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posted by surfergal
Later that evening one of there sons and daughters dropped oleh my room
to meet me. They introduce themselves as Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen.
They were so cute they help hands I quickly new that the loved each
other and I didn't think that was weird cause they weren't related.

The selanjutnya morning well it was lebih like the afternoon but when I woke
up Jordan and Max were in the room. I was happy to see them cause I
missed them. I told them that I was getting to stay with the Cullen’s
for a little bit they seemed pretty happy too.

They had to leave pretty soon cause they had a curfew during the...
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posted by surfergal
Addi’s POV

When I woke up I didn't know where I was I started to freak out. But
the I saw the doctor so I calm down. He told me his name was Dr.
Cullen and that I was in the hospital and if u remembered anything
and I told him “that I remembered Sergeant sinar, ray kicking and punching me”.
I ask if “Jordan atau Max were okay” and he berkata that “they were not hurt
in any way”. I was happy to hear that. I then ask “what happen to
Sergeant Ray”? and he berkata that “he is in jail”. I was majorly happy about
that because Sergeant sinar, ray seemed like a pervert. He was creepy. He also
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posted by surfergal
Max's POV

When we rushed in Sergeant sinar, ray office and I saw Addi lying there on
the floor anger just rushed over me. Sergeant sinar, ray quickly tried to
fight us but between the both of us we had him pinned down on the
floor within seconds. As Jordan was holding Sergeant sinar, ray on floor I
rushed over to Addi. I checked to see if she was breathing and that
made me a little calmer but not enough. So I grabbed the phone on the
meja tulis, meja and called 911. When the police and ambulans arrived I was happy
cause I knew that she was going to be okay and Sergeant sinar, ray was going
to jail. Jordan and I had to stay on campus we weren't allowed to
posted by surfergal
When we were done treading water it was about 5 am and we got to dry
off and go eat breakfast I think everyone was hungry. We went to class
afterward for what it seemed like forever but we watched a few video
and answered some pertanyaan so of wasn't that bad. Then we all went
for a jog. It was so cold outside that anda could see your breath. We
had ran about 2 miles when I started to have trouble breathing. I was
like great. So I fell behind some of the others and Senior Chief was
pulling up the so I fell back behind him a little bit. He asked “if I
was okay” he berkata “that he could hear...
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posted by surfergal
When I got to the hospital I gave them all of my information but I
didn't tell them that I was in the coast guard cause I new that they
would call Senior Chief and tell him that I'm in the hospital and that
would lead to being kicked out. So I got x-rays and they told me nothing serious happened that it was just cracked so they could bandage my ribs up tight to keep it from hurting as bad.

When I got back to the base it was time to get up so we got in tempat tidur
acting like we had been asleep for a couple of hours. That was the
hardest hari ever we had to swim do sit-ups and run. I'm not suppose to...
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posted by surfergal
As the weeks went on one Sergeant didn't like me I could tell he was
always making me work harder. His name was Sergeant Ray. He was weird.
Me and Max formed a brother sister kind of relation ship through the
weeks and I told him about the way Sergeant sinar, ray was toward me and Max berkata “that be wouldn’t let him harm me in any way”. That night Senior Chief Randal came and woke us up around 3 am to teach us about hypothermia. We had to get in a cold pool full of ice in none other 5 degree weather. In 15 menit we felt the full effect of it. I could barely walk. Once we got out Sergeant Ray...
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posted by surfergal
I had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning just to get to the airport on
time. When I was leaving I had a duffel bag and that's it, I got a
couple of stares as I walked oleh people and then some people berkata thank anda and of course i had to be blond and ask why they berkata thank you. They quickly responded oleh saying I thought anda were in the military. I berkata I'm joining the Coast Guard and that's when they would say anda are still keeping our Country safe. After that I didn't say anything I just smiled politely.

Soon it was time for me to bored my plane. I was being trained in
Washington State, of all...
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posted by scarlet13
Thank anda to the people who komentar on my last fan fiction even if there werent alot of you, come on people if anda dont komentar I cant get ideas and I need idea's!!!

"EDWARD!!!" I screamed and started to run towards him but he was being pulled into the forest, so I pushed my self to run faster, as I got to the forest edge some one wrapped their arms around me, to restrict me and then they whispered into my ear....

" My cousin wouldnt want anda to get hurt now would he, not after all the planning it took to get everything ready for you, and dont even try to scream for him because if anda dont...
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"EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!", I said. "First, DON'T CALL ME EDDIE! EVER! detik what do anda want?", he asked. "I figured out another way to annoy Alice.", I said. "OH. HELL TO THE HELL NO!!!", he screamed."Oh, well I guess Jasper was right. Shame shame.",I started. "What did Jasper."
"Oh nothing really. Just that anda were I mean ARE terrified of a little, tinky, tiny, istsy bitsy pettite...shall I go on?",I interupted. "NO. And I am not afriad of little old..", he started to say."Me?", Alice finished. "No. We were just talking about ...", he berkata unable to finish. "How horrified of serigala he is.",...
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posted by wickedwitch2
Personally I read Twilight because kids kept bugging me because I haven't read it yet.

But after membaca all four buku I feel in cinta with them. I wasn't a fan of the menulis style atau the romance. I prefer girl-on-girl. But I fell in cinta with Edward and Jacob.

The characters are lovable. Now I hated Bella she was annoying but that's the only thing I dislike. I cinta the ending to Breaking Dawn. And cinta New Moon.

Edward left in that book I almost skipped it.

As of right now; Meyers is my favorit author.

She is way better then JK Rowling and Stephen King.

I used to cinta HP until I read Twilight.

Now I used to write before membaca Twilight...and just suddenly realized my menulis was nothing compared to Twilight. That's why I'm menulis a vampire novel that I hope to publikasi in the near future.
this is it the last one till september. hope anda enjoy it and have a great summer (or winter depending on where anda live lol!) ill talk to anda all on the detik of september, and as ive got 12 frees selanjutnya tahun ill spend alot of time typing up this story.
its short but hopfully anda will like it. thank anda all for membaca them. :)

part 8
Rosalie stepped meneruskan, ke depan “Emmett anda didn’t let the sun go to your brain too much did you?”

Jacob came in “what brain? I thought Emmett was just muscles and a head full of concrete.”

“My head isn’t full of concrete ...” Emmett stopped when Cally came...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
My head was laying on Collin's shouler. Of all the people, it was kinda funny. I looked at him he was smiling at me and the he frowned. Hey, whats worng. What time is it? I thnk its after 7am, why? Crap, I have to get home, my parents are going to kill me! Sorry, Zoe. It's okay. he hugged me and then walked out the door. So Zoe. So Emmett, I looked at him very confused. anda wanna tell whats going on in between anda and Collin? There is nothing going on between us. Come on, there has to be something?? Nope, nothing now drop it! I looked at Alice and Jasper and they were smiling at me, like they...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
The selanjutnya morning I woke up to the birds chirping and a knocking well a banging on the door. I grabbed my gun out of the side table. I cocked the gun and headed down stairs. I looked out of a window that was over looking the drive way. There was no cars, so that means its probably one of the warwolves. I was happy cause it wouldn't be Jacob, he off hunting with the Cullens. Even though I was part of the family, I wasn't a Cullen yet. I have to be a vampire to become a Cullen. I saw Seth, Collin and Brady. hey guys. Hey, we didn't mean to scare you. Oh its okay, anda didn't, anda just never know...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
It was another rainy hari in Forks. Not only was the rain bad but it was also thundering and lighting. The power was blinking off and on, I was about to go cazy! I could feel Jasper trying to cheer me up, but I pushed his feelings out. I heard a big boom of thunder, I jumped. Emmett started laughing. Shut up Emmett. Zoey is scarred of thunder! I'm not scared of thunder, it caught me off guard. Sure. Whatever Emmett. There was one thing I could always count on Emmett for and that was making fun of me. So I just walked towards the stairs, when Jacob walked in. I kept walking up the stairs and...
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posted by VAMPirella1997
Okaii, I promise to make this one LONGER! i swear, i will make this one long! :D

end of part 7:
I sighed, curling myself into edward, and cleared my mind, trying only think about the way edward's arms felt and how they held me, and how his lips felt brushing against the puncak, atas my head. I lifted my head, keeping my eyes closed, angling it toward his lips. Edward understand, he kissed me, gently, softly on my lips, and the electricity zinged on my lips like they were plugged into the mains. I let this sensation fill my mind, and we stayed like this for the remainder of the journey......
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posted by renesmeblack
1. New Story

I was relaxing after hunting with Bella, on a lawn chair outside. The sun was out, so everyone was staying in. I was beginning to go into VampireDaydream mode when I heard a shout from inside.
"Edward! Call off Bella!" Emmett yelled.
I sighed and got up. Inside, Bella was arm wrestling Emmett. But instead of slamming his arm to the table, she was squeezing his hand, hard.
"All I berkata was, Jacob found an orphan serigala in the woods and named it Bella!"Emmett explained.
"You berkata lebih than that," Bella growled.
Emmett soon gave up and told me the story. I laughed and leaned in to whisper...
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posted by bubble_babe
(heehee Ho NO)

I walked down the jalan, street well in the middle. I was going up into the woods to find a nice hole to die in. all i did to hari was save this small pretty girl from gitting hit my a truck and all her husben did was yell at me saying it was stupied and i could have killed myslef. He cared about me lebih than his wife. shure she was walking rather fast, but still a nice thank anda would have been nice. i finley came across the woods. without thinking i walking right into the woods.
After i was far into the woods where noone could find atau see me, i reached into my pocket and pulled out...
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This story take place after Nessie is born. Zoey has been in the family since The begining of twilight. Although I don't cover anything from the books. Whatever happen to Bella it happen to Zoey accept getting pregant with a half vampire half human baby. Zoey is in cinta with Jacob Black but Jake is in cinta with Nessie. Alice and Jasper are practically her parents. She fill like the outsider because she is not a vampire, warewolf atau like Nessie. The Volturi have dicided that she can be a human, until a hari after she turns 17. She has her GED so she doesn't have to go to school.
posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Hi, my name is Zoey. I am 15 years old. I am from a little town Florida called Harbor Village. My parent and older brother who was 7 at the time, died when I was only 5. None of my relatives wanted me, I was a little rebel. I went from halaman awal to home, 20 to me exstact.Long story short, I lived on my own, the cops were out to get me. I was walking down the jalan, street when a cop turn on his lights, well i took off running I was scarred to death! I ran 2 miles when they boxed me in. It was 4 cop cars against me. Well it didn't work, I hopped the cop cars and rode my skateboard down the biggest hill....
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posted by courtneykutie
Here is chapter 2!hope anda like it!

Wierd&Love chapter 2

"alice,alice,alice are anda ok?"he keep asking and asking in my ear and shook my hand

i snapped out of it and i hugged him"jazz we are going strait to peters"i berkata in his ear

"why?"he berkata looking sad

"Jazz i want to go to the kabin with you, anda know i do but..."i berkata looking in to his eyes

"what are anda not telling me alice?"he asked raiseing his eye brows

"That girl i was telling anda about alex,she called me mom"i berkata still looking in his eyes
he froze all over i could not even read his face expression
"jazz,snapout of it"i berkata scared...
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