Guys. Everything kinda sucks.

I've been very exasperated at the state of everything lately. It seems like life's a suckfest on every level. Politics, violence, hatred, no one can agree on anything anymore. It's a lot to take.

So I would like to write a little something about a Netflix tampil that's been keeping me from being a total downer. A tampil that's so relentlessly upbeat, anda can't help but smile. A tampil with fun characters and memorable kutipan and awesome guest stars. A tampil that's not trying to make a bold political statement. A tampil without heavy real-world problems atau gratuitous violence. (Not that I don't cinta a lot of those, too - but this is not about them, dammit.)

This is the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt spot, so I guess I should stop attempting to be mysterious: I'm talking about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is about a woman named Kimmy who was kidnapped oleh a doomsday cult leader as a teenager and held in an underground bunker with three other women for fifteen years. The tampil begins when Kimmy and her bunker-mates are rescued. Kimmy is so happy to be living a real life again, she wants to do everything, and she's going to do it all with a smile on her face, gosh-darn it!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has kind of been the best part of my hari lately. Season 3 just came out and I'm trying to ration the episodes instead of binging them, because I want something new to look meneruskan, ke depan to tomorrow.

Kimmy is innocent, pure, and freakishly optimistic. If you're not rooting for Kimmy, you're wrong. The supporting characters are all so fun and outlandish it seems like they could only exist in the UKS universe. (That's a good thing. It means they don't remind me of anyone in the real world.) The warna are bright and Kimmy's wardrobe is A+. The link is one of my all-time favorites. (It's going to get stuck in your head, but it's so fun, I don't think you'll mind.) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a great opportunity to leave the sick, sad world behind and genuinely laugh for half an jam at a time.

So thank anda for existing, Kimmy Schmidt. Thank anda for creating her, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. And thank anda to everyone else who makes this tampil such a great escape. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is exactly the kind of tampil I need.

tl;dr - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a gift, and anda should watch it if anda need an upper.
Kimmy loves everyone!