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to all twilighters....

everynow and again,... we recieve annyoing randomers trying to get attention from us. oleh posting subjects of anti/hating...
quite frankly this is really annoying.... soo annoying that i cant decide the respond atau ignore atau flag.
i dont know about anda guys,either anda find entainment in responding atau feel the same way as i, but would jsut like to put a suggestion foward. it doesnt have to be taken. jsut on majority rules.. but im thinking that i totally over it and the selanjutnya time i see it im flagging them... cause like, this spot is for people who are passionate and like people have to be respectfull of that..
whose to willing to flag with me??

 KatiiCullen94 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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italiangirl976 said:
anda know nothing going to happen to them. They are not breaking any rules just expressing their opinion just like anda are. Just ignore them if anda don't like them. I'm a Twilight fan and it doesn't bother me.
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
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