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Guide by jacky_ posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries begins on September 15th on the CW 8/7c(8:00pm Eastern Time and 7:00pm Central Time USA).
Hello fellow TVD fans!We are less than a week away from episode 3x01 titled "The Birthday"and I know that the excitement is too much to handle.Lets recap a little bit ,shall we?

Waaaaaay back in May "As I Lay Dying"was one of the most anticipated episodes of season 2 and there is a reason why!Actually scrap that...There were many reasons!
1.The Ripaaaaah! - Stefan was responsible for Damon becoming a vampire in 1864 so when he found out that his brother was bitten oleh a werewolf he felt obligated to find a cure.Even if [To quote Katherine Pierce in 2x22]he had to sacrifice everything including Elena to save his bro.In the penultimate scene we see how Stefan was fighting the Rippah inside of him and in the end he gave in.
2.The Delena ciuman ❤- need to say more?
3.Jeremy and his dead girlfriends.To keep it short - Jeremy died ,he was brought back to life and now he could audition on linkthe remake.That last scene in the S2F was so shocking that I even had to cari for my jaw on the floor.When I first saw the back of Vicky , I thought it was...
Opinion by FrenchGiirl posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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I had the honor to interview Rachel, our April and May FOTM. Congrats for winning !

So, first of all, how does it feel being the first fan Of The bulan of the Forwood spot ?

It feels amazing and I feel so honoured that anda all voted for me. It means so much to me that I can't even explain how happy it makes me.

Can anda tell us something about anda that we don't know ?

Well, I'm 18. I live in Canada. I go to universitas and am pretty much obsessed with TV.

What got anda hooked on The Vampire Diaries ?

I wanted to watch it from the very first promo. I don't even know why, I just thought why not. So I watched the premiere and even though it wasn't the best Pilot I tuned in the selanjutnya couple weeks when it started to get really good and I was hooked.

When did anda start shipping Tyler and Caroline ? Was it a precise moment ? What captured your interest at first ?
Opinion by coolbeanss posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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sorry guys, I don't mean to post this twice but it got cut off in the pertanyaan thing.

ok, first off. I understand that Caroline was upset because of Tyler's hesitation to the whole issue surrounding last night's episode but are people seriously saying that Tyler doesn't have as much right to be mad as Caroline? She did have a right to be mad but so did he. I don't like the Tyler hate that's been going around. Yeah, he hesitated. but come on give cut him some slack. Us as viewers seen what Caroline's motives were for everything & we understood that but he didn't . In his mind, she was the only one who knew about his curse. She all of a sudden became his friend & the only one he can count on just to find out that she was lying to him the entire time & she had information on the death of his uncle who he was trying to get in touch with the whole time. In his eyes, their whole new friendship was based on lies. He felt betrayed & angry. That's completely understandable. Yeah, he was wrong for sitting there & hesitating but anda guys have to understand that this guy has been through a lot lately. He's getting information left &...
Fan fiction by pirpir posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Caroline's at the schoolground. Matt comes:
M: Caroline
C: Matt
M: anda need to tell me what your hiding.
C: Matt, I'm not hiding anything from you.
M: Are anda and Tyler together?
C: No, were just friends.
M: I hope that's true but anda can't fool me Caroline.
He kisses her. Then Matt says:
M: See anda later Care.
Caroline stares around with amazement.
Caroline stays late for the bola basket match. Tyler's playing in the game. After the game finishes Tyler finds Caroline. He says:
T: Caroline,I never got the chance to say thank you.
C: For what Tyler?
T: The transformation. I want anda to know that ill always be here for you. I could drive anda home.
C: That'd be nice.
They come home. Tyler suddenly starts to ciuman Caroline. After she gets kissed she snaps:
C: Everybody needs to stop ciuman me!
And she shuts the door. Tyler gets confused and then understands what she means.
T: Caroline! He says.