The Basics—

* Name: Sam Uley
* Place of Birth: La Push
* Current Residence: La Push
* Status: Werewolf
* tanggal of Transformation: Before New Moon

Physical Appearance—

* Hair Color: Black (New Moon, pg. 242)
* Eye Color: Black (New Moon, pg. 76)


* Family: Father -- Levi Uley (New Moon, pg. 346)
* Friends: The serigala pack
* Significant Other: Emily Young
* Occupation: Alpha Male in the Werewolf pack


* Description: Sam possesses a strong sense of responsibility to the Quileute Indians, and even turned down a college education to lead the serigala (New Moon, pg. 175.) He is calm and assertive, which helps him as the leader of the werewolves.


* Actor: Solomon Trimble (Twilight; Chaske Spencer (New Moon

Personal History—

Sam was the first of the werewolf pack to transform, and consequently had an abnormally difficult time with the change, because he had no support. Because of his struggles and oleh being the first to transform, Sam becomes the leader of the pack, and ensures that the others are not alone during their changes (New Moon, pg 319). As the alpha male, all member of the pack must follow his orders (New Moon, pg 319). Sam orders the pack to work alongside the Cullens in order to eradicate Victoria’s newborn army.

Emily Young is Sam’s fiancée. He imprinted on her some time before New Moon. This caused a rift, because at the time, Sam was dating Leah Clearwater, who happens to be Emily’s cousin. In the end, the problem was resolved, but both parties were left broken-hearted. Sam and Emily’s wedding tanggal nears in Breaking Dawn, with Leah as a bridesmaid.