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posted by Android_21
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The snow, it glittered like delicate diamonds against the night sky. The ocean, it roared like an ever persistent beast unable to rest, crashing in waves upon waves against the rock. And the sky, oh the sky. It was grey with its predominant clouds rolling and turning, ever in their turmoil. But yet, the snow, it continued to fall and it remained pure and fragile....
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posted by ncfwhitetigress
Synopsis: Vegeta's left Earth with new plans for the future and someone has gone missing. goku has been sent to find that someone. Warnings: Violence, G/V yaoi, BDSM, and language in later chapters.

Chapter 1: No Royal Road to Peace

"Where is he, Vegeta?" goku charged. His nemesis stood not lebih than twenty feet away, clad in regal garments and with an air of arrogant nobility about him. The larger warrior tightened his muscles until the veins in his arms looked ready to burst.

"What are anda talking about, Kakarott?” inquired the royal. “What the hell are anda doing here?" The guards protectively...
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