Veronica Mars Veronica Mars Relatioship Game

angelbuff_01 posted on Mar 25, 2008 at 04:58PM
Each couple starts with 10 points. You add 1 to your favorite couple and subtract one from your least favorite couple. everytime you reply you must paste the list and type down which one you added to and which one you subtracted from. Once a couple ends up with 0 they are off the list. \

10-Troy and Veronica
10-Leo and Veronica
10-Keith and the guidance couselor
10-Logan and Veronica
10-Duncan and Meg
10-Duncan and Veronica
10-Keith and Harmony
10-Piz and Veronica
10-Wallace and Jackie
10-Mac and Beaver
10-Mac and Bronson
10-Mac and Max
10-Logan and Parker

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