The Clan Alta manusia serigala of County Meath
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In the 6th Century a saint became very annoyed with a certain clan in County Meath, Ireland.

The reasons for his annoyance are lost but the curse was this: two oleh two, each member of Clan Allta must take the form of a serigala for seven years. After seven years if they survived in the wild, then they could regain their human form but two lebih members of the clan must take their place in the wild.

Descendants of the original Clan Allta born during the cursed years inherited this seven-year werewolf curse. Religious records tampil they searched hundreds of years for a cure. Many of them would even turn to Catholicism for help.

In 12th Century, one priest tried to cure them oleh giving holy communion. Some people say that he may have been tricked into it oleh a very charming Clan Allta werewolf. At any rate, it didn’t work and the priest got into a lot of trouble but it did bind this werewolf and all his descendants to God and the Church for eternity.

As a result, some Clan Allta manusia serigala gain comfort and power from Catholicism while others still follow the old Celtic ways.