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A forum where you can share fun facts about the show or actors. I find them fun and cool to read :)


-According to series creator Rob Thomas,
Veronica's birthday is in August.

-Amanda Seyfried (Lilly Kane) and Alona Tal (Meg Manning) auditioned for the role of Veronica.

-Veronica's favorite movies are The Big Lebowski, The Virgin Suicides, The Outsiders, Say Anything..., South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Chinatown and Blazing Saddles. Her favorite TV shows are The Office, The Simpsons, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Scooby Doo.

-At College, Veronica takes criminology and sociology classes.

-Veronica got a 95 on her private investigator test.

-Veronica occasionally uses the word 'frak' (also spelled 'frack') taken from the show Battlestar Galactica from episode 1 of season 3 when she is talking to Moe Slater (Andrew McClain). He uses the word and then explains the meaning.

-It remains unknown if her father was aware of her rape, as they never discuss it, and she never mentions it in his presence.

-She is 5 feet 1 inches tall

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UPN, the network that airs Veronica Mars, were concerned during early episodes that viewers would confuse Teddy Dunn and Jason Dohring, who play Duncan and Logan, respectively. A color code was created where Dunn wore blues, and Dohring wore earth tones (greens, browns, etc). The color code still stands today.

Jason Dohring initially auditioned for the role of Duncan while 'Teddy Dunn' initially auditioned for the role of Logan.

Concepts included in the original project notes for the show that were later dropped include Veronica being 13 when Lilly was murdered, Keith being fired because of evidence disappearing from the police station, with hints that Don Lamb was behind it, Strom Jenkins, a character who called in the Abel Koontz tip, and Veronica finding that Strom Jenkins, Don Lamb, and Jake Kane were part of a larger conspiracy to cover up Lilly's death.

Amanda Noret, the actress who plays Madison Sinclair, has a real-life cousin named Shelly Pomroy, which is also the name of the character at whose party Veronica is drugged.

Both Sam Huntington (Luke) and Aaron Ashmore (Troy) went on to play the character "Jimmy Olsen" in different adaptations of the Superman comics. Huntington portrayed Olsen in the feature film Superman Returns (2006) while Ashmore took over the role of Olsen on the small screen in "Smallville" (2001).

Rob Thomas, the creator of "Veronica Mars," says on the season 3 DVD extras that Ryan Hansen's character Dick Casablancas was not originally meant to be a series regular. He was first cast for the second episode, as a nameless, rich Neptune resident with one line ("Logan!"). Thomas said that they read many young actors for the line, and when it came down to a choice between Hansen or another actor, they cast Hansen purely because he had "good hair."

The only characters that appear in all of the episodes of Veronica Mars are Veronica and Keith Mars.

Originally, according to creator Rob Thomas, Veronica and Duncan were going to be related. After it got picked up by UPN, a network channel, and not by HBO, Showtime, or FX, they decided not to push it into ""Twin Peaks" (1990) territory".
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