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this is only prolegomena of New world .. New rules ( red revenge ) , well not really it's just the important things that happened in the detik book , and yes I can't write it cause it's way too long and I can't just cut some of it , it's like 99 chapter , so here's some of what happened
by the way , if anda were membaca the inevitable fate , well this is the same story , I just changed the judul to New world …. New rules cause I find it fit with the story better
so yea here it is

people change , sometimes for worse and sometimes for the best , but if anda want to judge how Kat has changed...
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Just a little uplifting, includes pictures that's funny, and things that I hope makes anda smile.
Because smiling and laughing are very healthy to your jantung and your emotional being, if your down get happy.
Life sometimes gets hard, and when I smile I usually feel better, so if your feeling down this will be a great help to.
We all have problems, atau something that sets us off our course. Life was never meant to be easy, we just have to accept that and take that step forward. Let go of all our fears, because there’s nothing to be afraid of.    
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*Sorry for the wait, writer's block showed it's ugly head. Thanks for all the komentar :) Please don't copy and please read and review*
Chapter 3
    A strange vision
    “Was he hot?” My best friend Jessica asked. I groaned, of course that would be the first thing she asked.
    After that introduction, I drove straight to Jessica’s house, knowing she would rebel and not go to school, because she berkata and I quote ‘Monday doesn’t count as a school hari in my book’. Ever since the first hari of eighth grade, she hasn’t attended...
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posted by rory2011
chapter (2)

the walls started to falling down on us ,I carried Sofia and took Jeremy's hand running to menyeberang, salib that door without thinking what will be there behind that door
I put Sofia on the ground and closed the door quickly
I turned around ,I couldn't see Jeremy and Sofia ,"Jeremy where're you?" I asked
"Sam !I'm over here" he answered
I couldn't see my own brother ,all I see is black ,I felt like I blind
"Sam where're we ,I can't see anything "Sofia berkata
"I don't know , just chill out I'll try to catch anda ok ,just make some noise so I could get anda ok" I berkata
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~Genre: Fiction, mystery and fantasi :)~
Chapter 32
My best friend was murdered oleh my other best friend
    I awoke again to find myself lying on a cold stone floor, I felt just as cold, emoty inside. My head throbbed lightly, but painful, and my chest hurt when I breathed. But that couldn’t compare to the betrayal I felt when I learned that Jessica was the one that killed my sister, and Dorothy’s so called friend were the accomplices.
    “Help,” I croaked. “Help.”
    “I don’t know why anda bother, Des. Your voice is weak...
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Hope still blazes
Inside me.
I know I can do this.
It's possible,
And hope is entirely on
My side.

I believe I can do this.
I shall soar like an eagle
And touch the sky.
Reaching my dreams,
Achieving my goals.

While the war still blazes away
I have a dream
That one day,
There will be peace.

Everyone will live in harmony
That day,
Never before to be engaged
In the horrible shackles of war.

Though difficult,
I believe in myself.
I believe in my country.
I believe in the world.
I believe that we can do this.
Hope still blazes.
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If someone wouldn't mind membaca and commenting, I'm kind of in need of feedback. Thanks in advance.

"Evangeline! It's time to get up!" Mom called from the hallway. I grumbled and pulled the blanket over my head. Just five lebih minutes... five lebih hours would be nice...

"Evan," my older brother Joshua poked his head into my room. "Didn't anda hear Mom? anda need to get up." I growled at him.

"Get out," I squeezed my eyes shut tighter.

"Why don't anda try and make me?" he taunted. I grabbed my bantal and flung it across the room at him. He laughed and ran out of the room. Not having anything to...
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