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Karoii-chan berkata …
Is it alright to cheer for the villain, rather than the hero, during fight scenes? 'Cause that's what I always do. xD diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
SilentForce komentar…
Nothing wrong with that XD lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Karoii-chan komentar…
Agreed. =3 lebih dari setahun yang lalu
zanhar1 berkata …
It's been a while since I've come here. But let me tell ya, I really like the banner. Specifically the right corner of the banner. diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
XxNerdQueenxX berkata …
It really annoys me when people say they hate villains because they're villains. anda wouldn't have a plot without one. diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu