The Basics-

* Name: Nahuel
* tanggal of Birth: 1850s (Breaking Dawn, pg. 736)
* Place of Birth: Chile
* Current Residence: Chile
* Status: Human-vampire hybrid

Physical Appearance-

* Hair Color: Black
* Eye Color: "Warm teak" (Breaking Dawn, pg. 733)


* Family: Huilen (aunt), Pire (mother), Joham (father), 2 human-vampire hybrid half-sisters
* Significant Other: None


* Special Abilities/Talents: None
* Description: Nahuel is Huilen's nephew and another human-vampire hybrid. He is "a young man...not quite as fast nor fluid in his run [as the vampires]. His skin [is] an impossible rich, dark brown. His wary eyes...the color of warm teak. His hair [is] black and braided" (Breaking Dawn, pg. 733).

Personal History-

Nahuel was born to Pire, but raised oleh his then-human aunt Huilen. His father Joham (a vampire) impregnated Pire to create a new "super-race"(Breaking Dawn, pg. 737) that was half human and half vampire. Pire died when Nahuel was born and he bit Huilen, transforming her into a vampire.

From Nahuel, the Cullens learn that human-vampire hybrids reach maturity at about 7 years of age and that males have the venom that can transform humans into vampires, while females do not(Breaking Dawn, pg. 736-737). Nahuel's information convinces the Volturi that there is no danger in allowing Renesmee and the Cullens to continue to exist, and ends the standoff at the end of the novel.