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posted by Sarah234
“Bella, at last we finally meet” the figure speaks her voice flawless and for some unseen reason familiar. “I don’t want to be here too long so ill make this brief,” they continue.
“Tanya” I whisper, as everything finally click into place, her voice from the phone call, its defiantly her.
“yes Bella, anyway I'm here to tell anda to leave Edward alone, he’s moved on and your silly little phone calls are becoming irritating” she explains, her face becomes clearer as my eyes adjust to the light. She is unimaginably beautiful, with perfect features that model envy.
“Moved on?”...
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posted by jenayah
A/N: hey I was just sat here thinking about how the Cullens would deal with everyone knowing everything about them. Thus, let me introduce anda to the Celebrity Cullens. Are vampire ready to be thrust into the limelight, are you? Microphone and microscope ready?

Disclaimer: Stephenie can have Twilight, this baby is mine muaahaha :-)

Observer POV:

“Edward, could anda bite me please?” Screams an ordinary girl, pulling Bella and Nessie closer to him, his response is a sharp but quiet “No!” “Oh...well anda are nothing like your character” She tells the vampire. Outraged in a typical Edwardesque...
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I was just wondering what the official name for people who crave vamps and werewolfs etc.
i ve heard of twihards and fanpires but are there at least any original classifications. If Im going to be a mega fan shouldnt i have a beter way of calling my self a super fan
I ve sort of came up with a few that i think have potential . .
1.twissessed(twilight, obssessed)
8.Edlover(Edward lover)
Which classificaton do anda think makes at least the most sense?????!!!!!!
posted by Hellohoudini
Ashley Greene Reaching Out

oleh Twilight_News | 10 December 2009

Ashley Greene has previously been known for her support of the organization Donate Your Dress that gives gently used formal wear to girls who couldn’t otherwise afford prom and special occasion dresses. She’s now branching out to help with a group that aids the homeless.

“This holiday season I’m filming the ‘Teens for Jeans’ campaign PSA to encourage teens to donate their gently worn jeans to homeless youth,” says Greene.

How does the campaign work?

The third annual Teens for Jeans drive encourages teens to drop off their gently worn jeans to any Aéropostale store anytime between Jan. 19th and Feb. 14th, 2010. DoSomething “will make sure they get donated to a local homeless shelter atau charity.

As an added bonus (beyond the good karma you’ll receive for giving back, of course), Aéropostale will give an additional 25% off on your selanjutnya pair of jeans.”
posted by w33bs99
Imagine anda were a character in the Twilight saga. Who would anda want to be atau if anda amd up a character what would ur name be and would anda be a werewolf, vampire, atau human? Would anda be part of the Cullen family. atau world anda be part of the serigala pack? If your a character who are you? Why? If I was a cahracter in the Twilight saga I would be a made up cahracter named Chrisy. I world be Jacobs girlfreind. I would be a vampire like Renesmee. she is a vampire but she likes Jacob and Jacob likes her. I would be Chrisy becasue Jacob is HOT!! I think anyone would be lucky to tanggal him. Think of this...
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posted by w33bs99
 Jacob vs Edward
Jacob vs Edward
When I first saw Twilight I was so on Edwards team! I tohught he was the cutest thing ever! I thought Jacob looked very weird. I didn't like his long hair. I read online that Jacob had long hair becasue it made him look lebih manlier. I started looking for info on Jacob(Taylor Lautner. I found out a lot about him. Then I saw New Moon. I thought Edward looked weird. And I thought Jacob was the cutest thing ever. Expecially when he took off his shirt! He looked lebih that cute! lebih that hot!! So unbelievbley hot it can't be described in words. Are anda on EDward's team. atau Jacob's team? If your on Edwards team anda ned to find lebih out about Taylor Lautner. But anda need to change teams. I am just kiddin anda can be on either team anda want. I reccomend Jacobs team.
Thanks for reading!
posted by anna0789
bella pov

i had just return from the market and was at my tempat tidur membaca the last letter of emmet before checking if a new one had arrive. i missed my big brother terribly and each night was lebih and lebih scared that i would one hari recieve a letter anouncing his death....
Rose was also depresed but she tried to stay strong and wait for him . y dad charlie was sting to look all macho but i knew he was just as scared

bellie bear
hey i missed anda so much!! so anda had decieded anda wanted to study english literature ! im so proud! well anda know im not that good with words so just saying that im still...
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posted by paniclover21
According to the National Domestic Violence hotline, these are some signs that anda may be in an emotionally atau physically abusive relationship.

Does your partner:
* Look at anda atau act in ways that scare you?

* Control what anda do, who anda see atau talk to atau where anda go?
"Stay away from the werewolves. I cinta you."

* Make all of the decisions?

* Act like the abuse is no big deal, it's your fault, atau even deny doing it?
"If I wasn't so attracted to you, I wouldn't have to break up with you."

* Threaten to commit suicide?
"I just can't live without you. In fact, I'll run to Italy...
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posted by w33bs99
 The Cullen family
The Cullen family
It all started two nights ago. I just got done wathcing New Moon for the 2nd time. My dream started with Edward and Bella. They were in the forest and Edward turned Bella into a vampire. but not the way anda think she he would. He did it but ciuman her.

So her name was now(first)Bella (middle)Swan(last)Cullen. Rosalie was way nicer that in the real movie. She wanted to help Bella and Edward raise their baby, Rennesme(nickname)Nessie. Alice could also read minds. Jasper was the same. Emmet was out of town hunting for food.

The whole Cullen family moved to a bigger house to have lebih room....
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This is a true story. My cousin and I were at our grandma's apartment. We were playing in the water. This stranger(man) walked up to me. He asked me what grade did I think he was in. I didn't answer him. He asked me again. I still didn't answer. He berkata your a piece of crap. Then he hit me!! Hard!! My cousin and I ran inside as fast as we could. We locked the doors and hid. Now we always call him the scary dude. atau the hitting freak. This is a very true story!!! Now I don't go anywhere without some one. Otherwise I think I will get hit again atau get kidnapped!! If something happens to you, add me as a friend and tell me about it. It could become a book. My mom is an author. Her buku are Dude Your A Crab, The kepiting Is Back In Town, Shadows In the Past, The shadows unspoken, Jason's Number 16th Dream, and Prince Jeremy and the Horse. Check them out. Everything but Shadows in the Past is foe kids. Shadows in the Past is for 14-15 years atau older. Thanks for membaca my story.
I woke with a start, I heard the phone ring and then I heard my mother's voice. "No, sorry, Jake, she is sleeping. She was exhausted. I think the excitement of everything wore her out. Ok, see anda in the morning." She was talking to, Jake. I couldn't remember the dream I had, I could just remember that he was in it, but whatever it was, I felt a sudden urge to be with him. I wanted him, I wanted all of him. I jumped out of the tempat tidur and changed back into the clothes I was wearing that day. I opened the door and saw my mother and father tucked into each other’s arms on the sofa. "Ness, I thought...
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posted by jacobblack45
Alright so i have had a couple of twilight dreams for a long time. But the wierdist one would be the one i had last night. So for a little while i was my self and these guys had broken into my house and i was hiding. I alternated rooms a little bit and the last time they found me my sister and Bella. They took us to a house and there was 1 big hole in the middle of the dirt. We walked in the house and they told us to lay down on the floor. They brought out 3 trash bags. They put all of us in them.we spoke our last words "I cinta my family and i know someone will find me" were mine " whatever...
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Renesmee's P.O.V.

His face was not how I expected to be. It was regretful, and looked like it had a thousand words to speak. Why was it so easy for me to look him in the eye, even after everything he told me? If he told me he did not want to be with me, I would deal with. I would have to, if it's what makes him happy. I would give my life to make sure he was happy and if that included me not being with him, I was risking sacrificing it.

He was about to speak but I got there first. I wanted to let him know that he didn't have to cinta me: "It's ok." I whispered. "I understand." My voice broke twice...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Bellas pov
I was driving 150 mph I just wanted to get out of forks and escape from Damien but…I really missed the Cullen's they were my first real friends in 100 years of my existence.
After 2 hours of driving I pulled over and glanced at the beautiful full moon when someone grabbed my shoulder my body tensed my jantung started beating like crazy who could it be? I was so scared what if its Damien? I slowly turned around and met Damien's eyes they were full of anger and fear. what hes afraid of me? pshhh right!
-don’t run away from me Bella!
He whispered and then hugged me and I pulled...
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posted by Hellohoudini
Breaking Dawn Casting Scam
oleh Twilight_News

There is a casting scam going on regarding Breaking Dawn that has caught a couple of people. Lana Veenker, who cast several of the roles in Twilight, explains how the scam works and how not to get caught up in something like that!

“If you’ve been around my blog for a while, anda know how much we hate, HATE, HATE scam artists who prey on aspiring actors and movie fan (especially kids) with fake casting calls.

A new one involving Breaking Dawn, the final installment in the Twilight series, has come to my attention. BE WARNED! As I’ve done in the past, I’m going to dissect it, tampil anda all the red flags and demonstrate how I did the research to uncover the scam artist behind it all.

So selanjutnya time anda get an email like the one below atau see something online that sounds too good to be true, you’ll know how to dissect it yourself to find out if it’s bogus atau for real. Take note!
Big pertanyaan Surround the Final 'Twilight' Film
by Chrissy Le Nguyen · December 3, 2009

Independent film studio Summit Entertainment has got quite a gem on their hands, and its name is the "Twilight" series.

The first movie quickly became a blockbuster box-office hit in 2008 despite early concerns that the book series' rabid fan following wouldn't translate to ticket sales. The second, "New Moon," has grossed over $481 million worldwide since its premiere on November 20. The third installment of the franchise, "Eclipse," wrapped up shooting back in October and is slated to release June 2010....
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posted by twilight_james
I satred down at the bump on my stomach. It could only mean one thing. Pregnant. I started hyperventiltaing and fell into Edwards arms again.
"Easy Bella," he comforted me. "Take it easy, okay?"
A feeling of calm suddenly washed though me. Jasper. I glared at him out of the corner of my tear-stained eye.
"Bella?" Carlisle asked. "How do anda feel?"
I gaped at him. Then I recovered and touched my stomach gingerly with the finger of my right hand. I winced. It still stung a little bit.
"Bella?" Carlisle asked me again. 'Can I see anda upstairs. anda know, check the baby out and everything."
I nodded weakly,...
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Chapter Twenty: "...And the clock struck 12..."

"...So one hari he found her crying, coiled up on the dirty ground. Her prince finally came to save her, and the rest anda can figure out. But it was a trick and the clock struck twelve we'll make sure, to build your halaman awal BRICK oleh BORING BRICK atau the wolf's gonna' blow it down..."
-Paramore "Brick oleh Boring Brick"

I never unpacked my bags, neithere did Edward, so we had free time. We decided to clean everything up. I hadn't checked on Jacob in a while, I better do that sometime tonight atau tomorrow....
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Chapter Nineteen: Suspicions

I held Edward's hand as we were walking down the long isle of people. There eyes burning holes into us like the sun burning an ant through a magnifying glass. We were walking towards a door, that was shimmering emas in the light. We were almost there, but with every step, people were enclosing behind us. Following us. Following us to the door. Following us either in somewhere, atau out of here. We were three feet from the door now, and I felt a tug at my arm as I tried to proceed and Edward stopped. I turned to face him.
"Time to go!" I berkata and he shook his head.
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posted by tayandkris4evr
That night I went to go see Bella's daughter. The thought that it was Edward's child too.. froze my blood in mid flow. I didn't want to have so much against Edward if he made Bella happy. I saw what Bella went through when Edward left her.. I never want to see her like that again. Even though I cannot be with her. I'm glad that shes happy.
I ring the doorbell. I stand there, very nervous because for one I'm standing at the foot of a very power vampire house.. I'm a werewolf. I'm not sure how this is going to work out since I've killed so many of their kind. But, I hope all goes well. For...
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