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posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 1
    Three years later
    Beep! Beep! Beep!
    I moved my hand and turned off my alarm clock, wow, it’s six o` clock already. I groan as I rub my eyes and slowly get our of bed. I took a shower, the warm water wakes me up a bit. After I finish drying off, I put some clothes on.
    As I walk to the mirror, I feel compelled to look at myself again, I’ve felt compelled too ever since Dorothy died. We’ve always had this connection,...
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My Dream

My dream is to make the world a better place.
For anda and me and the people to come.
I want peace in this world,
And love,
And harmony.
The world we live in now is curl and cool,
and filled with war.
It’s like we’re all on a wheel of all the angry,
thoughts and feeling’s.
A never ending and every winning
race of hate.
My dream is make the world brighter
and free.
A place that doesn’t know pain atau hurt.
Only cinta and freedom.
In my mind I have a magical place,
were no one makes fun of you,
And anda will be loved.
In my magical place there’s no such thing as hurtful words.
And this is how going...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
This was Talow's first mission, find the lab and take anything useful. He was geared up with his new group, battalion V35. Luca had done some sweet talking to his general which allowed Talow to be put with them instead of some other scouting group. When they had gotten to Nindell they hadn't stopped to allow for sightseeing so this would be his first chance to see what the war had done to the once pristine city.
“You ready to go?” Luca appeared behind Talow with his own gear in place and his badge shining on his breast. The rest of the battalion was behind him, along with the few boys Talow...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Eighteen
Book Six- Zoe

      How did the battle end? Well, Shane kicked some serious butt. I wasn't so bad myself. The guards may have been ghost but they were pretty easy to kill. All anda had to do was kill hem like anda would kill a human. It was that simple. It was what made the battle even lebih serious then it already was. My sister. She killed herself. That is what it looked like. The odd thing was that The One was nowhere to be found. I searched everywhere in the kastil, castle but I couldn't find him. I soon gave up. He wasn't important. My sister was. The dream of my sister's grave...
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posted by alicia386

      Being summoned oleh the baddest criminal in town really makes a guy feel special. Not only did he request my presence he also has an assignment for me. He rarely gives out assignemts but when he do they are usually for a bigger scheme. This guy pays big bucks for whoever he hires. That is why many people don't tikus him out to the police. The police never offer enough reward money and he always has lebih money then the police could ever offer. I feel special just knowing the guy. Once I pulled up in his driveway my jantung rate accelerated as his two guards ushered my into this room....
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Chapter (18):
"It's possible" berkata Leo, "Or maybe not.." added Abbie, "What do anda mean?" asked Josh "We'll tell anda later" berkata Noah, "Right now we gotta go" he continued, "Ab,Leo" he berkata getting to his feet both Abbie and Leo did the same and headed to the door, Bonnie got to her feet and stood facing Noah, "Bye" she said, "Bye" replied Noah he leaned down and kissed Bonnie on the cheek, "See anda Abbie, anda too Abbie's best friend" berkata Josh, "My name is Leo" berkata Leo angrily, "Okay..bye Leo" berkata Josh sarcastically, Noah chuckled and let go of Bonnie's hand which he held tight after kissing...
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posted by alicia386

      It was your typical sunny hari in Los Angelus. 6 tahun old Sophie and Zoe Mallory were having a teh party with their best friends Emma and Erica. Even though Emma and Erica were unnaturally pale and wore very ancient types of clothing, Sophie and Zoe didn't notice. They were just thrilled to have friends. Emma was as pale as her sister Erica and their clothes looked like something from the seventeenth century. If Sophie and Zoe were any older, they might have thought this a puzzling atau strange but they looked at it as if it was something everyone wears.
      Their mom peeped...
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posted by alicia386
The Big Three are Zeus, Hades, and Poisedon. anda never call the big three unless it is an extreme emergency. I knew the results if this didn't go well with them. I would most likely be zapped into a cockroach atau something odd like that. That is something that I didn't want to happen to me but we needed to stop Elysia before Earth was next. I grew very fond of this planet.

Gabriel and I were the sons of Zeus and w knew our father very well which was abnormal because Zeus hates demigods. He really hates them. I went to Mount Olympus alone while Gabriel stayed behind to become a spy for us. Gabriel...
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posted by AlOoOosh
I am that one who sleeps away
I am the one who spends the night …
reaching his dreams oleh counting the stars…
I am that one who carries his sadness on his back

I’m not sad…
but inside of me there’s a country crying
There’s a thirsty land
And there’s a fear of losing what I’ve never had…

Every night I talk to the sky …
hope I find anda up there someday…

call my name once
and see what will I do

I am here in the mess alone
Trying to find the pieces of my mind
I’ve lost everything
And now I am losing myself

I want anda to come and protect me from that loss
You are the one who can find me…...
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I crept in through the front door of the old house I call home. “Mom?” I called.
    No answer.
    “Mom?” I repeated. “Moooom?”
    I heard footsteps, then my mother peeked out from behind a heavy oaken door. She was dressed in a white sheet that she had wrapped around her chest. It came down to her feet, which were bare except for the thin golden chains she had tangled around her left foot. She had a washcloth pinned in her hair.
    “Mom?” I asked. “What are anda wearing?”
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I held my breath. I adjusted my goggles. I tightened my black swim cap. I got onto the diving board, slowly and cautiously. I loosened my body before my big dive.
The timers got their stopwatches. A voice came over the speakers.
"Swimmers, get ready," I shook my body. "Set," I relaxed and thought of the pure heaven as I would dive, and break the surface. The moment I was waiting for would soon come. did. "GO!!!"
The crowd roared. We were off to a quick start, I supposed. I thought of nothing but fire, fire, and only fire. I moved my arms in blind fury. I kicked my feet like I was...
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