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 Growling serigala
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This serigala foto might contain serigala kayu, serigala abu-abu, canis lupus, serigala, abu-abu serigala canis lupus, and serigala.

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The Dark serigala Cry Part 1
It was snowing i always hate snow i get lost from the others of the Pack but they don’t care about it me. Since mother die father become the Alpha and forget about me and the others ignore me cause I’am different iam dark the only one who haves dark bulu in the pack its me and the rest of the pack have withe bulu and I the only one of them with dark black bulu and the worst is my yellow eyes they are shining mom says she like them but I hate I look like a monster.
The snow its getting harder iam tired its just better I lay down here and fade in the snow

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