karakter wanita di tv T.V. Female Characters 10in10 icon Contest Round 5 (OPEN) [Deadline: September 15]

jake_rose_4ever posted on Aug 06, 2013 at 09:46PM
A long time ago I volunteered to take over brileyforever77's contest and now I'm ready to actually do it! :)

Rules/Things to Know:

-You have 20 days to make 20 icons of any female character of your choosing
-Stick to the themes I give you do not argue with me on them
-DO NOT steal icons, you have to make your own
-You have to make the icons now, they cannot be ones you have made in the past
-No animated icons (Gifs)
-No repeated icons or icons used before unless I say otherwise
-Each theme will go on pick, no voting for yourself once they do

Prop Ranking:
1 prop for participation
3 props for theme
5 props for category
5 props for artist's choice

Round 4 Themes {Voting}
1) Favorite Episode
2) Text
3) Crazy Colors
4) Scared
Category: Actress ( 3 icons of the actress who plays the character you picked)
Artist's Choice ( 3 icons)

<b> Round 5 Themes {Open}
1) Sleeping
2) Happiness
3) Overlays
4) Fingers
Category: Enemy (3 icons of the character of your choice with her enemy. It can be different enemy in every icon!)
Artist's Choice (3 icons)

Round 4 Sign ups
jake_rose_4ever- "Lydia Martin"★★★
kari91- "Katherine Pierce"★★★
Sakkara98- "Daenerys Targaryen"★★★
CareMikaelson- "Sansa Stark"★★★
omfg- "Ali Landow"★★★
Nicky23- "Rachel Berry"★★★
modernfan- "Erica Reyes"★★★
marakii- "Kate Beckett"★★★
Nicolas97- "Brooke Davis"★★★
rorymariano- "Peyton Sawyer"★★★

Round 5 Sign Ups
jake_rose_4ever- "Elena Gilbert"★★
sun_shine- "Hanna Marin"★★★
CareMIkaelson- "Allison Argent"★★★
marakii- "Rachel Green"★★★
Nicolas97- "Santana Lopez"★★★
famelover23- "Rachel Berry"★★★
sheerika- "Quinn Fabray"★★★
omfg- "Audre Horne"★★★
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