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posted by hgfan5602
Ever wish anda got a shoulder to lean on?
Ever wish anda weren't always cryin' in the rain?
Ever wish anda weren't always so lonely, girl?
Ever wish anda could fly?

In the darkness,
I've always leaned on my shoulder
Who always saw who I really was
Never mistook me for someone else

I'm just a small shadow
Cowering in the rain
But once I got my shoulder
Boy, I feel so strong

The shoulder who always saw through me
The person who always knew what I felt
The person who always stayed oleh my side
My faithful friend through rain and hail

Did anda ever know anda were my shoulder?
Did anda ever know I would never be
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posted by Insight357
    “Kayden!” Sebastian-my band’s manager-had a look of dismay on his simple features. I couldn’t hear him, but I could read his lips. Anyone who knew me knew to get my attention before they spoke.
    “What?” I asked. Though I’d been deaf since I was five I knew how to speak as well as anyone with full hearing.    
    “You still haven’t made your set list,” he stated, his face screwed up into a frown. “The first performance is tomorrow night.”
    “I’ll have it finished...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1

It was hundreds of years after Kara's transformation, but she was still a plant-human hybrid. For the years before this day, she was shown as an abomination of nature. In short, people poked, prodded, and threw things at Kara.

However, this hari would turn out different...

Jeremy was a sixteen tahun old boy with black hair, brown eyes, and a smile that warm up even the most Frozen heart. His father bought the mansion and garden for Jeremy as he was studying botany in college.

"I finally can have my own mansion and garden" Jeremy thought as he was driving down to his new mansion.

When Jeremy...
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posted by -SilverFey-
It's funny. We're so different. Me and Kein. He's so shy. Quiet. Introverted.

But I think I would die if I couldn't talk to people.

Even our mark. He is curious, true. But he's curious in a different way. He just need to know things, then he's fine. He just needs knowledge.

Me? I need to see those things. Be out in those places he reads about. I want to leave. Go somewhere else. See something no one's seen.

I wonder about the other planes. I want to see them. Travel there. Why can't we? The Faeries are clever. And magickal. They could let us.

Sometimes I don't like the Faeries. What they did. They...
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posted by MissCarolyn143
Hey Guys!
I'm glad that anda readers enjoyed the first chapter and/or part now here's the detik one!
And again I'm telling anda this please komentar if anda liked it atau if
you found something wrong with it cause I really wanna improve my writing!
I also tried to make it longer than the first one which I wrote in while I was in a hurry.

Part Two:
Autumn stood there in the dark entrance hall,her jantung pounding against her ribcage like a hammer on cloth, "Hello?" she called but there was no response instead the lights...
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posted by alicia386
I ventured out into the forest. My mission is simple. I must find the woman who gives out free wishes. It was a long journey but the mere thought of what is to come kept me going.

The lebih I kept walking, the stranger the path got. The trees became short and pink, the sky turned a light pink, and the rumput turned soft as silk. I was near her cave.

"Queen of beauty, luck, and love, tampil your face to me!" I shouted at the heavens hoping she would come out.

"Who's there?" A whispery voice asked me while I searched for the keeper of the voice.

"It is me, Jason Hills," I berkata to the sky. "I have come...
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Chapter Seven

    Since the death of Gwendolyn, Mr. Bulks cut the field trip short and gave everyone an A for the day. The Daltons were the most upset so they left a few menit after Reese was arrested. Gwendolyn's body was not found. Police suspected that Reese had probably hid the body somewhere. She probably didn't want anyone to to find it. There was still an unsettling feeling in the air as everyone remembered what Reese last said. If she truly wasn't the one who killed Gwen and Abby then that meant that the killer was still loose and probably planning their selanjutnya attack. If they were...
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I flinched before he hit me I could already feel the nails from the sabuk on my skin exactly where he'd hit before he really did. He hit that same spot at least five times—it was right above my butt bone.

I cried out in pain as he went up and down my spinal cord with the sabuk he moved it to my arms that clinged to the puncak, atas of the heater. Tears poured out of my eyes "Dad stop please dad!!" He whipped me harder saying "What did I tell anda all about calling me Dad I'm your master anda little runt!!" he changed to the other arm and and gave me a fine blow to the left jaw bone I fell on my back...
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posted by Problematic129
I wrote this a while back, for my language arts class. Please don't copy, enjoy!!!:)
Don't be careless
About the world
Many people are penniless
They have nowhere to go
Generations through generations
Our numbers subtract
Stand up and fight
We are not powerless
Together we unite
And restore our happiness
Come on let's be earnest
We can improve academically
tampil that we care
Our people need compassion
We live and love
And we think of above
Forever and ever
We will be together
No matter how wicked
atau cruel we can be
We all live and die
In this democracy on Earth
posted by hgfan5602
When will this end?
Mass shootings
Terrorist attacks
Police brutality

They say it's just a gun control problem
They say it cannot be fixed
I say the problem is deeper
I say there is hope

When will this end?
Income inequality
Veterans living on the streets, penniless,
Dying oleh their own hands every day.

Some say they will make America better
But nothing has changed...
And I truly do fear
Nothing ever will

When will cinta start?
The hari we offer a hand to the fallen
Instead of cringing back in shock
And running away

When will our world change?
The hari we cinta too much to kill
The hari others' pain becomes our pain
The hari we act instead of just talking about it

"It's impossible"
"We're too broken to be mended"
"It's a hopeless battle"
Yes, it's hard, but let us try.
posted by amoremusic
I write what i feel and try to
make them seem so-real to
you, but all anda want from me
is honesty.

as i write out the facts
anda act like anda don't really
care where my jantung truly is.

Let me tell anda where it
is, it's in the honesty of my
poetry, deep inside my jantung
it's the only thing that reveals
the emotions deep down inside
my soul.

as i hold onto the emotions
that creates honest poetry
that i write, i see anda looking
at my private diaries understanding
who i want to be.

anda look at me and anda
seem to know what i'm
feeling as i'm revealing
to anda the emotions that
comes from within my

as i hold the key to this
honest poetry that i compose
anda seem to believe every-little
detail that i have to say to you.
This song is for everyone out there who is having a bad day!

What are anda waiting for?
You stare at the four walls of this empty room,
Occassionally looking towards the door.
Mama is crying in the living room,
And Daddy left again.
You just got off the phone,
In a big fight with your "so-called" best friend.
And you're thinking to yourself,
"I hate my life." And then anda sigh.
Just curl up, put your hands around your knees
And cry...
Spread your wings and just take flight.
In the darkness, anda need to find your light.
You were born with wings,
Don't let people hold anda back
From doing great things
You were...
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This is from Quin's point of view.

My mom dropped me off at Lisa’s house at exactly 7:30. I hopped out of the passenger’s seat. The gravel driveway crunched under my feet.
    Mom went over to the front door and knocked. Brigit answered the door.
    “Hi, Penelope!” she said, giving my mom a quick hug. “How’s everything at home?”
    “Pretty good. It’s pretty good. How is it with you?”
    “Same,” Brigit said.
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Note: There's some language, so if that sort of thing offends you, then don't read it.

I screamed as someone grabbed me from behind and lifted me into the air. I dropped my fake leather bag and my unzipped denim jaket almost fell off as my black high-tops swung out in front of me. Then whoever had grabbed me plopped me back on the ground, where I fell ungracefully onto my ass.
    I tipped my head back, squinting against the bright lights in the school hall. Someone grinned down at me. I took in their features: dirty blond hair hanging...
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posted by hippy-hoppy

5 years ago

As I crouch in the wardrobe, trembling with fear, I hear shouts coming from down the stairs, I don't know who it is but I know that there's 2 men and 1 woman. No rewards for me guessing who one of the men and women are, my mum and dad, but the other one, who seems to be shouting the most vile and mean things I've ever heard, I have no idea of who it is. As I'm trembling I think to myself," whats going to happen to my mum and dad?" and other pertanyaan like," why did my dad hide me in here?" and "why are they shouting at the man so violently?" I keep thinking about...
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Chapter One- My First Death hari (Oh The Joy)

Let me put this into words anda living, breathing, humans can understand. I'm dead. anda won't understand a thing if anda keep on believing that I'm alive. I'm not alive and I will never come back from the dead. This isn't some crappy horror novel anda picked up. This is real life. And in real life, once you're dead, you're dead, for good. There are no detik chances and no undos. If anda continue on this delusional journey that I'm alive and well, then you're better off putting this book down and going back to that lousy crap about the princess who received...
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posted by Problematic129 second...Part 12!
hey peeps, I'm back, how've anda been doing? If no one's told anda let I'm glad your alive right now, and I smile knowing that your still breathing. Darling, anda are worth it, don't let them bring anda down, take a breather and stand up. Because the best way to fight your enemy is letting them know there not getting to you. Laugh, smile, love, run, scream, do whatever makes anda happy, do the right thing. And most importantly, live and dream, because nothing, NOTHING, is impossible. It can be done. I own nothing, and if I did I would totally make mention, but right now, nothing is mine, hope anda enjoy, and don't worry, lebih will be diposting soon. I don't own anything, enjoy!
“Misery is optional, pain is an illusion, but cinta is eternal” - Bam Margera
posted by vampirefreak_26
I did a mental check on myself before I looked up, straight into those bright blue eyes of Gabriel. He studied me with membagi, split eyes and saw him slightly pindah his nostrils like he was sniffing the air around him. I lowered my head so that he couldn’t see my face clearly and sniffed, first nothing seemed wrong then I sniffed again. How could I have been so stupid! Of course he could smell it; the scent of Dimitri clung to me from our training together. When I looked up his stare was joined oleh that of his fellow pack members. Dammit, they’d also smelled it and they would for sure with no doubt...
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It wasn't the beaming rays of the sun that work nor was Izzy and Gary wanting breakfast, but a nightmare instead.

Sitting up I felt sweat tripping from my forehead my breathing raspy and my throat dry, I blinked moving hair from my eyes I swolled some spit hoping my throat would clear, and it did.

I sighed as a flash of the dream accured.

A dark figure loomed over me looking closer I saw that it was a male wearing all black he wore a hoodie and held a silver dagger in his hand. He began to bring it down and I screamed of fear.

I brought my knees to my chest and lay my head on my knees. I finally...
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This is reality
This is what anda call the Earth
This is what people call the world
This is what we call life

We can't go on pretending hari oleh day
That good things will always happen
Stormy days will come, it's not a miracle
But the storm will end soon, and all will be clear again

Heavy rain's crashing against my windowsill
I think, when will this ever stop?
The thunder's crashing against the trees outside
Today's not going to be a fine day, but it will end

I woke up this morning and guess what I saw
Bright sunny mornings with a clear future
No one's gonna stop me from believin
The rain stopped and the future's bright again

Good and bad create our lives
We can't pretend that everything's gonna always be alright
It's hard to think that something's gonna be wrong
But it's the truth, the whole truth.

We can't go on hari oleh hari pretending
Everything's gonna be alright
But we know that sunny days will come out
Soon atau later.