series twilight Okay, which do anda like better?

Pick one:
Dis One?
atau Dis One?
This One?
atau This One?
HeeHee Yes I do
Pretty One
Hum, this one
Dis One
Funny One
UM, yum
Yeah, she's just that awsome
Oh, come on Edward *snicker*
I'd do anything he berkata
awww, poor Emmett
Oopies, this is very Team Edward
Aren't they cute
Well, I did
I cinta them
I have to use that all the time
that one cracks me up
pretty Jasper
*goes to conplete to do list*
um, go Team Edward
funny one
I do need therapy
oh is that what it is?
nice to know I'm not the only one
pretty one
um, yes, yes, I'd hit that
Diss one my icon
lebih Jasper
even lebih Jasper
I was wondering
its a talent, what can he say
still lebih Jasper
aren't they just cute
end of story
don't be stupid Bella
two words, dead meat
where do I sign up for that?
yes, yes he does
 DWLoverTBCEDT posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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