The wind blew against the windows making harsh banging noises, like a body being pulled down the stairs, thump, thump, thump. Lighting flashed, creating strange shadows on the walls that looked like they were laughing and dancing to the loud crashing thunder. It was only oleh the sudden flashes of the lighting could anda see sixteen tahun old Alice Summers putting supplies into her black backpack. Sandwiches, three bottles of water, and a map, all the materials necessary to make it out of here, the place she was suppose to call home, to where she was suppose to feel warm and safe. But it wasn’t, not to her. Ever since she was ‘adopted’ oleh the town Mayor last year, she had been beat and thrown up here in the attic, like an unwanted doll.
She was out-of-place here, different from the rest of the children in the house. Different from everybody really…not anymore, she would leave and find people just like her. People who loved watching gory horror film as much as she did, and who hated stupid Disney. People who dressed in black and didn’t live in an illusion that life was great and that everybody happy. She wasn’t. She wouldn’t play ‘circle you, lingkaran you’ with everybody else.
She took one last look at her “home”, before spitting on the ground and walking out.

    *             *             *

The storm was worse than she thought, the wind made her dull black hair fly and hit her face with painfully stings. The rain soaked through her dark blue dress and striped black and white knee high socks, chilling her to the bone. It was hard to see and Alice had been blindly walking through the woods for at least an hour. She pressed on even though the pain in her legs begged her to rest, but she knew she had to get far as possible, and then she’d find a place to sleep in the day.
After a few lebih menit she saw something peculiar oleh a rotten oak tree. Take a closer look she saw it was a rabbit hole, a big one. An idea struck her, rabbit holes are usually big, big enough for a person, and this one looked abandoned, so she could probably rest here a while. Smiling she crawled in, and then screamed as she did a free fall straight down.