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10 Ways to Annoy Charlie angsa, swan

10. Tell him Bella’s pregnant – but you’re having trouble figuring out who the father is… Bella’s unsure whether it’s Edward, Carlisle, Jacob atau Mike.

9. Ask him what Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo means in the phonetic alphabet.

8. Decorate his handcuffs with berwarna merah muda, merah muda renda and bunga the call the station requesting to speak with Chief angsa, swan Princess.

7. Whenever he is around, narrate all that is happening into the invisible walkie-talkie that’s strapped to your shoulder, speaking only in cop talk.

6. Take his gun and use it in a bank holdup – it will...
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10 Ways to Annoy Alice Cullen

10. Take her credit cards and shopping vouchers, hold them above your head and tell her to “jump for it”.

9. Tell her if she was just a few centimeters shorter she could legally be a midget.

8. Wear the trashiest possible clothing whenever anda can.

7. Tie her up in a straightjacket. When she protests, tell her she needs to go back to the loony bin.

6. When anda go into the sun with her, fall into a twitching heap on the ground and moan “I’m melting.”

5. Pelt her with cloves of garlic.

4. When she gets a vision, ask if her “spidey senses” are tingling.

3. Trip her up and ask if she saw it coming.

2. Ask her what anda will be doing in five menit every ten minutes.

And the Number One way to annoy Alice Cullen?

1. email her dozens of application forms for the position of speaker on psychic hotlines.
puncak, atas Box-Office Teens

Forbes - March 12, 2010 9:18 PM PS

Daniel Radcliffe was just 11 years old when he played Harry Potter for the first time in 2001's "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." It was the young actor's first major role, and for better atau worse, it has come to define him. When the series ends in a few years, it will be difficult to see Radcliffe as anything but a grown-up Potter.

He's making grown-up money for the last two installments of Warner Bros.' huge franchise: $20 million per film. The studio was happy to pay him -- the "Harry Potter" films have earned a total $4.3 billion...
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
Actress. Born March 2, 1981, in Los Angeles, California. Bryce Dallas Howard is the oldest of four children born to movie director Ron Howard and his wife, actress Cheryl. Like her three younger siblings, Howard's middle name comes from the city where she was conceived.

From an early age, Howard, who attended the renowned Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts camp in the Catskills region of New York state with close friend Natalie Portman, knew from an early age she wanted to be an actress. Exposure helped, and Howard is no stranger to the showbiz profession. She is the third generation of her family...
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posted by Andressa_Weld
*This clothes are ridiculous
*You need bigger hight heels
*I Put all your new clothes on the roof
*Jasper told me that anda are not good at sex
*you would be perfect for the role of the dwarf in Snow White
*Jasper told me he thinks I'm hot
*Esme told me that I'm her favorit daughter
*Your power is useless, the visions change
*I think Jane is taller than you
*Your hair looks like a sapu
*Bella hates you
*What was your human mother name?
*I donated your new clothes to Jacob and Sam
*Edward told me that when Charlie first saw anda he thought that anda were Bella's 8 years old cousin
*Last night Emmett and I had sex in your car and broke it
posted by kiwi12

Jasper and I talked all night long. In all the visions I'd seen of him, he'd never laughed and rarely smiled. Now, he only frowned once. I had been wondering what the selanjutnya few hours would hold. "Jasper I'm going to take a look ahead." I warned him. I looked for several minutes. Nothing major. No one was coming near until dawn. I checked a few hours into the selanjutnya hari as well. I saw myself telling Jasper about the Cullens. I decided to watch his reaction, but another vision came unbidden. Jasper was going to shake me, rather vigorously. Why would he do that? When was he going to do it?

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hey this is the l;atest chapter to the story, it is set when Nessie isfive months pregnant...x Hope anda enjoy and keep your eys peeled for the selanjutnya chapter...x

I slipped mums wedding dress over my head, it fitted perfectly. Mum smiled and sighed as she wiped a joyous tear from my eye.
“Don’t cry baby, Alice will kill us if anda ruin your makeup she has spent all morning getting anda ready.” She laughed looking at me with a delighted expression on her face,
“Oh mum! I am so happy; Jake is waiting down there for me isn’t he?” I asked nervously. I had felt a little queasy...
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hey guys...its been like forever since i diposting an article, but my grandfather died because of his sickness, and i just havent had a chance to write ny more...until now :) enjoi!

I slammed on the brakes, and winced as I heard the numerous heads slamming into the backs of the chairs. "Crap!" I yelled, and threw the car into reverse. Nate and Thackery's voices were shouting urgently through my head, telling me to drive in the opposite direction as fast as I can.

But I didnt make sense of it. As the car reversed, I could not take my eyes of Mina. Her elderly looking face, looking so ferosiuos and...
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posted by EdwardxBella4ev
Alice dropped me off in the morning, in keeping with the slumber party charade. It wouldn’t be long until Edward would return from his “hiking trip”. Which also meant that I didn’t have long to go through with my plan. I noticed Alice giving me a few strange looks every now and then, my mind was made up to go to a perpustakaan in Port Angeles. The truth was, I really did plan to go to the North Olympic perpustakaan System (real place), I just planned to do something else afterwards. Alice could not see what I would do after my visit, because I had not decided on it yet, I was just toying around...
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posted by EdwardxBella4ev
I went to tempat tidur early that night, curling up on his sofa again.
It was still dark when I woke. I was groggy , but I knew it wasn’t near morning yet. My eyes closed, and I stretched, rolling over. It took me a detik before I realized that the movement should have dumped me onto the floor. And that I was much too comfortable.
I rolled back over, trying to see. It was darker than last night—the clouds were to thick for the moon to shine through.
“Sorry,” he murmured so softly that his voice was part of the darkness, but I heard the tension underlying it. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”...
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film new moon
new moon movie
If you're a diehard Twilighter, anda might wonder just how different New Moon the film is from the book. Below, we name 20 ways the movie deviates from Meyer's tome – and works all the better for it.
Way lebih shirtless boys!
We all hoped to get a glimpse of Edward's alabaster chest in Volterra, but who knew we'd get to see so much hot werewolf skin? Thankfully, the serigala Pack run such high temperatures and explode away their clothes so frequently that cut-off jeans and no kemeja are their shared ensemble of choice.
We get lebih fights, including an awesome Volturi throw down.
New Moon the book is...
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What scene are anda most looking meneruskan, ke depan to seeing in the movie. I’m sure most of the regulars readers here know I am dying to see the tent scene. It is my favorit scene in the entire series!!!!

1. Charlie passing notes between Bella and Jacob. – To me this just shows how bad things got between Jacob and Bella. And just how bad its hurting Jacob (Arggg, I cant believe I just berkata that because I am so not a Jacob fan. Team Edward all the way!!)
2. All of the newspaper artikel about Seattle. – If we didn’t have this then a lot of people who didn’t read the book would be very lost.
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 The two Victorias
The two Victorias
It's been almost eight months since Victoria-gate rocked the "Twilight" universe, but the "Eclipse" trailer refuses to let it fade away. Though Bryce Dallas Howard replaced Rachelle Lefevre as the bad vampire Victoria for "Eclipse" at the end of July '09, today was the first time we got a chance to see her in action.

Back in November when "New Moon" hit theaters, we berkata seeing Rachelle play out her last few moments as Victoria made the transition harder to bear. Granted, we haven't really had a chance to see Bryce in action and there's a possibility she might be able to pull off the character...
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So, I noticed that on many Edward and Bella sites I go on have at least one artikel related to Edward being a stalker. But is it true?

Edward can be viewed as a stalker, in some ways:
1. He and Bella spend all their time together.
2. He insists on driving her to school every day.
3. He has switched his classes so he can be in most of the same periods as her.
4. They sit together at lunch everyday (though I'm not sure this really counts, because it's Bella's choice.)
5. He watches Bella sleep--enough said.
6. He insists on marriage (though in the books, Eclipse specifically, this point is diberikan a logical reason. Edward wants to marry Bella because he loves her, he's a stalker, and because he wants to save his virtue.)

But the truth is he became a stalker because he loves Bella. And Bella loves him. Isn't that what counts most of all?
*by Stephenie Meyer*

TWILIGHT - chapter 21 - PHONE CALL

I held the phone to my ear. My joints were Frozen with terror - I couldn't unbend my fingers to drop it.
I knew I had to think, but my head was filled with the sound of my mother's panic. detik ticked oleh while I fought for control.
Slowly, slowly, my thoughts started to break past that brick dinding of pain. To plan. For I had no choices now but one: to go to the mirrored room and die. I had no guarantees, nothing to give to keep my mother alive. I could only hope that James would be satisfied with winning the game, that beating Edward would...
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posted by kiwi12
part 21

Seth was apologizing frantically for scaring me. The others had frozen. It looked like they felt bad for Seth and were anxious to see my reaction. “Sorry” I muttered. I really was sorry. I wasn’t going to change , but I was sorry. A part of me wanted to reach out my arms and let him ayunan me, but I didn’t.

Leah came for the last fifteen menit atau so. Talking with her was nice. She at least understood the dangers of vampires. I gradually learned that she and Sam had been in cinta before Sam had imprinted. I felt bad for her and the story helped me understand her better.

On the...
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First off, sorry for the title. Haha I didn't have a snazzy title, so I just made it original.

Now, I would like to point out... I actually liked this trailer! Most of anda had probably seen me griping about the sebelumnya New Moon trailers saying as how they do not portray the books. (well, the first and detik New Moon trailers didn't anyways)

But, I really liked this trailer. Of course I have to critique it, so there are positives and negatives, but overall, I'm a happy sailor... for now. :P

Enough of the introduction, onto the review!

I'm going to start off with the over all look of the trailer....
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posted by kiwi12
sorry it took so long


I couldn't believe it. I hadn't expected him to reject me. He had seemed to like me. I knew I loved him. I had loved him since I first saw him, though I had been a bit reluctant to admit it. I'd seen a vision of him down on one knee with a silver ring in a beautiful box. I knew I wasn't mistaken in what I saw. I couldn't believe I'd ruined everything. I was always so bold and outgoing. I liked being extroverted, but it wasn't worth losing Jasper over. Nothing was worth losing Jasper over. I looked into his eyes.

Then, I experienced something new. I cried. Vampire style....
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posted by New_Moon_Master
I could not believe what was happening. It was one thing to be told something, and an entirely differant thing to see it with your own eyes. I stared into his eyes, and he stared back. I was terrified. I had no idea what I looked like, I could think of nothing but the look on his face. It was murderously angry, and...something else which I couldn't place. And though my life was in grave danger, the thoughts that hurt the most were the ones of him...Of never seeing his face again. But the thing that hurt the most was, not the fact that he was about to kill me, but the way he looked at...
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In a baru saja interview with MTV, New Moon director Chris Weitz reveals five secrets about the movie that most fan will either find, hilarious, intriguing, atau down right annoying:

Going for the Gold: In "Twilight," RPattz and the rest of his vegetarian vampire cohorts have gold-colored eyes as a result of abstaining from consuming human blood. For "New Moon," the vamps' eyes were clearly lebih golden. Why'd Weitz have his actors switch to brighter contact lenses?

"It's a lebih noticeable gold," Weitz said. "I thought that in the first film they hadn't popped quite enough and I wanted to have that...
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