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posted by Tatti
I woke up before the dawn. Embry was still sleeping and I didn't want to disturb him, he needed as much rest as possible. I stared at the sky feeling how ironic the situation was - I was happy despite the fact that this hari might be a disaster. I knew that it would be logical to fear before the battle but I couldn't think about anything else besides the gorgeous guy selanjutnya to me. I closed my eyes and silently prayed for him. I wouldn't bare if anything will happen to him.
Suddenly I heard a howling and Embry jumped on his feet terrified.
"What does it mean? Did the fight start?" I asked hoping...
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posted by Tatti
"Lets go to club!" Alice chimed. I stared at her for a menit - was she crazy? It's only two days since Volturi arrival! Of course now that I learned to control my abilities everyone was much happier but still...
"C'mon, Lilly, don't look at me with such expression, it'll be awesome!" she hugged me but my expression didn't change.
"Are anda sure it's a good idea?" Bella also seemed uncertain.
"I'm always sure" she released me and I started doubting if we can avoid it. "I'm going to prepare, let's meet in living room after an hour, no, wait, it'll be better after two" and gracefully climbed upstairs....
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posted by Tatti
So, I decided to continue menulis about Alice but this time I added Jasper's point of view. Hope anda liked, if anda have any thoughts about it leave a comment.

September of 1945


So the war has been over... Too bad for me and others of my kind. It'll be harder to explain people deaths. I stopped for moment and watched clouds passing me by. What am I going to do in my life? The north would be heaven to me if I don't feel that strangling pain radiating from my victims. I can feel their fear, anger and desperation wherever I am going, it follows me to every city, every state, every country or...
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
(I just wanted to clarify that Laylia is 16.)

In my current state of mind, if someone offered to kill me, I wouldn't care too much. Sometimes death can be such an easy way to get out of something. Then again living is not that bad either, unless there is a big issue. And trust me, I have a big issue. Maybe that's my solution, my only chance of ever getting out of here. But I'm being crazy. Of course I don't want to die. Unless it was painless and got me out so fast I never even noticed.

"Laylia?" My grandpa's call interrupts my thoughts. It's probably for the better anyways.

"Yeah." I reply...
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posted by Tatti
1916, August 20

It's been eight long days. During the last years I learned how to hate other people and this hatred helped me hundred of times. It's easier when anda have someone to blame, I noticed it when Arthur died. But though there where times when I didn't feel like a normal human and thought that it's only my fault, I've never hated myself as much as I did now.
Cynthia tried to pretend strong, but the pain in her face always betrayed her. I, on the other hand, had much less punishments than before. It's was a perfect Hell-hound's plan because seeing my little sister being hurt only for...
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posted by smileyfaceddude

Suddenly I heard something. No maybe heard isn’t the right word, lebih like felt. Edward jumped the moment I ‘felt’ it. Realization came to me and stared at Edward in horror, his eye empty of life.
“Wh-what the hell was that?!” I asked stupidly and instinctively.
“R-R-Renesmee.” He choked out. I started trembling, my hands, my legs too. My breathing was fast. Too fast. My lungs suddenly felt cold with each breath. Suddenly Alice appeared. “Oh No!. This always means bad news.” I thought I glared at her angrily and expectantly.
“Renesmee!! She… Jasper! The Volturi!”...
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