time I've rewritten the story, much like the first one) Hope you guys like it!

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Chapter 1:Attack on London Part 1
London,England: May 1896
All seemed quiet as Ashley Garland lay in wait. At this time, she was in an alley, growing all the more impatient. To her right was a man about twenty years of age. His name was Clyde Perkins. For the past three hours they had been waiting in or around the alley,
Pike had been humming to himself, and it was somewhat pleasent at first, but it quickly became excruciating. Still, a lead was a lead, and she had no other option but to trust Clyde's information was good. "Are you sure we're in the right place?" she asked. Clyde answered with a wave of his hand. "Always this impatient are you?" he asked. Ashley was really close from completely forgetting
everything, and leaving him, but she struggled to remain calm. "Impatient? Clyde, we've been in the same spot for the better
half of three hours now. Excuse me if I seem a little impatient." she muttered. Clyde noted the tone in her voice before replying. "Fair point." he said. They waited about another minute before Clyde motioned to her. "Here they come." he said. Ashley turned to see a bunch of people with extremly pale skin walking down the street. Leading them was the person she hated more than anyone in the world. Her creator Pike. Ashley motioned for the bottles of wine she had told Clyde to bring. "Here." Clyde said quietly. "But what are they for?" he asked. "Stopping a massive killing spree." Ashley replied, shoving paper towels in through the top of the bottle. "Ashley... he's doing the same thing you're doing." Clyde said. Ashley turned, and saw to her horror, Pike had lit his own bottle, and was proceeding to toss in their direction.
"Get down!" Ashley yelled to Clyde, just as Pike threw the flaming bottle through the air. They barely had time to avoid the explosion, even with Ashley's speed. Pike signaled for his army to stop, and walked over to them. "Ashley." Pike said happily. "So nice to see you again. What brings you to golly old England?" he asked. "Killing you." Ashley said. Pike nodded. "Well I can tell you right now, it'll never happen. So while we're here, who's you're friend?" he asked. "Vampire expert." Ashley replied. Pike smiled. "If he's such an expert, does he know you're a vampire?" he asked. Clyde looked from Pike to Ashley. "You're a vampire?" he asked horrorstruck. Ashley nodded sadly. "However, unlike him and his friends, I'm not psychotic." she said. "Don't lie, Ashley." Pike interrupted. "You know you've killed a ton of people in the past fifty one years." he said. "And to think, I trusted you..." Clyde said, backing away. "Wait!" Ashley shouted. But it was too late. Pike had quickly signaled his army to grab Clyde and tie him up. "Let him go!" Ashley shouted to Pike. "Sorry. He knows our secret. He's a threat. Now because of you, he's going to die. But since seeing you again has put me in a good mood, I'll do it later." Ashley made a step towards him, but he called two goons to grab her within a second. They slammed her head repeatedly into the stone walls of the alley until she lost consciousness next to the explosion Pike had made. Pike smiled. If Ashley didn't regain consciousness soon, she would be burned to death. He signaled his army. "Next stop," he began, "The tower!" he shouted.
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Chapter 2:Another Vision
Crystal Cove, California|May 1996
Harold Sunderland slammed his locker, and for the twelfth time that day, sighed loudly. Out of his small circle of friends, he was the only one who was still in school. This was because his friend Ashley, a hundred and fifty something year old vampire, had no need to go to school, and Danny, his other friend who was also a vampire, had to drop out because he was extremly sensitive to the sun, the most sensitive vampire ever, Ashley had said. He sighed. Of course there were positives to this. First of, he would be graduating at the remarkable age of sixteen, due to him being considered a genius by teachers and staff. Harold himself did not parade this because he did not like bragging about anything. However, he also reminded himself for the umpteenth time he was lucky he was even able to go to school or be alive at all. This was because less than a year ago, he had been dying of a heart condition and had been told he wouldn't make it another year. He was completely cured when Ashley had bitten him and given him just enough venom to cure him without making him a vampire. Of course, he had also been near fatally stabbed less than three days later, and he still had a huge scar across his stomach to prove it. He was happy however, that almost a year had gone by and nothing else had happened, yet he knew from his dreams that it was only a matter of time before something turned up again, and he had a feeling it would be something worse than Pike too. The bell rang to signal the end of school hours, and Harold decided to wait a moment to avoid the inevitable crowd that would be pouring in the parking lot. As he walked down a less crowded hallway, he noticed a flyer for the upcoming senior prom. He hadn't given much thought about it. He wasn't exactly popular, but he also wasn't considered an uber nerd either. After about ten minutes, Harold was strolling across the parking lot to his car. He climbed in, cranked the ignition, and set course for home. It was Friday, and he knew Ashley and Danny would be back in town for the weekend. From where, he didn't know. All he knew is that it was an important trip and that Danny would fill him in when he got back. He finally arrived at his house, and followed his usual routine of writing on his computer until 9:30, when he got a horrible headache and went to sleep. He had a horribly vivid dream.
The stars were filling the late spring sky, and Harold found himself outside of the school. He walked inside, and saw banners directing people to the gym. He heard music coming from inside, and knew he was there for prom night. As he went to open the door, he got an overwhelming feeling of dread. He knew he had to open it however, so he did. He saw a horrible sight. There was blood everywhere. He also saw the bodies all over. Upon closer examination he realized he knew them. It was the entire senior class of Crystal Cove High. He looked at the wall and noticed two words written in blood. "Ashley" and "Twilight". He turned to see a man with a black leather coat and a ski mask staring at him from the doorway, a bloodstained dagger in his hand.
Harold awoke in a cold sweat. He knew he'd had another vision, and that it was just the beginning.
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Chapter 3:The Return
It was eleven am when Ashley's car pulled into the parking lot of an apartment building in downtown Crystal Cove. Danny immediantly dashed out of the car and into the shade. Ashley shook her head. "I still can't believe that after all that research we did,
you're still the vampire that's most sensitive to the sun that I've met." Danny sighed. "Lucky me." he muttered. He turned to her. "Did you call Harold?" he asked. Ashley nodded. "He'll be here soon. He said he had big news for us." she said, unlocking the apartment. Danny crossed the room and sat down. "Maybe he had another one of his psychic dreams." he said. Ashley sighed. "I really hope not. He hasn't had any since I killed Pike, and that was almost a year ago." she said. "Actually, there was that one he had in the hospital." he said. Ashley remembered. "The one where he said my journey isn't over? What was that supposed to mean anyway?" she asked. "I've got a bad feeling we're going to find out." Danny said quietly. At this moment, they heard a knock at the door. Ashley looked through the peephole to see Harold standing outside. She unlocked the door and let him in. "Hey." he said, clearly out of breath. "Hey buddy!" said Danny. Harold returned his smile briefly, but it soon faded. "Listen guys. I've got bad news." he said. "What's wrong?" Ashley asked with concern.
"I think I had another vision." he said. Danny's smile faded. "About what?" Ashley asked. Harold launched into an explaination. "I was at the school, and it was prom night, which is next week. Anyway, I walked into the gym, and..." he paused. "What?" Danny asked. "Blood. There was blood everywhere. And everyone I know at school, everyone you knew too." he added pointing at Danny. "Was dead. Then I saw this guy in a black leather coat wearing a mask... He had a knife in his hand stained with blood... What I saw... it was worse than the killings I dreamt of last year." he said. While Danny stared in pure terror at Harold, Ashley asked, "Anything else? Anything at all?" Harold thought a moment. "The words. There were words on the wall written with blood." "What words?" asked Danny. "Just two. Ashley, and Twilight". he said. "Twilight?" Ashley asked. Danny looked at her.
"Do you know what that means?" he asked. Ashley shrugged. "I think so. But I can't remember it at all. All I know is I've heard that used before as a name." she said. "A name?" asked Danny. Ashley nodded. "I may not remember, but I have a bad feeling about this."
she said. "Just great. If Harold's right, we've only got six days to figure out a way to keep the entire senior class from getting killed." Danny said. Harold checked his watch. "My dad told me to be home." he said. Ashley nodded. "Go on Harold." she said. "I'll check in later." Harold said, walking out the door.
Twelve hours later, Ashley lay on her bed, still awake. On the other side of the room, Danny lay asleep in his bed. Being a newborn vampire, he still slept most of the night. Ashley only needed maybe two hours of sleep every two weeks, and yet she was tired. It had been a long day and her nerves were shot over the Twilight problem. "Twilight." she muttered to the ceiling as she closed her eyes. "Why does that sound so familar?" she asked herself.
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Chapter 4:Attack on London Part 2
London England, 1896:
Ashley awoke almost twenty minutes after being knocked out. As she hopped to her feet, she noted how close the flames had been to her body. Had she not waken up when she did, she would have been burned alive. Shaking it off, she remembered Clyde, her ally who had disclosed Pike's location to her and even offered to help knowing the danger he'd be in, and now because of her, was in Pike's devious clutches. She owed it to him to rescue him. She reached down and grabbed the hatchets she and Clyde had brought with them. She walked up the street and noted how quiet everything was. Remaining fully alert, she finally heard a scream for help around the corner. She raced in the direction of the noise, and saw a pale boy draining the color from a shopowner. Ashley raised one of the hatchets, and tossed it with extreme precision into the boy's neck, decapitating him. However, immediantly after that, more vampires emerged from the shop, and unlike the boy she had just killed, these guys were big, and she knew she couldn't take them on with one hatchet. She also doubted she could take them on with two, even if she could retrieve the other one from the corpse twenty feet away. She knew the only sane option was to run. As she raced down the streets, she noted the vampires were not only big, but also fast. Just when they were about to catch up, they burst into flames. They shrieked in terror, before collapsing to the ground. Ashley quickly examined them and knew that they were dead.
She quickly looked around and spotted her rescuer. A tall man at about twenty years of age, who it seemed, was completely ready for combat. "Thanks." she said. The man nodded. "All right there?" he asked. Ashley nodded. "Those things were vampires." he said. "I know it's hard to believe. But they are. You should be more careful." he said. "I know they're vampires. I was on my way to save my friend from them." Ashley replied. The man thought a moment. "The name's Vincent." he said, extending his hand. Ashley shook it. "Ashley." she replied. Vincent thought a moment. "You said they had your friend?" he asked. Ashley nodded. "His name's Clyde Dorfman." she said. Vincent's face filled with surprise. "Clyde?" he said. "What do they want with him?" he asked.
"No idea." Ashley lied. Vincent examined her a moment. "How do you know so much about vampires?" he asked. "Someone I knew was turned." she lied. Vincent nodded. "Right. Here's the deal. I've known Clyde for years. I'll help you rescue him. On one condition."
he said. "What?" Ashley asked. "If one of us gets captured, me or you, doesn't matter who, the other has to get Clyde out of there. He's innocent in all of this." Ashley nodded. "Deal." she said. Vincent nodded. "All right. All those bloodsuckers are holed up in the tower of London. We'll need a plan." he said.
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Chapter 5:Bad News
The sun rose once again over Crystal Cove. Danny lay asleep, as the sunlight had once more taken its toll on him. Ashley sat in a chair. She'd already called Harold, he'd be over later today. Danny slowly got up from the bed he had been sleeping on. "Harold coming over?" he asked. Ashley turned to him. "Are you ok? You were out almost a whole day." she asked. Danny nodded. "I'm fine. I was just having a really vivid dream." he answered. Ashley turned to look him again. "About what?" she asked. Danny shrugged. "I can't remember." he replied. With that, they heard a knock at the door signaling Harold's arrival. Ashley walked across the room and opened it to let him in. "Hey guys." he said. "Did you have another dream?" Ashley asked. Harold sighed. "No. But I did feel like I was being watched last night." he answered. Danny sat straight up. "What do you mean?" he asked. Harold shrugged.
"I'm probably just paranoid." he answered. Danny sighed. "I hope
so." he said. Harold sat down on the couch. "I've started a new story." he said. "You have?" asked Ashley curiously. Harold nodded. "I've decided to write a new series about the last vampires on the planet. Sound familar?" he asked. "You're writing about us?" Danny asked. Harold nodded. "I've spent almost all night writing about our encounter with Pike several months ago. I've added a few personal touches however." he started. Suddenly he turned to Ashley. "Did you remember anything about Twilight yet?" he asked. Ashley shook her head. "No. I mean I do know something, I just honestly can't remember." she said sadly. Harold nodded smyphetically. "Danny, I almost forgot, I promised I'd let you tell me what happened for the months you were gone." he reminded him. Danny sighed. "Now's not a good time. We have this Twilight freak planning a massacre." he said sadly. Harold spoke again. "Danny? Do your parents know you're back yet?" he asked. Danny shook his head. "No. They probably think I ran away from home." Harold continued. "Go check in with them. They called me last night asking about you." he added. Danny perked up slightly. "I don't know. It's pretty bright out." he said. Harold pulled out a hat and sunglasses he'd brought with him. "This should help. At least I hope it does." he said. Danny turned to Ashley, who nodded. "Go, I'm sure they'll want to see you. You know, so they know you're alright." she said. Danny smiled. "I'll be back soon." he said on his way out. Harold waited a moment before turning to Ashley. "Listen, we have to talk." he said. Ashley turned to him. "What about?" she asked. Harold took a
deep breath. "I lied to you and Danny. But I had to. I didn't want to upset him more than he already was." Ashley froze. "Lied about what?" she asked. "I had another dream last night." he said quietly. Ashley looked at him. "And?" she asked. Harold looked at her sadly. "I saw..." he took a deep breath again. "I saw, one of us is not going to make it." he said. Ashley stared at him in shock. "Who?" she asked. Harold began to sob quietly. "I don't remember. It was like only a flash of a second, but I saw one of us was lying dead on the floor, while the two still alive were tied up. Then Twilight appeared and told me this was my last warning. That if I didn't leave now, people would die." Ashley looked at Harold as he continued to sob. "I've got to get you out of here. Let Danny and I handle this." she said, trying to calm him down. Harold shook his head. "What if I have another dream? One that could help? We have no choice. I have to stay." Ashley saw his point. "Ok, but you have to stay with us at all times until this is over. I don't want to lose you, and I'm not just saying that because of your visions." she said. Harold looked up. I don't want to lose either of you either." he said sadly.
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Chapter 6:Prom Preperations
The bell rang, signaling the end of school hours. As Harold walked to his locker to grab his backpack, he let loose a heavy sigh. He looked around at his classmates. Unlike them, he was dreading Friday night, even though it was supposed to be the best night of his life, and yet everyone he knew would be dead if he, Danny, and Ashley couldn't come up with a plan in the next 72 hours. He knew they still didn't have an idea of anything, who Twilight was, what he could do, there was no sure fire way to stop him and Harold knew they only had one shot at it. There was no way around it. As Harold walked through the hall, he noticed the chemistry classroom was open. He peeked inside, and got an idea. He knew it was crazy, and that so many things could go wrong in the process, and yet at the same time, he knew it was the only way they could truly stop Twilight. He raced down the hall and out to the parking lot. He cranked the ignition, and began the drive to Ashley's apartment.
Ashley paced around the apartment, while Danny sat back on the couch, deep in thought. Harold was leaning against the wall. "Well, what do you think?" he asked. Ashley continued pacing.
"I think you've snapped personally, but you are right about one thing. I can't think of a better plan." she said. Danny looked up. "I guess you're right, but I still don't get how you'll be able to get Twilight to stay still long enough for it to work." Harold shrugged. "Don't worry, I'll take care of that little detail." he said. Danny stood up. "I just don't see why you can't get the prom rescheduled." Danny replied. "I already thought about that. If Twilight is so serious about committing mass murder to prove a point, he'll either wait for the new date, or go to another crowded place and kill there. We don't have any other option but to let the prom continue." Danny sighed. "I still don't like you putting your life on the line here Harold. I mean you're human. You don't have super strength or anything. You could die."
Harold nodded. "You know I'd do anything to become like you Danny, but I won't risk humanity's safety. Even still, I have to do this. Trust me Danny. I've never given you a reason not to." Danny turned to Ashley. "Surely you aren't going to let him do this?" he asked. Ashley turned to him. "We have no choice. Without him, we can't get into the prom. He's the senior class's last hope." Danny shook his head, but then looked up again. "What can I do to help?" he asked. Ashley pulled a peice of paper out of Harold's backpack. "Go to the school, get these things, and there's some more things to get around town." Danny nodded. "We need you to get back soon. We have less than three days to set this up.
Danny came back about an hour and a half later with the supplies.
Anything else?" he asked. Harold shook his head. "Then tell me how you expect to survive this." he asked. Harold smiled. "Don't worry. I have that covered." he said. Danny looked at him curiously. "What do you mean by that?" he asked. "Meet my prom date." he said. Danny turned around to see Ashley examining a dress. "You didn't think I'd let him go in alone, did you?" she asked. Danny shook his head. "Of course not..." Ashley's expression turned serious. "While you were gone, I've made a few changes to Harold's plan." she said. "Here's what we're going to do." she started.
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Chapter 7:Attack on London Part 3
Outside the Tower of London, Ashley and Vincent lay in wait. The tower was surrounded by people. Real people, not vampires. Not yet anyway. Pike stepped out of the tower's entrance with a smirk on his face. "Citizens of London, and those visiting from anywhere else. Today will go down in history as one of the most infamous massacres in history!" he yelled happily. He turned around to see his army of vampires walk out of the tower. "We are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. But to be that way, blood must be shed. Don't bother trying to
run away. Our speed is far better than yours." Pike smiled wickedly, and motioned for his army to attack the citizens. "Ok, Vincent, I'm going in. Can you distract them?" Ashley asked. Vincent nodded. "Can I trust you to come back if I need you?" he asked. Ashley stared a moment. "What do you mean?" she asked. Vincent simply smiled. It'd be good to have a good vampire on my side. He smiled even bigger
when Ashley stared at him in shock. "I saw you try to stop all them earlier." he explained. Ashley sighed. "Yes. I'll come back and help you."
she said. Vincent nodded, and tossed the flaming moltov cocktails in the direction of Pike's army. Some of them burst into flames. Others
stared in Vincent's direction. Ashley took this oppritunity to sneak into the castle, because, it seemed, even Pike was to shocked to notice.
Praying that Vincent would be alright until she got back with Clyde, she began looking for any guards, but failed to find any at all. She decided to use her sonar like ears to listen for anyone inside. From several floors above her, she heard Clyde's voice whimpering softly for help. She listened for more voices, but heard none. Ashley thought a moment, and decided Pike must have trained any guards to be silent.
She figured this because vanpires didn't need to breathe at all. They could if they wanted to, but since they were dead, they didn't have to.
She decided to take a stealthy approach, and do the same, in case they were listening for her as well. Upon reaching the top of the steps,
she noticed no guards were in sight. Ashley stealthily crept down the hall, her ears locked on Clyde's location. Eventually, she spotted him at the end of a hallway, inside a locked room. Ignoring her instincts, she raced down to the door. This was because he was bleeding out. She could smell the blood. "Ashley?" he asked weakly. She broke the lock on the door with ease. "I'm here." she said. She immediantly noticed
the huge deep wound in his stomach. "What happened?" she asked. He coughed up blood. "They tortured me. They wanted to know who else knew about the vampire attack besides us. Not that that really matters now." he muttered. "Ahh... Ashley." came a voice she reconized. She turned to see Pike and about four other vampires. "You know, I'm really glad you're ok." Pike said, smirking. "It wouldn't be the same to me without our little rivalry." Ashley stared at him. "I'll kill you." she spat. Pike simply smirked. "Oh really?" he asked. He moved aside to show what his henchmen were carrying. She saw to her horror, it was Vincent. Pike simply smirked. "See why you never made any friends? You vowed never to change anyone. Look where that's gotten you. Now, tonight, both of them will die." he said.
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Chapter 8:Prom Night
As the sun set on Thursday, Ashley and Danny were putting together the final pieces of their plan. They heard a knock at the door that signaled Harold's arrival. He opened the door and walked inside. "We almost ready?" he asked. Danny nodded. "I still don't like this. Did you do your part of the plan. Harold nodded. "Everything's set. We just need to make sure all of us make it out of this alive." Danny nodded. "I still don't see how that's going to play out." he muttered. Harold sighed. "I told you I've got that covered." he repeated. Danny sighed. "You keep telling me that, but you don't tell me how. Why?" he asked. Harold looked away. "Come tomorrow, you'll find out. Don't worry about it." he replied. He checked his watch. "I've got to go. Tomorrow, we either succeed in stopping Twilight, or die trying." he said, and left. Ashley and Danny exchanged looks. They knew he was right. Ashley was the most worried. She still hadn't told Danny about Harold's last vision. The one that said one of them wouldn't make it out alive.
The bell rang to signal the end of the last full day of school. An announcement over the intercom reminded senior students about the prom that night. Harold walked down the hall and finished cleaning out his locker, as most students had already done. He knew the prom would start at 8:00 that night, leaving him only four and a half hours to prepare. He looked outside, and sighed. No matter how fulproof his plan was, something could always go wrong, and he still had to consider the fact he may be the one to die. As he walked across the lot to his car, he felt he was being watched. This fact created a chill for him. He wasn't a vampire, he didn't have superhuman strength. He quickly climbed inside, and cranked it into gear. He pulled out into the street and raced home, where Ashley would meet him. This would be odd, as she had known him almost a year and never met his dad, who was still amazed his heart cancer had disappeared, and that their son was still alive.
Ashley's car pulled up around 7:25. It was Harold's father who answered the door. "Hello, Mr. Sunderland, I'm here to pick up Harold." Mr. Sunderland shook her hand. "Nice to meet you." he responded. Harold arrived immediantly. "See you Dad." he said. "Have fun." he said, shutting the door. "Your dad seems nice." Ashley noted. Harold nodded. "Yeah. He's so relieved about my cancer tests." he replied. Ashley noticed something was bothering him. "What's wrong?" she asked. "You, meeting my dad, my mom would've been thrilled to see me survive to go to the prom." he said sadly. "So she's..." Ashley started. Harold nodded. "Yeah. She died about two months before I met you. She never got to hear I'd be okay. I just can't help but think about what my dad will do if I die tonight, just a few months after he was told I'd live a full life." he explained. Ashley climbed into Harold's car, she'd decided to go in his car, because In case something happened to either of them, Danny would need a quick escape route out of town. She'd already given him her spare car keys. "Let's go." she said, noting how nice Harold looked in a tux. She suddenly wondered why Harold hadn't already been asked to the dance, but she knew that would have made the plan more complicated. Harold cranked the ignition, and they began the drive to the school.
When they arrived at the school, they noticed that Danny was all set out back with the hoses. He nodded to signal everything was ready. As she and Harold walked into the school and down the hallway to the gymnasium, she took a quick glance at the clock, which was at 7:50. Nevertheless, it seemed the prom had already started. Harold showed their tickets to the person running the booth, and they walked into the gym. Harold walked over to get some punch, and they took a seat near the back. They waited about fourty five minutes before anything happened. While Harold used this time to talk to his other friends, Ashley, who didn't really know anybody at the school, merely sat in wait. Soon, the lights in the gym went out, then light filled the room, curtousy of a stage light from the ceiling. Harold raced over to Ashley, who signaled Danny to start phase one of the plan via walkie-talkie. The light fell on a man wearing a dark trenchcoat, and a ski mask. "I am Twilight. Students of Crystal Cove High, your time is at an end."
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Chapter 9:Twilight
Twilight walked around the gym. Looking at the students who were paralyzed in fear. His eyes quickly looked around and found Harold. "You. I'd already warned you to leave town, and you've refused to do so. He turned and saw several students attempting to leave. He sighed, and the doors slammed shut. A man, whom Ashley assumed from the look on Harold's face was the school principal ran across the room to help students open the door. Twilight laughed. "Don't bother anyway. It's bolted shut. Only I can open it now." The principal turned around. "Who are you? What are you? Why are you doing this to us?" he begged. Twilight sighed. "I'll answer as many of those questions as best I can. First off, I am Twilight. A being beyond your filthy human comprihension. I've been around for over a hundred and thirty years. As for what I am, I'm not entirely sure myself. It happened in London, one hundred years ago exactly. I can't really remember the specifics, I was blacked out during that time. Now finally, why am I doing this? You have her to blame." he said pointing to Ashley. "Because of her, Crystal Cove will
always be a place for the supernatural to go for prey. The principal was in tears. "Let us go, please." "Yeah, let them go Twilight. If you want me, fine, but let everyone elso go." Ashley shouted. Twilight appeared to briefly consider this, but soon got over it. "Very well, but first..." he said, then he pulled out a sword, and used it to stab the principal in the stomach. The students stared in horror as he was dropped to the floor, bleeding from his stomach and mouth. After a moment, he stopped breathing. Ashley sighed. She knew he was dead. Harold stared in disgust at Twilight. "You're a bloodthirsty psychopath!" he shouted. Twilight turned to Harold. "You know you don't have a chance against me.
Don't ya? Yet, I can't figure out why you're so desprate to badmouth me." he said. Harold's expression turned to anger. "Because I know you'll die tonight. People like you always get what you deserve." he spat. Twilight laughed. "Except, I'm pretty sure I'm not human. Unlike you, I can't die." He took a step towards Harold. Harold knew in a few seconds he would be lying dead on the gym floor. He turned to Ashley,
who was begging for Twilight to stop. But Twilight merely laughed, and pulled out his sword. Suddenly, Danny fell from the skylight of the gym, and shoved a blade into Twilight's back. Twilight dropped the sword, and let out a cry of pain. He turned to see Danny. "Dang vampires." he shouted. Danny grabbed the sword, and plunged it into Twilight's neck. He once again let out a shriek of pain, but yanked it out quickly. "Stupid creature. Nothing can kill me." he shouted. Then he shoved the blade though Danny's heart. "No!" screamed Ashley and Harold. Danny stood for a moment with a look of surprise on his face, then fell to the floor. Black blood shot all over the floor. Twilight pulled the sword out of Danny's heart. "Now where were we?" he asked. Ashley noted Harold was in tears. "Who are you?" she screamed to Twilight, who sighed. "Well I suppose you deserve to know." he muttered, then he slowly reached up and removed the mask. Ashley stared in disbelief. Although bloody and scarred, there was no mistaking it. This was the person she'd left behind in London. This was Vincent. Suddenly, she remembered everything.
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Chapter 10:Attack on London (Conclusion)
Ashley was locked in the tower with Clyde and Vincent, while Pike went back to the streets with the few remaining minions he had left. She'd already tried to break the lock, but it was no use. Pike had seen to it that he had four vampires outside the door to guard the three. She knew if Clyde didn't get out soon, and to a hospital he would die. Meanwhile, Vincent was also in danger, as he had been tortured for information by Pike himself. He had lost so much blood, and was also in danger of bleeding out. She'd already asked if they wanted to be changed to save their lives. But Clyde was practically catatonic, and Vincent had refused, saying he'd spent his life thinking vampires were all evil, and even though he appriciated her offer, he didn't want to risk killing people. Eventually, Pike returned and asked the guards to let Ashley out of the cell. He told her she could only choose one person to take with her. If she tried to save both, all three would die. She knew that she had no other option, she was outmatched twelve to one. She also noted they had taken Vincent's vampire killing equitment. She thought. Clyde had been her friend since she got to London, and she hadn't known Vincent that long, and he was far worse off than Clyde. "Clyde." she answered. Pike smiled. "You're lucky. I'll let you go this time. But if we meet again, there will be a battle to the death." "I look forward to it." Ashley said darkly. Pike returned with Clyde. "Too bad about Vincent, I wonder how much killing him would hurt you?" Pike said. As Ashley left the castle, she though about her promise to Vincent. "Can I trust you if I need you?" "Yes. You can trust me." Tears flowed down her face. Clyde died before they made it out of town. After burying him at the edge of a nearby forest, she went back full of rage, and killed all of Pike's minions. But after that, she never saw Pike until she met him again a year ago, and she never knew what became of Vincent.
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Chapter 11:Sacrifice
Tears rolled down Ashley's face. Danny lay motionless on the floor, the students remained traumatized in the corner, Harold lay saddened by the loss of his best friend, and Vincent stared at Ashley. "I'm sorry Vincent." she said, her eyes filled with tears. Vincent snapped. "Sorry?!"
he shouted. "I was tortured and exprimented on by vampire dna, along with the dna of several demons and other creatures! And you're sorry?
Clyde was the one guarenteed to die. I still had a chance! I could've lived a normal life!" he shouted. "But that's all ok because you're sorry! Isn't it? Isn't it Ashley?!" He suddenly regained his cool. "Well it doesn't matter. I'm killing you and everyone here tonight." he said. This time Harold was the one to snap. "Why? How will killing everyone help you?" he screamed. Vincent simply shrugged. "I'm a monster. Monster's kill people. Oh by the way, I know all about you buddy's little plan. I can smell the gasoline now. After this is over, I'll burn the school down myself. It will be the perfect start to my plan to rule all of Crystal Cove, and soon, the world!" he took a step towards Harold, but to his surprise, and everyone else's, Danny sprung up and tossed a lighter with remarkable agility and speed past Vincent, and onto the curtains, which burst into flames. "What the?" shouted Vincent. The doors opened into the hallway. "Run!" Danny screamed. All the students raced out. The flames began to engulf the gym. Smoke was seeping into Harold's lungs. He began coughing. "Danny!" he screamed. Danny turned to notice the smoke was not effecting Vincent, and that Vincent was attempting to escape. Danny slammed the doors and bolted them shut.
"What now?" asked Harold. Danny looked around, and noticed the way he came in. The skylight. He motioned to Ashley to climb out through there with Harold. "What about Twilight?" she asked. Danny sighed. "I'll keep him in here. Just go." he said sadly. Harold was almost passed out from the smoke. "No!" he protested. Ashley agreed with him, but knew there was no choice."Goodbye. Ashley. Get him out of here. It's up to you to continue the story." he said. "Goodbye Danny." she said sadly. Danny turned to notice Harold had passed out. "Tell him... I'm sorry." he said. "Now go!" he said, and grabbed Vincent, who was attempting to climb the walls. Ashley grabbed Harold, and got him outside in about fifteen seconds. She placed Harold on the grass, performed CPR until he coughed and started breathing regularly again. She sighed with relief. At least he was alive, so was the entire senior class, who Harold had warned about Twilight beforehand, and were now tossing their lighters into the blaze. Ashley turned to the school just in time to see it burst completely into flames through an explosion. Harold slowly got up off the ground. "Danny?" he shouted. Ashley looked down at him sadly. "He's gone Harold." she said. Tears formed on Harold's face, and he broke down crying in Ashley's arms. Ashley took one last look. They had defeated Twilight, but lost a dear friend in the process. Now, she was once again the last of the vampires.
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Epilouge:Graduation Day
May 30,1996
Outside City Hall, a crowd had formed. Ashley sat among them. It was overcast, so the sun was not a problem. Harold's father sat beside her. She noticed Danny's parents in the back. She sighed. It was almost time for the graduation ceremony, after which, Harold would have
graduated from highschool. The Mayor walked up to the podium to deliver a speech. "Attention parents, friends, and relatives of Crystal Cove's Class of 1996, it has been an eventful year for these seniors. They should be proud. They've been through hardship, turmoil, and misery, and come out okay. There are some people who should be here, who aren't and should be acknowledged for their acheivements.
Mainly, Daniel Mason, who died nine days ago saving his friends from an arsonist who attempted to kill the entire senior class. Despite being
a dropout, I feel Daniel ultimately graduated in the end, and will always be remembered for that. Now to mark the occasion, there will be a dedication to Danny in the form of a plaque being put on the soon to be finished New Crystal Cove High School. Now, I think, we should take
a moment of silence to honor Danny's memory." Everyone bowed their heads, and silence fell over the crowd. After about two minutes, the mayor resumed his speech. "Now here are the diplomas for the graduates." and with that he bagan calling names out, alphebetically, by last names. When he reached the S's, Ashley looked up. "Harold Sunderland." the mayor responded. Ashley clapped along with everyone else.
Harold smiled modestly and walked down to join Ashley and his dad. Ashley looked at him, and wondered if she would be losing him soon.
It was a feeling she'd had since Danny died. But was it just because of that? Or was it something more? She congratulated him, and walked him to his car, wondering what was soon to come.