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This an except from the artikel How to Get Out of Your Own Way When Writing. This is saran from an accomplished penulis named Elizabeth Knox

"I prefer reading, and writing, in the third person – “he walked along the shore,” rather than the first person, “I walked along the shore.” Many novice writers start menulis in the first person. There are some very good reasons for that. For a start, we’re all used to telling stories with ourselves at their centers. Also, using a first-person voice can be a kind of playacting. They narrator is a “not-you” you’re pretending to be.

Why I...
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This is obviously my first blog. I really don't know what to write about. Maybe I can start with some identification. Hello, my name is Laurie Bailey. This is my last tahun in middle school. I won't go into too much detail about my location because I don't want creepy men looking for me. Well, anyways, I guess that is a good first blog. My sister, Velvet, thought I should express my feelings so I don't go walking around with unsettled feelings. I think she might believe I am going to strangle someone because I'm angry. Velvet bought me a journal and I was like blogging is so much...
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"I can't believe this is happening to me," moaned Avalon King. She was in the backseat of her parents' convertible. They were unfortunately on their way to Brunswick, Georgia also known as the deadest town in existence.

"Oh, stop being so melodramatic," declared her mom, Riley King. "This is an exciting experience. anda might actually enjoy yourself unless anda are afraid to have fun with these mortals."

"Mom, don't even joke about that," groaned Damon who sat selanjutnya to Avalon in the car. "Those mortals wouldn't know how to have fun even if it slapped them in the face."

"Don't be so quick to judge,"...
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We all have that shy kid in class who keeps to themselves and doesn't utter a word. They never raise their hand to answer a pertanyaan and they need try to socialize with others. Well, one hari anda might decide to go up to that shy kid and start a conversation. anda immediately ask them their name, how old they are, and what is their interest. That shy kid isn't participating. They answer your pertanyaan in one word and never tampil emotion. anda feel uncomfortable so anda leave. anda leave the shy kid oleh themselves and anda go and talk to your band of friends.
Half way through the school year,...
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Chapter One

      "Sunglasses?" asked Simone Rivers.
      "Check," beamed Sidney Stone.
      "Amazingly cute outfits?" asked Simone.
      "Check," answered Lauren Knight. "Everything is here Simone, so stop asking. This is the time we have checked everything."
      "And just like the other times everything is here," berkata Faye Martinez.
      The best friends were packing for the family vacation. Everyone had planned on going to Paris for the summer. They thought it would help escape from the chaos that Sammy Mitchell atau Sammy the Booker had started. Although, no one wanted to...
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Part 10!!! I'm so sorry for the delay, but I had school, I'm now in high school! Freshman! So it was really time consuming, but I couldn't let anda down, I own nothing, all these pictures are not mine. There here fro the main purpose to inspire anda and put that smile right back on your face. Renew your faith, laugh at the sky, smile forever, and never cry. I believe in anda guys, I cinta anda guys, anda are awesome, beautiful, amazing, cool, and you. And I don't need a picture of anda to know that, don't let them take anda down. In the end be the one standing and never lose hope. I won nothing. Enjoy!
Both were silent for a long while, the menit dragged oleh and Bobby swore he could see the entire scene playing across Husky's eyes, the same thing over and over again. A not so subtle cough brought him back to the living world, and he continued with his tale. "I woke up a couple days later, both Matt and Ethan were okay and alive, and I was damn lucky. In my act of bravery," he spat the word with such disdain and Bobby couldn't understand why. He thrown himself on an explosive device to save his men, if that wasn't bravery then what the hell was? "I managed to not even cover the IED, rather...
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 My terrifying enemy, Cat.
My terrifying enemy, Cat.
(Okay, so this is one of my weirder entries, but I just thought what it would be like for that yarn. This big thing pouncing on anda and stuff, anyway, here it is.)

So, today I was just lounging in the sewing room when this big jeruk, orange thing swiped a paw at me and caused me to roll out of the basket. The thing swiped at me yet again and I remembered what my parents were talking about one night. "That cat thing almost rolled me completely out of shape and into a completely flat string!"
"That must have been horrifying, honey!" My dad had replied. I wasn't paying much attention to the conversation...
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Dear Love,

Hidden deep within

Where no one can find it

And slip right in

To be with the one

The one right for you

Whose eyes are lovely

As ocean waves of blue

Forever to stare

To stare at you

Forever and ever

For anda know it's true

Even when anda doubt

anda doubt the truth

anda know this feeling

anda don't need proof

This is love

cinta is exciting

And terrible sometimes

Something so inviting

And perfect for me and you
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