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tampil me your teeth [Katherine Pierce]

Katherine Pierce Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Katherine Pierce :::::: Hurricane

Katherine Pierce • Time for a little revenge

Katherine Pierce | Futuristic Lover

Run This Town (Katherine Pierce)

Katherine Pierce - Super menggerutu, jalang (TVD)

Seventeen Cover Cam: Nina Dobrev April 2010 Cover Cam

Firework [Cordelia Chase/ Brooke Davis/ Lois Lane]

Won't Back Down [TV Couples - Multifandom]

Max [Dark Angel] - U + Ur Hand

Max [Dark Angel] - Keeps Getting Better

Max [Dark malaikat - Let It Rock

12 Most Funny Piper Halliwell Moments

Piper halliwell moments

Piper's powers


Piper Halliwell

Katherine Pierce (Usher OMG)

Katherine Pierce is a meneater

Angela Petrelli - Poor Unfortunate Souls

Chloe Sullivan - Can't Get Enough

Echo [Dollhouse] - Only Girl In The World

Callisto [Xena: Warrior Princess] - Every word I utter a lie

MultiFemale - REVOLVER

Wish right now; multi-females

Heartbreakin' Diva ; Multi-Female

KillTheLightStudios // Fighter - MultiFemale Characters

Katherine Pierce • VANITY

Katherine Pierce ::THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH::

Multifandom Collab//Barbra Streisand

Brooke Davis ¤ All oleh Myself

Sophia Bush/Brooke Davis // I want it all

Brooke Davis // Fill These Spaces Up With Days

Female Characters: Everybody Loves Me

The Vampire Diaries | Katerina Petrova | I'm selfish

Katherine Pierce - Her Pain

Caroline Forbes ; tampil Me Your Teeth

Faith Lehane - It Doesn't Matter

'Can't Be Tamed' Katherine Pierce/ Katrina Petrova- Vampire Diaries

Cannibal-Katherine Pierce

Katherine Pierce | Until We Bleed

[TVD] Katherine Pierce // Hard

The Vampire Diaries Girls - Bonnie & Caroline & Elena's Friendship

Elena/Bonnie/Caroline. (vampire diaries)

Vampire Diaries/ Bonnie Bennett

Supergirl * Mutifemales *

Belle of the Boulevard - Most Admired Female Characters - Collab with 15 vidders!

Gradually - Claire

Peyton Sawyer ''I felt.. Nothing..''

Break The Ice - Multifandom Females | SilverDreamsStudio

Multifandom Female - Fascination

Multifandom females ; Slow Me Down

Brooke Davis "You have my heart"

multi-females | sunk so low

if today was your last hari

Haley James Scott~ NUMB

Ellen Page / Sunshine

Brooke Davis || Beautifully Broken

__/i'm only human, abby.

Katherine + Elena | Afraid to Lose Control

Caroline Forbes / Make Me Wanna Die

Elena & Peyton ~ "What am I to you?"

Everybody Loves Sophia semak, bush

Brooke Davis: Never Enough [One Sentence Contest]

Changed - Claire Season 6 Promo (fanmade)

caught in the undertow

i consider anda to be my friend

and i'll survive

Brooke Davis || Tears of an malaikat

Chloe Sullivan - Beauty From The Pain (Collab w/ Bekahcff)

BonnieღBennett [I'm In Here]

katherine vs caroline | "game on..."

will not die [Katherine Pierce]

Bonnie Bennett I She's so lovely

Katherine Pierce - lying is the most fun

Bonnie: So Hard ( That Bennett Reign Just Won't Let Up )

Katherine Pierce // Katerina Petrova(2x09)

Jessica Devlin [Shark] - So Sad

Darla & Drusilla - Transylvanian Concubine

Darla/Drusilla - Scandalous

bintang Trek Voyager - Seven of Nine, a story

Ella Simms / Crawl

Ella Simms - I Don't Need A Man

Ella Simms || Vanity

Ella Simms // Paparazzi

Whedonverse Women - So What!

Ella Simms: Tik Tok

Jenny Humphrey-Hollywood's Not America

Brooke Davis // Beautiful Disaster

Multifandom: Crawl (Carry Me Through) [Female Characters]

Multifandom Females // Loneliness

Gossip Girl Girls [Rockstar]

supernatural Girls

One pohon bukit, hill Girls // Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Multifandom Females // Everybody Loves Me

Veronica Mars - Rockstar

Faith - Run This Town

Willow Rosenberg - Thinking Out Loud

The James Sisters -- Haley/Quinn/Taylor || Gives anda Hell